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    Summer 2014

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    Dear Friends,

    Our 2013-14 year will be remembered as oneof growth and great accomplishments in theclassroom, as well as in our extracurricularand spiritual programs.

    As you will read in this edition of Bronco Express,Montini Catholic, once again, completed a verysuccessful school year. Our 2013-14 year will beremembered as one of growth and great accomplishmentsin the classroom, as well as in our extracurricular andspiritual programs. I am very proud of our students andtheir commitment to academic excellence, extracurricularinvolvement as well as achievement.

    In this issue you will read about Andy Samide and Dr. Michael Kisicki, two very talented and dedicatedteachers. I am also very proud, however, of all of our faculty and staff. Their commitment to our Lasallian Mission of Education, and their dedication to our students,is outstanding.

    Our teachers are responsible for many of the success storiesthat we report to you, but there are many stories that go untold, because they are too numerous to mention storiesabout members of our faculty and staff and how they makea difference in a student's life. Our stories are about teachers, coaches, club moderators and administrators who"touch the hearts" of their students - which is truly the foundation of our role as Lasallian Educators. The successthat our school community enjoys in academics and extra-curricular programs, begins with the faculty and staff whowork with our students in the classroom, at club meetingsand sports and extracurricular practices. So, not only do wecongratulate the Class of 2014, for an outstanding schoolyear, but we also congratulate our faculty and staff for theircontribution to this successful year.

    The 2013-14 school year was one that experienced a greatdeal of work and planning for the future of MontiniCatholic as well. Principal Maryann O'Neill, our schooladministration and several faculty committees spent a greatdeal of time and effort in finalizing plans for our DigitalLearning Initiative and in evaluating how the CommonCore Standards fit into our curriculum.

    Our Board of Directors have reviewed and refined ourschool's strategic plan for the next three years (2014through 2017) and our Development office has been working on preliminary plans for the celebration of our50th Anniversary school year in 2015-16.

    This past school year, we also said goodbye to two excellent members of our faculty and staff, Roland Eckman, a member of our social studies department for ten years, and Robert Landi, a member or our Develop-ment office for two years, and our Athletic Director of fouryears. They have both decided to retire from education atthe end of the school year. Each of these men made a significant, positive impact in our school community andthey will be hard to replace. I would personally like tothank them for their hard work, dedication and commitmentto our students and school community. Thank you Rollieand Bob and God bless.

    As we look ahead, I am confident that our 49th year ofLasallian, Catholic education will also be very successful.Enrollment is very healthy, with a starting day number near690 (10 students more than our target enrollment of 680).Advanced Placement Scores and ACT scores for this schoolyear (recorded this past spring) are in and, as expected,they are top notch.

    In addition, our entire school community is excited aboutthe start of our Digital Learning Initiative for all students.There has been much planning by our TAC (TechnologyAdvisory Committee). Our teachers have put in manyhours of professional development time. And, Peter Farina, our Director of Technology, and his technologyteam, have been installing infrastructure upgrades through-out the summer. Their diligence has ensured that everyMontini Catholic student will have an iPad for organiza-tional, note taking and instructional purposes. This is cer-tainly an exciting and historic event in our academicprogram, and I am sure it will be one of the many successstories we will report about during the 2014-15 school year. Please continue to keep our Montini Catholic School community in your prayers, and as always, "May JesusLive in Your Hearts . . . Forever.


    Jim SegredoPresident

  • Montini Catholic Technology Director and in-structor, Peter Farina, recently attendedApples CIO Tech Symposium in Cupertino,CA. Farina attended meetings and seminars onthe benefits of technology in the classroom andtook a tour of Apples research and Develop-ment lab. He joined technology directors andteachers from schools around the country at theconference.

    Farina has been Montini Catholics TechnologyDirector for the past 14 years. under his lead-ership the school has not only continued to keepup with the advancements in technology, but ex-panded its use in classroom instruction and sci-ence labs as well. SMArTBoards in theclassrooms, the use of netbooks for experimentsin science labs, and Edline grade reporting, arejust a few examples of technology initiativesthat he has implemented at Montini Catholic.He has also been a standing member of the Dio-cese of Joliet Technology Committee.

    The tech symposium visit came on the heels ofan exciting expansion and continuation of Mon-tini Catholic High Schools Digital Learning Ini-tiative. This past school year, due to the

    generosity of Leigh Ann kazma, her parents,Jerry and Margaret kazma, and the kazmaFoundation, the school was able to provideteachers with iPads for professional develop-ment training and for use in the classroom. TheiPads also allowed Montini to embark on a 1 to1 iPad pilot program with a small group of stu-dents. Due to the success of the pilot program,Montini is now embarking on its largest expan-sion of technology.

    Beginning this fall, Montini Catholic will beginits first ever, school wide 1 to 1 device program.Apple iPads will be distributed to every studentat the beginning of the school year. These de-vices are not replacing the teacher, but will beenhancing the classroom environment by allow-ing students to develop better study habits andstronger organization skills.

    Farina has been an integral part of the creationand implementation of this particular stage ofMontinis Digital Learning Initiative and is oneof the major driving forces behind it. Over thepast few summers he has been working on theinfrastructure to ensure a seamless transitiongoing into the new school year.


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    MOnTInI IS EMBArkIng





  • Our Senior Class of 2014 had a very historic year. The students complied numerous accolades throughout their senior year at Montini Catholic. The class has accumulatedthe highest combined amount of academic scholarship offers in the history of MontiniCatholic High School, earning over $14 million in academic scholarship offers.

    Our Million Dollar ManAlexander Melarkey (Lombard) has also enjoyed a historic year, individually earningover one million dollars in scholarship offers for next fall. The dedicated senior hadbeen very involved in the Montini Catholic High School community during his fouryears. He was a member of the football team, a captain of the lacrosse team, a memberof Student government, Math Team, national Honors Society and Mu Alpha Theta. Hewas also a student ambassador and was voted Turnabout king at this years Turnaboutdance. Melarkey embodies the mission of Montini Catholic by working hard and suc-ceeding in the classroom, while being involved in many extracurricular activities.

    We are very proud of Mr. Melarkey and all of our scholarship earners, said MontiniPresident, Jim Segredo. We congratulate them and wish them all much success in college and beyond.


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    The following haveearned over $500,000 inscholarship offers:

    Erika Ortiz Beck PotucekSarah Sniegowski

    The following haveearned over $300,000 inscholarship offers:

    James ClausingAdam CyzeMeagan DonnerMeghan HarteAndrew KlyshBrian KonopaczRachel StevensonJoseph Weglarz

    The following haveearned over $200,000 inscholarship offers:

    Sabrina BatesEdward BavaJeanne DisisGabriel LynchHanna MakowskiMichelle MarinBrendan NemethAnne TorgersonTyler Tumpane





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    VOLUNTEERSAT SPECIALOLYMPICS EVENTThe Montini Catholic High School boys andgirls track and field teams volunteered, onSunday, April 27th, to help out at the SpecialOlympics Illinois Far West Suburban Springgames, hosted at north Central College innaperville. Over 20 student athletes dedi-cated their Sunday to help athletes with spe-cial needs live out their dreams.

    The students volunteered as timers, cheer-leaders, event coordinators and measurers inhigh jump and shot put. They enthusiasti-cally helped compile results, and escortedthe athletes to the awards area. I have beeninvolved with Special Olympics in one wayor another for many years, and I was excitedto bring this opportunity to Montinis trackteam, said Coach Eric Brechtel. Studentsjumped at the chance to volunteer