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More for less. Discover the benefits of locating your business in the St.GallenBodenseeArea. St.GallenBodenseeArea. St.Gallen Bodensee Area

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  • More for less. Discover the benefits of locating your business in the St.GallenBodenseeArea.



  • During the early Middle Ages, the Abbey library of St.Gallen

    was one of the most important centers of European thought,

    civilization and innovation. Today this tradition and reputation is

    well and alive in its top ranked University of St.Gallen, technical

    colleges and international schools. Close collaboration between

    academia and local businesses fosters innovation with a direct

    impact on economic growth.


  • Precision





    Good Energies


  • Close-by airports connect you with over 160 international

    destinations worldwide. By rail and by car you can reach

    metropolitan areas from Munich to Milano in a matter of

    hours. That is what we call centrally located!


  • Switzerlands benefits as an economic location are on a par with the best in the world.

    Our excellent business environment rests upon legal and political stability, planning

    dependability, top-notch human talent, and innovative educational and research

    institutions. Add to this the unmatched quality of living in the St.GallenBodenseeArea,

    with its spectacular sceneries, a variety of leisure facilities and a great multicultural and

    international entertainment offer, and you will see why we are a proud host region to

    so many international companies who have moved here.


  • Six reasons why the St.GallenBodenseeArea offers More for less .

  • + Attractive real estate at low prices

    + Three international airports minimize travel time

    + Highest quality of life at a low cost of living

    + One of Europes best cost-benefit ratios for labor

    + Most competitive economy with low tax rates

    + 120 % Switzerland at 80 % of the cost

  • SGBA at a glance

    London1.5 h

    Paris1.5 h

    Florence1 h

    Rome1.5 h

    Berlin1.5 h Warsaw

    2 h

    Moscow2.75 h

    Budapest1.75 h

    Prague1.5 h

    Frankfurt1 h

    Bruxelles1.5 h

    Barcelona1.5 hLisbon

    2.5 hMadrid2 h

    Lyon1 h

    Monaco1 h

    Stockholm3.25 h

    St.Petersburg2.5 h

    Copenhagen2.5 h

    Amsterdam1.5 h

    Vienna1.5 h

    Munich1 h


    Who is already here

    + Precision Baumer Holding, Bernina, Bhler Holding, Geberit, Huber + Suhner, Leica Geosystems / Hexagon,

    Metrohm, Mettler Toledo, REXAM, Saurer, SFS Holding, SIGG Bottles, Stadler Rail, Stihl

    + HQ Operations AFG Arbonia-Forster Holding, Akris, Holcim, Mine Safety Appliances, Sigma Aldrich, Wrth

    + ICT Abacus, Adcubum, Bosch Internet of Things and Services Lab, Holidaycheck, SAP, SWIFT

    + Good Energies AquaSwiss, Brusa, Trunz Water Systems, Viessmann

    ... and many more

  • Top Business Location+ Europes No. 1 business location + Highly productive labor market with little regulation + Among the lowest tax jurisdictions in Europe,

    attractive tax models + World-class, reliable infrastructure + Open labor market and close relationship with the EU+ Leading center of education, research, innovation and

    knowledge transfer+ Safety, stability and security

    Outstanding Quality of Life + Multilingual and international population + Pristine nature and breathtaking sceneries + High security and political stability + One of the worlds leading healthcare systems+ Superb comfort of living, recreational options,

    in urban and countryside settings+ Top-level education, qualified workforce + Great variety of culture and leisure opportunities

    Great Value+ Competitive corporate and individual taxes + Alleviate your overall tax burden + Top employees, best cost-benefit ratio for labor+ Highly conducive conditions for investment thanks to

    long-term price stability + Attractive salaries and high purchasing power + Dynamic property market at a reasonable cost

    Quick and Easy+ Strategic location, reliable partners+ Easy market access + Quick and easy company formation + Minimal red tape+ Corporate models for tax optimization + Attractive commercial properties+ Efficient domestic and international recruitment + Hands-on support for start-ups and SMEs

  • Our services+ We offer free, comprehensive advice at every stage during your relocation project.

    + We provide expert know-how on market environment, taxation, work permits and other topics.

    + We grant access to our extensive network of universities, research facilities, consulting companies and financial institutions.

    + Well find the best suited office spaces, commercial properties or development sites.

    + Well set up custom-tailored itineraries for your visit to the St.GallenBodenseeArea.

    + Well support and help you during relocation of your key international personnel.

  • Make the first step for your business success in Europe today. Were here for you.

  • St.GallenBodenseeArea

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