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<p>Bubble Wrap</p> <p>Bubble WrapGreen Solutions:</p> <p>Kenneth HoRajwinder MaanWilliam WongAgendaProject BackgroundAccomplishmentsLessons LearnedBudgetConclusionAcknowledgementsQuestionsProject BackgroundProblem: Temperature flucuations inside a greenhouse that utilizes bubble insulation technology when the weather is changing to maintain the life of different plansThis also is manually controlled so, no consistent monitoring is taking place and the bubbles must be turned on when the weather changesProject BackgroundSolution: To implement temperature sensors so that this information can be grabbed and automatically relayed to a database for consistent monitoring and automate when the bubble insulation technology must take place above or below specified temperatures to remove manual controlProject BackgroundHow: This is done through Arduino Boards, a pump, Python Scripts, and a web server utilizing various server services which run to effectively grab the informationAccomplishmentsFunctional mesh network between the Arduino Boards Successful installation and configuration of the Arduino Software and other server services Scripts that successfully logged the temperature Communication established between fluctuations in temperature for what the sensors read All necessary information logged and recordedSystem successfully installed in greenhouse</p> <p>Lessons LearnedArduino Boards and softwareUbuntu configuration (scripts, commands, installations)Python Scripting techniquesArduino codes, rates, and matching Python ScriptsTrial and Error with scriptsTroubleshoot</p> <p>BudgetProjected Budget:Hardware/Software - $806.15Operating Costs - $35,520.00Total - $36,326.15BudgetActual Budget:Hardware/Software - $821.00Operating Costs - $18,800.00Total - $19,621.00</p> <p>ConclusionSolved the problem of automating insulation in a greenhouseFixed the issue of monitoring and logging the informationVarious installations, troubleshooting, and problem solving encounteredCost effective project for prospective groups to expand uponAcknowledgementsJason FisherProject advisor and for all of his support and reference knowledgeJeremie RyanFor sponsoring us, being a reference guide and point of contactBen ReedGetting us the project and guiding us to appropriate resourcesMichael BalcerzakAiding us in Python ScriptingSam PollockAiding us in Python ScriptingQuestions???</p>