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<p>Bubble Deck</p> <p>Bubble DeckManalaysayRoblesRoseteBubble DeckIt comprises a hollow, flat slab that spans in two directions, in which plastic balls are incorporated to replace, and eliminate the concrete in the middle of a conventional slab which does not contribute to its structural performance.</p> <p>Effect of Bubble DeckWeight reduction of the deckThe dead load of the Bubble deck is 1/3 lesser than a solid deck with the same thickness and that without effecting the bending strength and the deflection behavior of the deck. </p> <p>Advantages:Cost savings requires up to 35 per cent less concrete than traditional concrete structures</p> <p>Fast construction virtually no formwork, no downturn beams or drop heads, and fast coverage of up to 35m2 per panel</p> <p>Green attributes less use of construction materials, less energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions</p> <p>Reduced health and safety risks off-site manufacturing, fewer vehicle movements and crane lifts, simple installationAdvantages It allows freedom of design with non-rectilinear plan forms.</p> <p> Construction is less weather dependent as there is no need to erect load-bearing block work to support floor slabs, which is taken off the critical path.</p> <p> Elimination of down-stand beams means the problems and the costs of routing services around, or through, structure, are avoided.</p> <p> Reduced foundation sizes because there is up to 50% less structural dead-weight.</p> <p> Concrete usage is significantly reduced; 1kg of recycled plastic replaces 100kg of concrete. It is, therefore, environmentally friendly.</p> <p> It uses fewer building elements compared to steel frame and metal decking systems and so reduces erection time.</p> <p> There is no need for additional fire protection the completed Bubble Deck structure provides 1 to 2 hours protection dependent upon concrete cover specified.</p> <p> Cross-bracing and intermediate supports are eliminated.</p> <p>AdvantagesEarthquake resistanceSeismic forces impacting a building are proportional to the horizontally accelerated mass, which has to be absorbed by the vertical structure.A BubbleDeck slab with its reduced dead load, will consequently reduce these forces.A Bubble Deck slab and column system is without singularities and acts like an elastic membrane, sufficient to transfer horizontal forces to stiff cores/walls</p>