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  • 1. Build Traffic to Your Website with a Hostel Blog (Practical Tips) Josh

2. Started in 2004 Over 5000 pages of free information Over 6000 users worldwide Online and offline events Free monthly newletter New features coming soon... 3. Hostel Blogs 4. Why blog? Travelers use search engines to find travelinformation. 5. Why blog? If your content is interesting, people will share itwith their friends. 6. Why blog? The point isnt to get direct bookings--its tohave people share your website and link to it. 7. Why blog? 8. Put your blog on your hostels own website Dont put your blog on a separate website, or itwont help with your own site getting moretraffic. 9. How to build a hostel blog cheaply 10. Creativity is more important than theamount of money you spend on your website. 11. The Formula Write in very simple language -- almost like achildrens book 12. Lots of Photos 13. Topics that almost always workThink about what your visitors want to read, not what you want to tell them. 14. Food, especially unusual or cheap 15. Adventure 16. Outdoors 17. Flowers think botanical gardens 18. History and archaeological finds 19. Cute Animals local zoo 20. Colorful art in your city 21. Examples from travel blogs 22. Winter Photos: Cold can be Beautiful 23. Bike Sharing, Ride Sharing 24. Rotorua Something Special About This Evil Smelly Place 25. Podcasting Basic phrases 26. Motivating your staff to blog Call it Travel Writing 27. More Information Ask questions in the forum over 20,000 posts Skype: j_hostels +1 (413) 306-4433