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<p>Buddhist Architecture</p> <p>Buddhist Art and ArchitectureHistory of Art I</p> <p>Jocho, Buddha (Amida Nyorai), c. 1000 AD</p> <p>Siddartha Gautama, c. 500 BC</p> <p>Eightfold Path</p> <p>Iconography</p> <p>An architecture of restraintThe Great Stupa of Sanchi, c. 100 BC</p> <p>Borobudur, Java, 800 ADLargest Buddhist monument in the world</p> <p>Symbolized Mount Meru, home of the gods in Indian mythology</p> <p>Lava stone, dry construction</p> <p>MandalaEight levels to symbolize the eightfold path to enlightenment</p> <p>Relief panels(Over 2,600 ring the monument)On the first tier, the causes of human suffering</p> <p>Panels read clockwise; each tier begins and ends at the eastern gate</p> <p>Tribhanga PoseLife of Siddartha Gautama panels</p> <p>As you ascend the decoration becomes more simple (pure)</p> <p>Literally elevated</p> <p>Phoenix Hall, Kyoto Japan, c. 1000 AD</p> <p>Jocho, Buddha (Amida Nyorai), c. 1000 AD</p> <p>1) Location on island</p> <p>2)The weightlessness of nirvana</p> <p>Material? Construction?</p> <p>Bracket set</p> <p>3) The PhoenixSymbol of grace and virtue; only appears in areas blessed with peace and happiness.</p>