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<ul><li> 1. Building with the JAFRA Program has its RewardsGreater income, flexible schedule, exciting rewards, financial independence, time for your family, personal development, professional growth and special friendships. Discover these benefits and more when you build a business with JAFRA.A dynamic future awaits you! The JAFRA Leadership Opportunity gives you the power to transform your life. You can live the lifestyle you dream of through your dedication and desire to grow with JAFRA. Live your life in the style you want. Take the first step today. Commit to building your team and showing others the exciting possibilities that await them with JAFRA. 2 </li></ul> <p> 2. Start your JAFRA Career Today, promote to ManagerReceive 10% of the paid wholesale sales Manager Qualification generated by you and your direct Recruit 10 or more Active Consultants* (recruited directly orand indirect Consultants. indirectly) and achieve $2,500 or more in Pre-Branch Paid Wholesale Sales during the qualifying month and be an Active10% Consultant. YOU,AS A Effective July 1, 2008:MANAGER To enter into Manager Qualification, prior to the qualifying month you need to:DIRECTCONSULTANTS Have 10 Active Consultants (recruited directly or indirectly)* Notify JAFRA of your desire to promote to ManagerINDIRECTCONSULTANTS Qualify as Manager and earn the Star Qualifier BonusLevel 1: $150 Bonus! Recruit 12 or more Active Consultants (directly or indirectly), achieve $3,000-$3,499 of Pre-Branch Paid Wholesale Sales during the qualifying month and be an Active Consultant* and you will receive a Central Branch $150 Bonus. OR Level 2: $350 Bonus! Recruit 12 or more Active Consultants (directly or indirectly), achieve $3,500 or more of Pre-Branch Paid Wholesale Sales during the qualifying month and be an Active Consultant* and you will receive a $350 Bonus. *An Active Consultant is a Consultant who has placed at least one retail order in the last four consecutive months.3 3. New Manager Bonus Program - Earn up to $2,800 in bonuses your first 6 monthsMonthly bonuses Achieve Cental Branch Paid Wholesale monthly goals and earn monthly bonuses of $200-$400 possible total bonuses of $1,200 - $2,400! 6-month Active Consultant Bonus! Earn an additional $400 bonus at the end of your first 6 months when you have 20 or more Active Consultants in your Central Branch (does not include yourself) Earn 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or all 6 monthly bonuses! If you miss a month achieving a bonus, you can still continue in the 6-month bonus program and earn bonuses in any of the remaining months! How it works:Additional Bonus6-monthfor 20 or more Monthly Central Branch Monthly Bonus each Total BonusActive Consultants inPaid Wholesaletime you reach yourTotal Bonus possible possibleCentral Branch atSales Achievement CBPWS achievement 6 month plus additionalend of 6 months (CBPWS) $400$200 $1,200 + $400 = $1,600 6 x $200 = $1,200 $2,000.00 - $2,999.99 $400$300 $1,800 + $400 = $2,200 6 x $300 = $1,800 $3,000.00 - $3,999.99 $400$400 $2,400 + $400 = $2,800 6 x $400 = $2,400 $4,000 or moreAVAILABLE ONLY TO NEW FIRST-TIME MANAGERSThe New Manager Bonus Program is a once in a lifetime bonus.FLEXIBLE REQUIREMENTS FOR NEW MANAGERS IN THEIR FIRST 6 MONTHS1st Month as a New ManagerGreat news! We want to give you time to focus on being a successful New Manager and working with your team. Due to this, New Managers willreceive all commission or bonuses in their first month regardless of their activity! 2nd - 6th Month as a ManagerStarting your 2nd month, JAFRA will require that New Managers meet their Central Branch Requirements. Otherwise they will forfeit their ManagersCommission Overrides and all associated bonuses. 7th Month and BeyondNew Managers will need to continue to meet the Central Branch Requirements. For Manager Central Branch Requirements please see page 9. 4 4. Business Building Programs for Managers and Above Your JAFRA Career begins when you become a Manager and decide to build your multilevel organization, starting with your Central Branch. BRANCH PROMOTION BONUSPromote a direct Branch and recruit 2 or more QNCs in your Central Branch each month (one QNC must be personally recruited) and you will receivean additional bonus ranging from 7% to 2% on the paid wholesale sales generated by each newly promoted Branch. For example: receive 7% in the firstmonth, 6% in the second month, and so on until the 6-month period of a new Branch ends.This promotion is designed to compensate Leaders with a cash bonus for every Consultant that moves up to Manager and forms her own Branch. Thissix-month period allows the Promoting Manager to recruit more people in her Central Branch and also identify and prepare her next New Manager. The Promoting Manager receives the following bonuses in addition to the monthly Overrides(Example based on the Money Model of $4,000 paid wholesale sales in her new Branch.) 1st 2nd Month3rd Month4th Month5th Month 6th Month ADDITIONAL Promoting Month of Promotion of Promotion of Promotion of Promotionof PromotionPOTENTIAL BONUS $1,080 7% x $4000 = 6% x $4000 =5% x $4000 = 4% x $4000 = 3% x $4000 =2% x $4000 = $280 BONUS $240 BONUS$200 BONUS $160 BONUS $120 BONUS$80 BONUS Example of a DM1s first month of promoting a branch $4,000DM1 x 12% 12% $480 $4,000$4,000 Mx 7%x 6%6% + 7% Additional Bonus First Month$280 $240 LINEAGE-BUILDING BONUSA District Director can receive monthly bonus amounts, from $175 - $325 depending on her level, when she achieves four out of the six bonusopportunities in either of the two six-month periods (January-June and/or July-December 2008). Bonuses are issued in one lump sum twice a year.Monthly Bonus Opportunity Qualifications: recruit 5 or more QNCs in your Central Branch each month (two of them must be personally recruited).QNCs must be recruited in the same month of evaluation. DD1 DD2 DD3 DD4DD5EDD NDD$175$200$225$250 $275 $300$3255 5. Business Building Programs for Managers and Above CAR ALLOWANCE BONUS Monthly bonus for District Managers 3 and District Director Levels 1 to 5. This bonus can be used as part of a monthly payment towards the purchase or lease of a car of your choice. AMOUNT OF MONTHLY BONUS DM3DD1 DD2DD3 DD4DD5 $200 $225$250 $275$300 $325 For more details on this bonus, consult the Car Program Brochure.MOVING UP BONUS*You can receive substantial Cash Bonuses when you move up to the top levels in the Lineage Program:DD5 EDDNDD$5,000$10,000$30,000*Once-in-a-lifetime Bonuses.If your account is 45 days past due, you are not eligible to receive any bonuses. This rule applies to all monthly bonuses and checks.PROMOTING Money Model The Money Model allows you to grow your multilevel business in an efficient, simple and profitable way through well-defined activity guidelines in Personal and Branch activity. RECRUITINGHOLDING PARTIES Monthly Activity Guidelines of the Money ModelRECRUITINGPROMOTING HOLDING PARTIESPersonal: Identify and train three future Personal:Two Qualified New Consultants Managers each month Four parties of $400 or more (retail sales) $1,600 or more per month per monthIn Central Branch: $4,000 or moreIn Central Branch: Five Qualified Promote one Direct Branch every three (paid wholesale sales) per month New Consultants per month months6 6. Grow Your Lineage StructureM O N T H LY I N C O M EHorizontally and Vertically From Central Branch = $ 520 From Central District = $ 600 Examples of Monthly Income when you follow the Money Model: 2nd Line DISTRICTIndirect Branches =$120 From Personal Sales = $ 800 MANAGER 2 TOTAL =$2,040M O N T H LY I N C O M E From Central Branch =$400 MANAGER From Personal Sales =$800 TOTAL =$1,200DM2CentralBranch13%$4,000 $4,000 x 10%x 13% $400$520M O N T H LY I N C O M ECentralDM1 MDistrict From Central Branch =$480 8% 7% From Central District =$240 DISTRICTFrom Personal Sales =$800 $4,000$4,000 MANAGER 1 TOTAL =$1,520 x 8%x 7%$320$280 DM1 $4,000x 12% 12% $4802nd Line M 3%Indirect $4,000Branch M $4,000 x 6% x 3%6% $2407 $120 7. Top Income Leaders Living their Dreams with JAFRA Vicki Hacking Ilene Ellsworth Carmen Saucedo Monthly Income Following the Money Model from Manager to National District Director(Not including JAFRA Program bonuses and monthly earnings of $800 in personal sales, according to the Money Model).Actual MONTHLY HIGHEST Income Nationwide* $30,912.21 $30,048.44National$18,112.98DistrictExecutive $17,222.98DirectorDistrict District$13,290.43Director Director 5 $27,060District$11,923.04Director 4 $14,960 $24,000Money Model $8,566.04 District Director 3 Money Model$5,319.37 District$12,080Money ModelDirector 2District$5,291.30$7,080 Money ModelDirector 1District$1,774.49 $5,440 Money ModelManager 3 $1,890.08District$3,340Money ModelManager 2District$2,000Money ModelManager 1 Manager$1,240Money Model $720Money Model $400Money Model Money Model Actual monthly income throughout the nation in 2006: Manager - Average $170.42; District Manager 1 - Average $394.49; District Manager 2 - Average $785.35; District Manager 3 - Average $1,344.57; District Director 1 - Average $2,317.03; District Director 2 - Average $3,558.27; District Director 3 - Average $5,315.91; District Director 4 - Average $8,559.53; District Director 5 - Average $10,186.01; Executive District Director - Average $15,337.36; National District Director - Average $22,199.00.*2006 statistics 8 8. JAFRAs Multilevel Opportunity + You = SuccessNationalDistrictExecutiveDirectorDistrictDistrict17%*DirectorDirector 5District17%*Director 417%*DistrictDirector 317%*District16%*Director 2District15%*Director 1District15%*Manager 3District14%*Manager 2 District Manager13%* Manager 1 10%*12%*You have 1 You have 2You have 3You have 5You have 7You have 10 You have 15 You have 20 You have 22 You have 25 You have your own Direct Branchor more Direct Branches Direct Branches Direct Branches Direct Branches Direct Branches Direct Branches Direct Branches Direct Branches Central Branch and meet yourDirect Branches and achieve and achieve and achieve and achieve and achieve and achieve and achieve and achieve and meet your$100,000**. $125,000**. $200,000**. $300,000**. $450,000**. $600,000**. $750,000**. $1,000,000**. monthlyand meet your monthly maintenancemonthly maintenance requirements.maintenance requirements.requirements.*Override percentage paid on the Central Branch paid wholesale sales each month. **In paid wholesale sales (in a rolling 12-month period) in your Central District.Managers and Above levels that do not meet applicableMonthly Central Branch Maintenance RequirementsTitle Maintenance Requirements for DM3, DD1,Central Branch Maintenance Requirements in the evaluationfor all Lineage Levels:DD2, DD3, DD4, DD5, EDD and NDD:month forfeit override payment and bonuses associated with $1,000 or more Central Branch paid wholesale sales.Maintain both the number of directly promoted BranchesCentral Branch paid wholesale sales overrides (i.e., New 3 or more Ordering Consultants (does not include Manager)and Central District paid wholesale sales, applicable to eachManager Bonus and Branch Promotion Bonus).in Central Branch. An Ordering Consultant is a Consultantlineage title in a rolling 12-month period.A Branch that has been placed on Former Branch Statuswho places a retail order in the evaluation month.which subsequently re-qualifies as a Branch shall not count Place an order of $300 or more in retail sales this toward any bonuses, overrides, title promotions and all otherrequirement applies to Managers, DM1s, DM2s and DM3s. Lineage Programs compensation unless it has been on FormerThis requirement does NOT apply to District Director levels.Branch Status for a period of at least six consecutive (6)months prior to re-qualifying. 9 9. Cons MgrDM1DM2DM3DD1DD2DD3 DD4DD5 EDD NDD 50% Consultant Commission 30% Consultant Commission Eligible for Credit Recruiting Start Welcome to JAFRA Active Seller ClubTeam Building Required: Branch(es)Central1 Direct2 Directs 3 Directs5 Directs7 Directs 10 Directs15 Directs 20 Directs 22 Directs 25 Directs *Central District paid wholesale salesBranch$100,000*$125,000*$200,000*$300,000* $450,000*$600,000*$750,000* $1,000,000* in a rolling 12-month period Central Branch Overrides 10%12%13%14%15%15%16%17%17% 17% 17%1st Line Directs/6% MGR7% MGR 8% MGR8.5% MGR 9% MGR 9.5% MGR 10% MGR 10.5% MGR 11% MGR11.5% MGR Overrides (percentage changes7% DM-DD8% DM-DD 9% DM-DD9.5% DM 10% DM 10.5% DM11% DM11.5% DM12% DM 12.5% DM according to the title of the Branch 10.5% DD 11% DD 11.5% DD12% DD12.5% DD13% DD 13.5% DD 2nd Line Indirects 3% 3% 3% 3% 3%3% 3%3%3% Overrides3rd Line and Down Indirects 1% 1% 1% 1% 1%1% 1%1%1% Overrides Star Qualifier Bonus$150 or $350New Manager Bonus Branch Promotion Bonus Car Allowance Program $200 $225 $250 $275$300$325Lineage-Building Bonus $175 $200 $225 $250 $275 $300 $325Moving-Up Bonus $5,000$10,000$30,000 JAFRA PinManager Pin Attachable pin Attachable Attachable Gold/Pearl Gold/Pearl Gold/PearlGold/Pearl Gold/PearlGold/Diamond Gold/Diamond Jewelry Pin RingPendant Earrings BraceletEarringsNecklacewith CharmCharmCharm Life Insurance Optional PurchaseBenefits provided by JAFRACar Program for Top LevelsInfinitiJaguar/Mercedes Benz Trips, Conferences Training Recognition Program when you have 3 or more Direct Branches12929 (1)2008 JAFRA Cosmetics International, Inc.A member of the Vorwerk Family12930 (5)Westlake Village, CA 91361 </p>