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Slides on First Year Junior Cert History


  • 1. First was the old stone age Palaeolithic No humans lived in Ireland at this time Then the middle stone age Mesolithic 7,000 4,000 BC First humans in Ireland: Settlement at Mount Sandel, Antrim Next was the new stone age Neolithic 4,000 -2,000 BC Newgrange and other tombs built Next was the Bronze age 2,000 1,400 BC Copper tools and jewellery created Final age the Iron age 1,400 recent times

2. Metal: less likely to break than stone Can be melted and remelted into different shapes Pretty looks nice for jewellery! 3. Copper + Tin = Bronze 4. Light fires against the rock face rock heats up! Throw water against the rock rock cracks! Dig out the ore (rock with copper) Melt down the copper by smelting 5. Questions 1-4 P45 6. Questions 1 to 4 Page 45 7. Watch the video and answer these questions: Are the people in the video Historians or Archaeologists? Why do excavations like these not normally happen? What are the archaeologists using to dig out the pot? What do they use to hold the pot together? What are they going to do to the pot to find out whats inside it? How many years ago did someone put the objects into the pot?


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