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  1. 1. SEEDS BUILD YOUR OWN OATMEAL Dairy Oat Fruit Flavoring Whole grains provide fiber, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals & more. These oats differ in processing&therefore have different cooking times. Make sure you read thelabelbefore preparing. Dairy&fortified alternatives provide calcium&vitamin D to support bone health. Nuts & seeds aregoodsources of protein & healthy fats. Try these healthy add-ins tosatisfy your sweet tooth & provide flavor. Fruitsprovide many vitamins, minerals &antioxidants. QUICK OATS YOGURT NUTS DRIED CINNAMON MILK SOY MILK STEEL-CUT OATS ROLLED OATS A little goes a long way! Sprinkle on top of your oatmeal or addwhile cooking. Add foracrunchy or creamy addition tohelp you stay full longer. Choose Greek yogurt, regular yogurt or your favorite milk option. COCONUT COCOA POWDER choose a... NUT BUTTERS Protein FRESH Choose dried, canned or freshfruit for a boost of sweetness and nutrients! (health) BENEFITS Oatmeal doesn't have to be boring. Jazz it up with these additions! Start your dayoff right witha variety of healthynutrients. CANNED @foodinsight Food Insight @foodinsight Learn more at