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Build a Better Breakfast

Build a Better BreakfastCristin stokes, RD, LNMUS Wellness

Workshop DescriptionYou've heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you eat breakfast daily, that's a great start; but it's all too easy to get stuck in a breakfast rut or count a donut as your morning fuel. In this workshop, we'll present some new ideas for breakfast & the best foods to keep you fueled until lunch. Breakfast: DefinedFirst meal of the dayEaten within 2-3 hours of wakingConsisting of more than 1 food group

Typical barriers to eating breakfast:TimeCostNot hungryFear of weight gain

Benefits of BreakfastImproved overall diet qualityNutrient intakeCalcium, potassium, dietary fiber, folate, iron, vitamin B-12 consistently higher in regular breakfast eatersWeight controlNational Weight Control Registry healthy behaviorAppetite regulationEating breakfast that includes protein = reduction in evening snacking

Benefits of BreakfastImproved insulin sensitivityRegulation of blood glucose & insulin levels, lipid metabolism

Cognitive functionImproved attention span, memoryMost studies involve school children

Mood & energy

Reduced risk of chronic diseaseType 2 DMCardiovascular diseaseBuild a better breakfast: Basics3+ food groups is bestInclude proteinAdd veggies

300-500 calories recommended

Build a better breakfast: ProteinBreakfast protein sourcesEggsDairyNuts/nut buttersTofuWhats not on the list? Processed meatsBuild a Better Breakfast: ProteinSignificantly impacts appetitive, hormonal, and neural signals involved in food-intake regulationFeel more full; stay more full for longer; reduce snacking later in the day

Build a Better Breakfast: ProteinThe Great Egg Debate2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans:Cholesterol not a nutrient of concern for overconsumptionIndividuals with high cholesterol or diabetes still may want to limit to 3 yolks/week (based on Nurses Health Study)Why the switch?Dietary cholesterol blood cholesterolBlood cholesterol perfect predictor of CVDEpidemiological studies looking at total cholesterolRecent studies Bottom line: Eggs (including yolk) ok, particularly when eaten in place of carbohydratesPay attention to what goes with your eggs (sausage/bacon, homefries, etc.)

Build a Better Breakfast: ProteinDairyNon-fat, low-fat, full-fat?Dietary guidelines recommend non-fat & low-fatSkim/reduced fat milk has equivalent protein, calcium, etc. content; no added sugarButFatty acids in full fat dairy may help with weight regulationType 2 DM risk may be lower with full fat dairy Complex; more research warranted

Build a Better Breakfast: ProteinYogurtGreek vs regularProtein content15g vs 5g (per 6 oz serving) Start plain then add honey, maple syrup to tasteLow-fat over non-fat, light

Build a better breakfast: CarbohydratesPurpose of including carbs at breakfast: Supply energy & replenish glycogen stores after fastingSources: Fruit, grainsFruitWhole fruit bestFiberJuice100% juicePortion

Build a Better Breakfast: CarbohydratesSmoothiesA word of cautionAdd proteinDairyTofuNut butterProtein powderAdd veggies spinach, kale, carrots, avocado

Build a Better Breakfast: CarbohydratesWhole grainsRTE Cereals5-5-10 Rule5+ grams fiber 5+ grams protein (naturally occurring preferred)