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Building an In-house video backgroundPresentation by PTZOptics

Designing the set for you video backgroundWelcome to our guide on Building In-House Video Studios! I am so happy you have found the time the starting thinking about designing a killer studio background for your videos. The process of finding your style and creating a background can actually take years for many video creators and it is our hope to speed you along the way to creating your next amazing video set! If you havent already, join our free UDEMY course on Building a Video Studio with free coupon code: StreamingSet.

We built our studio on a $500 budget!I sure hope this guide has been of some help to you and aided in your creative process thinking about a new studio layout where you create amazing videos. If you're dedicated to using video as a medium for communication then creating a professional background becomes imperative to your mission. Just remember it takes time to develop your style. Maybe, starting with a green screen is your best option as it allows you to try limitless configurations with chroma keys. In fact, our live show now includes a balanced mix of green screens (to create a virtual set) and a real set used inside the virtual set (kind of overly complicated right)? Try new things. Test, test and repeat And look around to see what other people are doing in your space and online. Dont be afraid to copy a good idea. Heck Copy as many good ideas as you can find. Pin all your good ideas together on a board and start to think about how you can create the best possible background for your next studio!

What will you learn in this course?Follow along as we design our dream live streaming studio for under $1,000!Enjoy a behind the scenes look at setting up our in-house video production studioReview a well documented technology set up including: lights, cameras, microphones, cabling and software

The Creative ProcessI never thought I would become a serious Pinterest user but for saving ideas from a designer perspective the platform is perfect! Everyone has a different creative process. We decided to use Pinterest and share a board to pin ideas during the design process. As you can see we had a couple of different ideas for background colors, decor and knick-knacks to give the space a finished look. Here are a couple of ideas to think about.

What is your core message?Who is your audience?What do they respond to?What physical object reinforce your message?

Dream Studio for Video BackgroundsBackground - You want your background to make your talent pop! Vinyl Prints - Vinyl printing is becoming easier and more affordable than ever before. We had our 10x8 foot wall space printed and installed for less than $300!Shelves - Shelves are obviously great for placing different items on. There is no easier way to change up your live show background than placing different objects on a shelf. Check out the pictures below for a couple ideas:

A video background for video markersForeground- A foreground can be a nice place to put products and other items on displaySimple Desk - A simple bar height desk is always a good option. For us it provides storage and a place to hold a computer screen which we use as a Confidence Monitor (more on that later)A Bar Stool - For lower budget sets you can use a barstool without any desk. You can simply deliver you video in front of a nice background as many professionals do.

Creating a Video Background is fun!Your on-set talent is perhaps the most important part of the set. Our job is to make sure our set does the talent justice and highlights their performance. When planning for your talent the best thing to start with is your main camera frame. Once you have determined which camera you will be using for your main camera shot, use it to frame out your subject.

Also, consider if your talent will be center in most cases or off center with an additional interviewee. Taking a few pictures from your main camera location in the design phase can help a lot as you layout shelves and other placements.

Lets watch a quick video intro

Why build a Video Background?Your videos will immediately look more professional!You are already spending time making valuable video content A small budget less than $500 can go a LONG way!New research shows video is the new blogging!

Some quick tips...What is your core message?Who is your audience?What do they respond to?What physical object reinforce your message?Review answers to these questions and more in our free course on UDEMY!

2X Cameras add 5X video production value!The second camera allows your video production to fade between a central view and a detailed view of your product or subject of interest.

Our New Video Creation ProcessCustom Intro HookIntro w/ MusicMain Delivery of Content w/ 2 camera angles fading in and out.OutroThis process allows us to create video with production value that do not require post production. Therefore we can create polished looking videos in a matter of minutes instead of hours.Optional Opening of the box

Virtual Sets used with a real studio backgroundHere is a look behind the scenes and a look at what the audience actually sees. We use a combination of virtual sets and real sets with multiple cameras.

We have documented our entire process!So you can download our free guide to building a video background for your videos here:

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