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Building a successful social media program that truly takes advantage of the medium has little to do with the size of your social communities. Rather, it is about engaging your followers in conversations about your brand so they can spread the word for you. But this is easier said than done, and many casinos continue to struggle with producing content that doesn’t, well, suck. In this session we will explore the best practices for producing engaging, memorable content for your casino. Hear from casino social media experts about what works…and what doesn’t and share tips that your casino can start using right away.


  • 1. Building Excitement:Your Content Shouldnt Suck JEN FINK VP, Account Director Masterminds JEFF LAFRANCE VP Marketing FireKeepers Casino Hotel JULIA CARCAMO Former VP of Brand Marketing Isle of Capri Casinos DEREK SCHOEN Director of Marketing Aria Casino Resort2013

2. Content is king.2013 3. The power of social media:Reach beyond your own social databases. 2013 4. ENGAGE YOUR DATABASECatch Attention2013 5. ENGAGE YOUR DATABASECatch Attention Good Content2013 6. ENGAGE YOUR DATABASECatch Attention Good Content Create InteractionLike2013 7. + ENGAGE YOUR DATABASECatch Attention Good Content=Create Interaction Spread Messages2013 8. Fragmented channels. 2013 9. Theyre not looking for YOU.2013 10. I CANT WAIT TO SEE A BRAND MARKETING MESSAGE!2013 11. Its crowded out there.2013 12. Friends and family2013 13. OMG... ITS ME!Friends and family2013 14. Friends and familyOMG... NICE CAT SWEATER?2013 15. Friends and family Cute animals2013 16. Friends and family Cute animals Grumpy Cat2013 17. Friends and family Cute animals Grumpy Cat Funny pictures2013 18. Friends and family Cute animals Grumpy Cat Funny pictures Big brands2013 19. Be creative.2013 20. Be human.2013 21. DONT DO THIS 2013 22. DONT DO THISDO THIS 2013 23. Be relevant.2013 24. Be relevant.2013 25. Be relevant.2013 26. Be relevant.2013 27. Be relevant.525,000,000 EARNED IMPRESSIONS2013 28. Create value.2013 29. Provide information2013 30. Provide information Give value2013 31. Provide information Give value Offer a chance to win2013 32. Provide information Give value Offer a chance to win Be entertaining2013 33. Vary your content.2013 34. Gaming2013 35. Gaming Dining2013 36. Gaming Dining Entertainment2013 37. Gaming Dining Entertainment Nightlife2013 38. Gaming Dining Entertainment Nightlife Hotel2013 39. Gaming Dining Entertainment Nightlife Hotel Community Events2013 40. Gaming Dining Entertainment Nightlife Hotel Community Events Heck, even the weather2013 41. Make it look good.2013 42. Do use media2013 43. Do use media Dont post messy links2013 44. Do use media Dont post messy links Dont write a novel2013 45. Do use media Dont post messy links Dont write a novel Do proofread & punctuate2013 46. Do use media Dont post messy links Dont write a novel Do proofread & punctuate DONT DO THIS!!!!!!!2013 47. Do use media Dont post messy links Dont write a novel Do proofread & punctuate DONT DO THIS!!!!!!! Know your medium2013 48. Be discerning.2013 49. Be discerning.Would you want to see this?2013 50. Be discerning.Would you want to see this? Would you share this with your friend?2013 51. Jeff LaFrance VP Marketing FireKeepers Casino Hotel2013 52. Julia Carcamo Former VP of Brand Marketing Isle of Capri Casinos2013 53. Derek Schoen Director of Marketing Aria Casino Resort2013 54. Jeff LaFrance Vice President of Marketing FireKeepers Casino Hotel 55. FIREKEEPERS CASINO HOTEL Native American Casino Located in Battle Creek, MI Opened August 2009 2,900 slot machines 70 table games 14-table Poker Room 500-seat Bingo Hall 7 restaurants 242-room hotel 2,000-seat event center 56. FIREKEEPERS CASINO HOTEL FireKeepers Facebook Page Over 200,000 fans #2 Native American Casino Top 12 of casinos nationwide Page impact 14,205 People Engaged Weekly 37,055 Post Clicks Weekly 57. The source matters You could be here. Library Bank Parks & Recreation Department CPA Truck Driver Dentist Content is king, Casinos are the king of content Gaming: Table Games, Slots, Bingo, Keno Entertainment: Lounge acts, Bars, Headline Acts Amenities: Hotel, Pool, Spa, Dining Promotions 58. Winners 59. Winners 60. It Takes a Team To generate content and engage the audience Internal sources are great for generating content People LIKE people 61. Off-site Events 62. Be human Watch whats trending and jump into the conversation Have fun 63. Binglo Trolls 26,853 Likes Seen by 695,064 Like Harlem Shake Joker Ultimate Warrior Jersey Kiss Red Head Sumo Beetlejuice CSIComment Share 152 15 4,213 236 4,308 223 1,112 98 4,258 279 4,516 3122,638 4,104 1,552 26,853579 332 400 2,474Seen 18 17,758 244 90,175 203 82,927 90 39,406 336 94,275 303 103,386734 342 414 2,684103,583 97,567 65,987 695,064 64. A Focus on Engagement The Louisiana Marathon Julia Carcamo @jccarcamo 65. Focus on Engagement The practice of social media complements the traditional advertising activities. Building additional awareness Fishing where the fish are Engagement and advocacy 66. Louisiana Marathon Daily Practice Motivational Quotes Informative Running Insights Questions Challenges Partner Photos Event Updates Promotional Opportunities 67. Louisiana Marathon Results Development of Key Influence Relationships Other Runners Answering Questions Without Prompt 12 Likes on Day 1 to over 15,000 on race day 24,686 as of 6/19 68. Social Proof 69. Social Proof 70. Social Proof 71. Next Year Adding Video blog Instagram Pinterest 72. Make a Commitment Commit Yourself to Establishing a content calendar Developing relationships Identifying influencers Providing the tools for advocates 73. A few tips Sell some of the time, not all of the time Take some time off Buy Facebook ads Like a race, the first 1K is the hardest 74. Content Derek Schoen @DerekSchoen ARIA Resort & Casino 75. Whey Does Content Matter? Likes do not matter (well, they do a little) Engagement matters PTAT 76. Building Trust A Like is sacred Talk to users, not at them A bad post makes the next one less visible 77. Edgerank is Dead, Long Live Edgerank Previous Interactions with Author Previous Interactions with Content Type Reactions from Users Who Have Already Seen the Post Amount of Negative Feedback on the Post 78. Edgerank ExampleSource: 79. Edgerank ExampleSource: 80. Understanding PurposeSource: 81. Focus on Engagement Find a balance What would you like to hear? Content & Channel Types Build a Story 82. Viral Loop Engagement increases Impressions Impressions lead to Likes Likes increase Engagement 83. Finding Content Its right in front of you Details Unanswered Questions Tell a Story (but not all at once) Talk about a Special 84. The Checklist Do I find it interesting? Is it short? Is it visual? Have you talked about it before?