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  1. 1. Building a Platform for Networking Innovation
  2. 2. Key Points from Day 1Networks complex, slow innovation cycleSDN = create abstractions to enable faster innovation - fundamental CS principleSDN not just another protocol, entirely new paradigm for building networksWe re only starting to develop this paradigm
  3. 3. Universities & InnovationCore networking innovationApplication innovationEnabled by investments in cutting-edge, open technology and bandwidthChallenging the status quoOSI vs TCP/IPInvest in platforms to support innovation
  4. 4. R&E NetworksResemblance to commercial networksFiber, DWDM, Ethernet/IP, MPLSMission to innovate, push the envelopeScaled for cutting-edge technologiesLarge community of researchers/studentsYour next gen. developers, engineers !!
  5. 5. NDDIFounding Partners: Internet2, IU, Clean Slate Program at StanfordMission: Create an open, global scale platform based on SDN to enable next-gen of networking innovation and global scientic
  6. 6. Origins of NDDIInternet2 charged by member to build national Ethernet exchange fabricCost effective Ethernet switching100% self-service (Web + API)...and perhaps support OpenFlowSDN is ideal architecture also transforms network into platform for innovation
  7. 7. GENI & NDDIUnique virtual laboratory for at-scale networking experimentationSupport at-scale experiments on shared, heterogeneous, highly instrumented infrastructureEnable deep programmability throughout the network (sound familiar ?)
  8. 8. NDDI Architecture
  9. 9. NDDI & InnovationEvolutionaryExisting control-plane functionality, built on open SDN architectureRevolutionaryUse virtualization layer of SDN to create testbed for large-scale experimentation
  10. 10. Call for Participation