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    I have known John Potzger since he was best man at my sisterswedding many years ago. I have never known a more earnest student,a finer Christian, a more loyal friend!


    A MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPA Memorial Scholarship in Botany is being established at Butler

    University in memory of the late Head of the Botany Departmentand Past President of The Central Association of Science andMathematics Teachers and of the Ecological Society of America,Dr. John E. Potzger. Persons wishing to make donations should sendchecks to the Botany Department, Butler University, Indianapolis8, Indiana, made payable to the J. E. Potzger Memorial ScholarshipFund.

    This is an opportunity for members of the Central Association of Science andMathematics Teachers to contribute to a cause in honor of our late Past Presidentof 48 and our Editor for Biology from January 1941 to May 1954. Dr. Potzgercould always be relied upon, either as an editor or as an active member of CASMT.

    GLEN W. WARNER, Editor

    BUCKNELL DEDICATES NEW SCIENCE BUILDING"It seems absurd to trust the administration of a modern state to men ignorant

    of science and its consequences to society," declared Dr. John C. Warner,president of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, in an address at BucknellUniversity today.

    "Neither should we trust the administration of a governmental unit or a busi-ness to a scientist or engineer who is ignorant of the humanities", said Dr.Warner, who spoke at the dedication of Bucknell^s new F. W. Olin Science Build-ing, gift of the Olin Foundation.

    Dr. Warner told his audience that lack of appreciation for the methods andaccomplishments of science on the part of our leaders is responsible in a con-siderable degree for the material maladjustment and lack of moral aspiration inmodern society."Not having solved the problems of equatably distributing the material bene-

    fits of science, we waste them in trade wars, class strife, and armed conflict,"he explained.He expressed the conviction that use of the scientific method, in modified

    form, could help solve many of our current social, political, and economicproblems."We need to educate political, moral, and business leaders who are more

    scientific and scientific leaders who are more humane," he concluded.Formal presentation of the building to the University by Dr. Charles L. Horn

    of Minneapolis, president of the Foundation, highlighted the ceremony attendedby more than 2,000 students, teachers, and invited guests.

    Dr. William H. Coleman, vice president and dean of the college, accpeted thebuilding which contains a memorial plaque dedicating the structure "to the ad-vancement of science and to the preparation of youth for service in the world oftomorrow."