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A simple art portfollio about a life in a lolita community.


  • Welcome to Our CutePages 2-25 Display the Welcome to our Cute Set

    Pages 26-31 Display the Inspiration for Welcome to Our Cute

    Pages 32-39 Display Work made in Fall 2012

    Pages 40-47 Display Work Previous to 2011

    Pages 20-21 Explains Lolita as a Fashion

    Page 48 is an advertisement for Dream Princess

    Molly Grupka

  • R ide MeComposition: The mirrored carousel is the main focus of the composition. Using

    symmetry and balance I tired to weigh each girl the same so that one wouldnt over power the piece more than the other. I used the dark brown hair of the girl to the

    right to balance the bright blue skirt of the girl to the left. The idea of the matching carousel was to tie the pieces together as one matching diptych.

  • Craft: This Diptych was pencil on paper and painted in photoshop. The idea of the colors are to compliment each other and to be almost a bright and vibrant contrast. I used the mixing brush

    to make the piece look more paint-like. The gold top and bottom of the carousel are beveled and embossed to make it more 3D style.

    Concept: The sexualization of cute things is always floating around the Lolita community as a taboo. A lot of wonderful people who take this idea towards the fashion tend to be ridiculed for it. Fashion is art and art should have no limits. Thus, I created this piece to extend the idea that

    the fashion as any art and craft should be able to portray anything the artist sees fit.

  • Ro yalCraft: This piece was sketched with ink pens and blue colored pencils. I

    then backed the piece in photoshop and colored the background black and

    added the blue and white pearls around the edges.

    Concept: The meaning of this piece is royalty and perfection. I used the

    symbols of pearls to show regal and power. The girl in the piece is smiling a

    small smirk and this is kind of a play on the idea that only wealth can bring

    happiness. Which is obviously a falsity. Though most of the times people in

    general think that wealth will bring them joy.

    Composition: The piece is quite frontal like most of my pieces it is a girl

    and humans have very symmetrical features which for me adds a nice bal-

    ance to the center of the piece. The focal point is her eyes which are heavily

    lined and shaded to make them deep and important.

  • Pu r eCraft: This was piece made in photoshop with the mixing brush. I love

    the way that the mixing brush looks with the soft and very wet looking lines.

    Concept: The idea behind this piece was using a red haired Lolita with all white accessories to show that a lot of times people tend to

    stereotype women who are very sexual looking. The idea that women with smokey eye makeup and rused lips must be harlots. I placed my Lolita wearing all white accessories so that they would make her hair

    pop and add to the idea of white purity.

    Composition: The composition is very frontal and the colors pop. Red is a hard color to use without overpowering the piece. I used white accents to accentuate the deep reds. The hair fills the piece so that she wouldnt

    be a floating head in space.

  • Craft: This piece was made of cloth and scrapbook paper. The line work is made

    from watercolor pencils. I arranged the pieces in the frame or in any surface the

    piece is laid on.

    Concept: The concept of this piece was mystery and the idea of missing that one

    piece of the puzzle. The ace of spades is always the best and rarest card in the deck.

    To get it in your hand is always a special surprise even if aces weigh the same as the

    other cards in the game. The deeper meaning is mystery and not feeling whole as a

    person, or not knowing ones self.

    Composition: The idea of this piece was to have a very split up composition and the

    focus is to be on the empty space in between the

    body and head and then have your eye travel from each cut up piece.

    Ace Of S p ad e s

  • Craft: This is a pencil drawing that I inked and left the original pencil work in. I

    then backed it in photoshop and changed the color the sketch to a pink and changed

    the back ground to a cream color.

    Concept: The ides behind lace is that it is always delicate and pure just like those

    who wear it. That is of course not always the case. A person may be drenched in

    lace and still a vial person. I wanted to use lace and show it becoming the girl as if

    she were the lace.

    Composition: This piece was inspired by the Bust of Anne-Marie-Louise Thomas

    de Domangeville de Serilly, Comtesse de Pange,1780 by Jean Antoine Houdon. I

    wanted the piece

    to be bust like and be centered around the idea of lace. I used a profile because my

    very frontal pieces were becoming over done. I think the hair at the bottom ties the

    piece together and makes it less of a free floating head. I think the focal point is her

    mouth it is open and by far the darkest part of the piece.

    Lace Lies

  • Lace Lies Part Two and Lace Lies Part Three

  • I wanted this piece to compliment the inspiration piece Dream Princess in

    a similar and bright Harajuku Anime style. For Concept the idea is to never

    forget what its like to be a princess which goes part and parcel with the ideals

    of the Lolita fashion. In these piece I have a bright eyed girl hugging her

    teddy bear. I feel i need to work on my eyes and lips for they are a bit over

    stylized and I want them much more real. The medium is Adobe illustrator

    CS6 I also had a rough in pencil which i changed a bit. For composition I

    wanted the first thing you see is the bears eyes with the harsh black against the

    light pastels. The to follow up to the girls bright and open eyes. I had the bear

    mostly as the focal point and the a fun background and cute stars.

    Bi g B un n y

  • Craft: I made this piece in black and white pencil and then inked the piece. This

    piece is colored in Photoshop using the multiply blending mode.

    Consept: For my friend Alyson who is as cute as a doll. The piece is just for her

    as a lolita Doll like is key so the ultamite lolita looks like a little doll.

    Composition: Just a fronale pieces a bit of frame in a frame because of the box

    makes the piece a bit stronger than my other pieces before this.

    Al yson

  • Craft: This was a piece made with ink and paper than redo in pencil and ink. I then put the piece in photoshop and colored it with the layer mode multiply.Concept: I guess its really about feeling stressed and never having enough time for anything. Not as much to do with the Lolita community, but its more about a personal fight I have with clocks and time.Composition: It is a frame in a frame. I was really trying to break away from floating heads and this piece was something I new I could make with a really solid background. I think the clock needs a bit more attention but for now it will do.

    The Clock struck......

    T he Clo ck Str u ck....Craft: This was a piece made with ink

    and paper than redone in pencil and ink. I then put the piece in photoshop and

    colored it with the layer mode multiply.

    Concept: I guess its really about feeling stressed and never having enough time for

    anything. Not as much to do with the Lolita commnity, but its more about a personal

    fight I have with clocks and time. In a sense most lolitas are in there 20s-30s, so

    there will be a time when the fashion will not be revelent for some. I personally will

    wear Lolita till I am as old as dirt.

    Composition: It is a frame in a frame. I was really trying to break away from float-

    ing heads and this piece was something I knew I could make with a really solid

    background. I think the clock needs a bit more attention, but for now it will do.

  • Lolita is a Japapanese subculture high fashion. Simply put, not many people participate in the fashion and it is quite expensive if you choose to. The styles range from Gothic lolitas which dress

    in black and have a very victorian stlye, to over the top sweet lolitas that wear lots of pink and many accessories. The fashion is really about remebering how it was to wish to be a princess and to never

    forget that feeling.

    Angelic Pretty Tea Party at A-cen 2012 in Rosemont IL

    Chicago Gothic and Lolita Community Annual Mega Meet 2012 Chicago IL

  • Lolita is something that can be an expression of ones inner self, and what girl doesnt want to be a princess. Throughout my experiences in the community good or bad, I will never forget what the fashion does for me as a person and what the fashion does for my art.

  • Ugl y DressCraft: This piece is pencil sketch backed in photoshop and colored with layers set to

    multiply color option.

    Concept: These piece is about the different Brands that lolita dresses come in.

    Many lolitas buy brand dresses which are about $400 dollars each. Some other

    girls choose Off Brand and other things like Replica which is stolen Brand artwork

    printed on cheaper fabric. Girls who wear replica are ridiculed for wearing these

    dress and it tends to put rifts in communitys. As a average lolita I have replica

    dresses and I have made a personaly choice not to wear them any more because it is

    wrong to do so. Thoug I would never treat anyone differently if they choose to. As

    you can see this piece holds a lot of meaning and it would take a essay to explain

    the ideals behind it.

    Composition: A very frontal piece with toned down colors to ref