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Build Your Own Institute

1Professional Development in the Expectations & MetricsPrincipals: Provide high quality professional development (as defined by Impactful PD Rubric), taking advantage of the PD kits and instructional practice videos on so that all teachers can implement aligned curriculum with quality and fidelity.

Superintendents: Provide high quality professional development (as defined by Impactful Pd Rubric), taking advantage of the PD kits and instructional practice videos on so that all teachers can implement aligned curriculum with quality and fidelity.EngageNY.org2Impactful PD RubricSetting Participants up for SuccessGenerating ObjectivesTargeted, efficient activitiesPacing, tone, time managementFacilitation of Adult LearningEvaluation

and !Strengths and Growing EdgesEngageNY.org3EngageNY.org4Shifts in Assessments

Six Shifts in ELA AssessmentsEngageNY.org5Shifts in Assessments

Six Shifts in Mathematics AssessmentsThe Wizard of OzUse details and evidence to support your answers!What motivates Dorothy?What role do the red shoes play?What element of the human psyche does the lion represent?What is the climax of the story?How many settings are there in the story?Is it real or is it a dream?What is the theme?

EngageNY.org6EVERY LITTLE HURRICANE ~Sherman AlexieAlthough it was winter, the nearest ocean four hundred miles away, and the Tribal Weatherman asleep because of-boredom, a hurricane dropped from the sky in 1976 and fell so hard on the Spokane Indian Reservation that it knocked Victor from bed and his latest nightmare.

Where and when does the story take place?What time of year is it?Why are the tribal weathermen asleep because of boredom?What happens in this first sentence? What do we learn about Victor in this first sentence?

EngageNY.org7Pre-CCSS QuestionsWhat weather words and phrases does the author use?Alexie uses the paradox of fighting at a party, two seemingly incompatible events that nonetheless occur. What other examples of paradox appear in the story, and why might that be?Which character to you most resemble? Why?How does the author use one or more major metaphors (storms, water, drowning)?Write a brief summary of the text, its relationship to events, and its use of symbolism and paradox to illustrate it major theme.EngageNY.org8Reading TargetsEngageNY.org9Readers & Writers Workshop is still a viable literacy model ifEfficiency of timeText complexity for all (Frustration/ Productive Struggle is OK)Far greater emphasis on writing from sources than narrativePrimacy of text based evidenceDeliberate skills instruction (Lisa Delpit was right!)Frequent opportunities for students to learn and reinforce the spelling/sound patterns necessary for proficient decoding in early grades Frequent opportunities for oral comprehension, rich language experiences, background knowledge to keep students comprehension progressing Frequent exposures to coherent texts which are connected to the primary materials. Exposure to varied, spiraled, and sophisticated syntax, content knowledge, and vocabulary.Leveled text structure does not prohibit domain specific acceleration

EngageNY.org1011 12 ELA/ Literacy CCSS Professional DevelopmentWhat does an effectively trained teacher look like for ELA? For Content Areas in Literacy? For Math? What does he know? What can she do?

EngageNY.org13CCSS Professional DevelopmentWhere are you now?

What have you focused on/ prioritized?

What has been learned?

How has practice changed in your building/ district?EngageNY.org14Mathematics topics intended at each grade by at least two-thirds of A+ countriesMathematics topics intended at each grade by at least two-thirds of 21 U.S. statesThe shape of math in A+ countries1 Schmidt, Houang, & Cogan, A Coherent Curriculum: The Case of Mathematics. (2002). 15 Tom Guskeys Levels of PD EvaluationDid they like it?Did they learn it?Were the supports, policies, and accountabilities in place to ensure high quality implementation?Did they implement with quality and fidelity?Did the changes in their practice have an impact on student achievement?EngageNY.org16Lets talk about level 3SupportsPoliciesAccountabilitiesEngageNY.org17Recommended Areas of Focus for Teacher Training: CurriculumScope & SequenceFormat/ StructureAssessmentsProcesses/ ProtocolsLesson Plans Diving Deeply into the shifts Intensive Adult to Adult conversations about Content (Texts, Concepts)Practical application and adult to adult processing time devoted to shift experimentation/ evidence collection toolsEngageNY.org18Make Your Own InstituteFor PrincipalsFor TeachersEngageNY.org19So what do you want to doAnd when do you want to do it?EngageNY.org20