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Will this work in Sri Lanka?Virtual grocery while waiting for trainQR Code scannerBecame second largest----------------------------

Im sure most of you have already seen this picture, if you havent.. This is a great example of application of UX to build a business model. UK retailer chain Tesco launched a virtual grocery in Korea where people can virtually buy grocery items while they wait for train. Consumers can scan the QR codes and place an order where the goods will be delivered to the doorstep. It has become a major success in Korea and Tesco grew up to become the second largest retailer chain in Korea. Building their largest market outside UK.

Do you think this will work in Sri Lanka? Or in Europe for example Scandinavia? Not necessarily. Korea has some niche characteristics that made this concept to work. They have longest work hours in the world, wide smart phone adaption and a trusted ecommerce market. My wife for example does not demonstrate any of the above characteristics... She loves going to Sunday fair touch and feel between alternatives, and have a bit of a chit-chat with other frequent buyers.

In fact this virtual grocery concept has proved to be unsuccessful in many other markets. Even Tesco tried launching this in UK without much of a success. Today their market share is dropping in UK where as they are continuously successful in Korea.

That tells exactly what UX is all about. 2

UX is all about finding what works best at a given context !

My topic today is about I had been a part Share learning gainedWhat works for your context


My topic today is about building a UX culture at your organization. I had been a part of building 99XT UX services for last 3 years. We converted our UI offering to be a successful UX offering to European market. Things I will share are the learning gained after failing for many times. You will be able to use the concepts to build your UX culture and use these practices as the starting point.. But you will have to find the specifics by yourself.

Today I will share my experience of being a part of thToday I will share strategies that worked us at 99XT in building our UX service portfolioThese are the learning after falling over and over againYou might be able to use the concept as an inspiration/starting pointBut eventually will have to find what really works for your context3Message to the Market

(External Impact)Engineering Practices

(Internal Impact)On building a UX cultureHow we carryout our marketing activitiesHow did we build internal competencies4Engineering Practices

(Internal Impact)Message to the Market

(External Impact)ConceptPersonasPrototypes



Progressive MVPsService offering is your first testWe started with marketing materialFirst few prototypes didnt work


The fist thing you need to understand is that your UX service you are trying to build is a product by itself. We followed the Lean UX approach of creating MVPs for our UX offering.

You have a target market, may be that market can be internal teams but still the concepts are just valid. If you are good in UX, which is all about offering a product with a market fit, you should be able to sell your UX services too.

When we started our UX journey we actually took a UX approach where we did build->measure->learn in short iterations with the aim to build the progressive MVPs.

When we carried out our initial interviews/surveys with our customers we understood there are 2 main barriers for us to sell UX services to them. One was the UNDESTANDING and second was TRUST. We will look at how we countered these 2 concerns through our marketing material.6

55%45%Probability of Winning?Picture ofEducated guessFierce, dangerous Integrity of the sportAdnan--------------------------

What u see in the picture is womens freestyle wrestling match at Olympics. I do not know about any of these players, but I can do a educated guess on who has a better chance of winning the game. What is your guess?

Research shows statistically the player wearing red has a advantage of 55% winning probability. Probably the reason is color red indicate energy and someone fierce with a fighting energy. Color blue seems a weaker color at least in competitions.7

Then why Color Blue in Our Flyers?8

Trustworthiness !!! 34%6%Trust indexBurn in flames


These are 2 logos of Sri Lankan banks. If you dont know the background of them and if I ask which bank would you choose to invest your money, most of you would select the logo to your right. Primarily due to the trustworthiness infer by the blue color.

What do you think the favorite color of most men is?

This is why we have selected Blue as our initial flyer colors for UX services, regardless of our corporate colors.9

Source: PsychologyStarted with corporate colorsEventually found out blue-------------------------- 10POWER OF STORYTELLINGFrom color psychologyLet me take you through a scenario--------------------------11

$100 phone in your pocket Imagine you are walking alongside a water streamA kid falling in to the streamFraction of second to save the kidFloat over and Fall down a cliff--------------------------

Imagine you walking near a shallow water stream and seeing a kid falling into water. Near by there is a deep cliff and if you dont act fast, the kid will float off the cliff and you wouldnt be able to save her. You know water is not deep and you can save the kid without any danger to your own life. But you have a mobile phone in your pockets which will get water damaged beyond repair. How many of you would sacrifice the $100 phone in order to save the life of the kid? Lets have a show of hand.12

Donate $100 to save 3 kidsVaccination Program in Africa In front of your eyes, you are the part of------------------------------

Now if I ask for $100 from you to save 3 kids in Africa through a vaccination program, it would be extremely hard sell here. I wont ask for a show of hand this time, but that example will tell you how powerful is the story in front of you to influence your actions. In first case things happen right in front of your eyes and you are a part of the context, where as in the second case the story is not powerful as the earlier.


A Compelling Story Infers Trust and CommitmentNever under estimate the powerIt is very important to get your story rightIf you only ask for 100$ for vaccination----------------------------------

If you want to sell anything to anyone please get your compelling story right. Make it impactful and emotionally attached to the client who pays for it.14



Color psychology + compelling story helped to overcome the trust barrier

Sandra, Maya--------------------------------

Remember color psychology is important to convey your message. As I mentioned one of the most important barriers for us to break was the trust barrier. So our marketing material were using color psychology effectively to overcome the trust challenge.15UI IS MISUNDERSTOODUXUI vs UX are oppositeHiding designers--------------------

The second challenge we had was our potential customers not understanding the difference between UI and UX. They assumed UX was a variation of UI which is not. In fact UI and UX thinking is quite opposite. UI is designer centric thinking where UX is about user centric thinking. Do you remember the times where UI engineers kept their designs a top secret?16

Power of MetaphorsWe were strugglingMetaphor: symbol that can help you to understand something else We used the metaphor of human evolution - -----------------------------

This s where we have decided to use metaphors in our marketing material to tell that UX is something totally new and is a totally new era. We used the metaphor of human evolution to give the users a feel that UX is not just another thing, bur a giant leap in thinking.

Here I have added few more effective uses of metaphors for you to understand how they can be used.

17Metaphors to express a feeling experience pleasurable--------------------

What do you think about this sold out logo for a conference page? I find it very cold and feeling less. If I visit the site to find this logo, I will get an feeling of being stamped because the metaphor used here is stamping. But if you want to convey the same message cheerfully, you can use a different metaphor. 18

Metaphors for Complex ConceptsAdd a bit of humor------------------

Now a days online SaaS products doing down for maintenance is not heard much. But Atlassian products by design required this. They came up with this cool/funny metaphor to say they have disconnected the electricity to servers. It helps the users to understand the complex technical phenomenon of servers going down for maintenance. 19

Metaphors for Non-technical Users-----------------

Here is another use of metaphor which I found from a conference website. This conference was for non-technical users and with this metaphor they have clearly communicated the reason for requiring login to the website which is for identity reasons. 20

iOS 6

Metaphors Forever? Metaphors are great, but..--------------------

Although metaphors can be useful in gaining better understanding, using s