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<ul><li> 1. CHEWING GUMBy Creative Destruction Team, 2013For A Crash Course on CreativityBy Tina Seelig, Stanford University, https://www.venture-lab.org</li></ul> <p> 2. You can use it in a common way 3. healthy teeth 4. Not so common way 5. You may chew itand makesculptures 6. or bigSmall 7. Or you may notchewand use ithow it is 8. You can use it in the unexpected wayOR 9. Become a super-smart guysimply chewing gum 10. There is a link between chewing gumand our ability to remember chunksof information Chewing gum raises the heart beatby around 3 BPM (beats per minute),increasing blood flow in the cerebralarea, which could explain theimprovement in such brain activity.Why? 11. Thanks!Make your gears spin fasterWith CHEWING GUM!</p>