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Browser extensions, sometimes referred to as plug-ins or add-ons, are tiny pieces of software that enhances one's Web browsing experience. If you can think of a common computing task, then a browser extension has probably already been written to more easily accomplish it. Although browser extensions are written for all major Web browsers, Chad Mairn will highlight how to find and install useful extensions on Chrome and Firefox browsers. Safari and Internet Explorer users don't fear because Chad Mairn will highlight a few great extensions there as well.


<ul><li>1.</li></ul> <p>2. What is a Web browser?A program that allows users to view Web pages. Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Safari 3. Source: 4. Source: 5. What is a browser extension? Sometimes referred to as plug-ins or as add-ons,extensions are tiny pieces of software that enhance (i.e., extend the functionality) of a Web browser.I like to think of them as apps. 6. Extension extends a browsers functionality. Plug-in a link to an external program (e.g., Flash). Add-on extends the functionality of a program(e.g., toolbar) Accelerator Add-ons for Internet Explorer.Note: the differences between a plug-in and an add-onare clear as mud! 7. Finding extensions in Chrome 1.3. 2. 8. Demo: Finding &amp;Installing aChrome Extension 9. If your system slows down 1.2. 3. 10. Some of my favorite Chrome extensions are: Firebug Lite URL Shortener LibX Pinterest Pin It SpringpadExplore the 11. 1. 2.Finding extensions in Firefox3. 12. 1. 3. 4.2. 13. No ads etc.! 14. Demo: Finding &amp;Installing aFirefox Extension 15. Some of my favorite Firefox extensions are: Firebug LibX LinkChecker Live HTTP Headers Readability Web Developer Browse 16. 1.Finding add-ons in Internet Explorer2. 3. 17. Accelerator Add-ons in Internet Explorer are calledAccelerators and they help users to perform many common tasks liketranslation or mapping a street address. 18. Internet Explorer 9 19. Demo: Finding &amp;Installing anInternetExplorer Add-on 20. Some of my favorite Internet Explorer add-ons are: Bing toolbar LastPass LibX ReadOnWeb StumbleUpon 21. Finding add-ons in Safari 22. Demo: Finding &amp;Installing aSafari Extension 23. Some of my favorite Safari plug-ins are: Firebug lite LiveShare measureit Safari AdBlock Xmarks 24. is a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorerthat provides direct access to your librarys resources. Read more at: SPC LibX presentation: 25. What are your favorite extensions? 26. LetsHangout! </p>


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