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<p> 1. Creating Cultural Capital Global Art Forum Building Museums Presentation by Gail Dexter Lord, President LordCultural Resources Doha, Qatar March 2009 2. Creating Cultural Capital 2 The Purpose Built Museum 3. Creating Cultural Capital 3 The Museum of Islamic Art What makesit so brilliant? Guiding Vision Collection Architecture Exhibition design Dedicated leadership Focuson learning 4. Creating Cultural Capital 4 What are museums for? Preservation of thecreationsof nature and humanity Research &amp; interpretation Lifelong learning Pleasure Prestige&amp; diplomacy 5. 5 Why are museums important today? Preservation Anchorsfor knowledgegeneration Creativity &amp; community development Cultural tourism Lifelong learning Urban development 6. 6 How are museums changing? Morevisitors New museum types Accessto collections Reassertion of national identitiesin a globalized world Spectacular visitor experiences Strong museum brands Global partnerships Web museums/Virtual exhibitions 7. Creating Cultural Capital 7 Museum Districts 8. Creating Cultural Capital 8 USALos Angeles County Museum of Art, Califo rnia Museum Cluster 9. Creating Cultural Capital 9 ASIAWest Kowloon Cultural District, Ho ng Ko ng Cultural districts 10. Creating Cultural Capital 10 Urban Regeneration &amp;Development 11. Creating Cultural Capital From the New York Times, 1999 12. Creating Cultural Capital 12 EUROPEGuggenheim, Bilbao Urban Regeneration/Development 13. Creating Cultural Capital 13 USADenverArt Museum, Co lo rado Denver Art Museum Urban Regeneration/Development 14. Creating Cultural Capital 14 EUROPEThe Lowry, Salford, UK The Lowry Urban Regeneration/Development 15. Creating Cultural Capital 15 Idea Museums 16. Creating Cultural Capital 16 CANADA Canadian Museum forHuman Rights, Winnipeg Idea Museum 17. Creating Cultural Capital 17 Cultural Catalysts 18. Creating Cultural Capital 18 ASIAKing Abdulaziz CenterforKnowledge and Culture, Saudi Arabia Cultural Catalysts 19. Creating Cultural Capital 19 How do we plan museums to support these changes? Management Planning Marketing Architecture Design MUSEUM PLANNING 20. Creating Cultural Capital Administration planning, policy, procedures, personnel, Finances, institutional relations Assets Collections Buildings &amp; grounds Equipment Documentation Conservation Security Programs Research Exhibition Interpretation Education Extension Marketing Organization of Museum Functions 21. Creating Cultural Capital UK Survey % United States Survey % Curatorial and exhibition 31 32.5 Public (except exhibit) 7 7 Library 2 3 Security 14 13 Administrative 19 19 Building Occupancy 18 17 Other 9 8.5 Total 100 100 Planning for Collections ManagementCost of Museum Functions 22. Creating Cultural Capital Visitor Analysis /$ Implementation Institutional Context Programs Evaluation Collections Analysis Market Analysis Institutional Plan The Museums Needs Staff Space Facilities Museum Planning Process - Overview 23. Creating Cultural Capital Zone A 20% Zone B 40% Zone C 20% Zone D 20% NORMATIVE SPACE DISTRIBUTION BY ZONE Public Non-Public Non-Collection Zone A: Public Non-Collection Zones Zone D: Non-Public Non-Collection Zones Collection Zone B Public Collection Zones Zone C: Non-Public Collection Zones ZONING APPROACH TO PLANNING 24. Creating Cultural Capital Circulation Path: Artefacts and Works of Art Curatorial Examination Rooms Loading Bay Shipping- Receiving Security Booth Crating- Uncrating Documentation Office Photo Studio Dark room Store Isolation- Holding Fumigation Crate Store Collection Store Conservation Lab Transit Store Exhibit Prep. Clean Work- Shop Exhibit Prep. Dirty Work- Shop Artefact or Work of Art Crate Non-Public Collections Public Collections Permanent Collection Galleries Temporary orArt Exhibition Galleries 25. Creating Cultural Capital 25 VisitorFlow 26. Creating Cultural Capital Cafe Donor/VIP Lounge Museum Store Retail Office Stock Discovery Gallery Group Staging Area Art/Demo Studio Seminar Rooms Garbage Bins Food Store Kitchen Reception Room Tickets Vestibule First Aid Washrooms/Inf ant Care Cloakroom Library Theater Group Entrance Orientation Gallery Permanent Collection Exhibition Galleries Temporary Exhibition Gallery Theater Support Areas Group or Theater Entrance (?) A. Public Non-Collection Zone B. Public Collection Zone C. Non-Public Non-Collection Zone Non-Collection Delivery Access Public Access and Circulation (Not to Scale) Public Elevators and Stairs Main Lobby Assembly Area Main Public Entrance Event Support Kitech Non-Collection Delivery Access 27. Creating Cultural Capital 27 EUROPETate Modern, Lo ndo n Visitor Centered Museum 28. Capital Budget 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 % of the Project Budget Prelim inary Project BriefSchem atic design D etailed design C onstruction docum ent Tenderaction C onstruction C om m issioning/evaluation Stage of the Project 29. Creating Cultural Capital 29 Building Museums of the Future </p>