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A Beautiful song from Hillsong Aistralia


  • Broken Vessels INTRO: [ Em / G / ] x2 VERSE 1: | Em |G All these pieces Broken and scattered |Em |G In mercy gathered Mended and whole |Em |G Empty handed but not forsaken |D |Em D I've been set free I've been set free PRE-CHORUS: |C |D Amazing grace How sweet the sound |Em |C That saved a wretch like me |(C) |D I once was lost but now I am found |Em |C Was blind but now I see CHORUS: |G | D Oh I can see You now |Em | C Oh I can see the love in Your eyes |G | D Laying Yourself down |Em |C to intro Raising up the broken to life VERSE 2: You take our failure You take our weakness You set Your treasure In jars of clay So take this heart Lord I'll be Your vessel The world to see Your life in me Instrumental:

    |G |G/D |Em |C x4 (ad lib)

    into Pre-chorus x 2 | Chorus | Instrumental - End


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