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Create a promotional piece for the Labour party to use leading up to the general election. This will be a spoof newspaper set in the future to show what state the country may be in under a Tory government. Since the election of David Cameron as Tory leader, party policy has increasingly focused on social and quality of life issues such as the environment, government services and schools. Cameron has frequently called Britain a broken society. Margaret Thatcher, on the other hand, once said that society does not exist. The newspaper will show Britain in a similar negative condition as it was under Thatcher in an attempt to get more Labour votes.


  • Half of UKkids livingin poverty

    NHS cutslead to

    toilet births

    BRITAIN was on the verge of cri-sis last night as the publics pa-tience with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet seems to have run out.

    Westminster chiefs were un-der pressure yesterday when new figures released showed that for the sixth consecutive year, violent crime in Britain had risen, to a record high.

    Labour leader David Miliband was quick to criticise, blaming huge budget cuts in the Police force as the main reason for the rise.

    All this comes at the same time as the ongoing criticism about the power stations being built in Scotland, the ongoing war in North Korea as well as the calls for an early election.

    Yesterday we had our very own poll on our web site and the results were staggering. A massive 74% those who took part want to see parliament dis-solved with 60% wanting to see Labour back in charge for the first time since 2010.


    By BRENDAN WATSONPolitical Editor



    HALF of all children living in Britain do so in relative poverty, Government advisers claimed yesterday. Soaring numbers are depressed and in fear of crime, says a report from the four chil-drens commissioners in the UK.

    Compared with youngsters in main-land Europe, they drink a lot more alco-hol, start having sex earlier and are more likely to use cannabis, it adds.

    The findings, to be presented to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva this week, will be a setback for Boris Johnson who claimed our children are the wealthiest in Europe last week.

    In the report, the commissioners say: It is unacceptable that a country as wealthy as the UK has 5.8 million chil-dren living in relative poverty.

    Nearly 2.3 million children are living in severe poverty in the UK and there is a relatively high likelihood of severe poverty among children living in Lon-don, Wales and Northern Ireland. The mental health of children in England has deteriorated over the past 30 years, say the authors.

    They place some of the blame on the target-driven education system which leads to increased anxiety and stress.

    GOVERNMENT cuts in the NHS and in particular, the maternity units, has re-sulted in record numbers of new mums being turned away from hospitals.

    Research has found mothers are giv-ing birth in hospital corridors, waiting rooms, cupboards and even hospital toilets.

    Westminster defended themselves yesterday, claiming there is more than enough money made available to mater-nity units across the country, and even went on to say hospitals need to spend money more wisely.

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    Tuesday, October 14, 2025



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    1994 Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres receive the Nobel Peace Prize.1982 U.S. President Ronald Reagan proclaims a War on Drugs.1969 The United Kingdom introduces the 50p (fifty-pence) coin, replacing the ten-shilling note, in anticipation of the decimalisation of the currency in 1971.1968 Jim Hines of the USA becomes the first man ever to break the ten second barrier in the 100 metres Olympic final at Mexico City with a time of 9.95 sec. He would be the only man to do so until 1977.1968 First live telecast from a manned U.S. Spacecraft Apollo 7.1957 Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first Canadian monarch to open the Parliament of Canada with the Speech from the Throne.1933 Nazi Germany withdraws from The League of Nations.1926 The childrens book Winnie-the-Pooh, by A.A. Milne, is first published.1912 While campaigning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, former president Theod-ore Roosevelt is shot by saloon keeper John Schrank. With a fresh flesh wound and the bullet still in him, Roosevelt still delivers his scheduled speech.1884 George Eastman patents paper-strip photographic film.1840 Maronite leader Bashir II surrenders to the British forces and goes into exile in Malta.1834 In Philadelphia, Whigs and Democrats stage a gun, stone and brick bat-tle for control of a Moyamensing Township election, resulting in one death, sev-eral injuries, and the burning down of a block of buildings.1812 Work on Londons Regents Canal starts.1586 Mary, Queen of Scots, goes on trial for conspiracy against Elizabeth I of England.1582 Because of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar this day does not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.1322 Robert the Bruce of Scotland defeats King Edward II of England at Byland, forcing Edward to accept Scotlands independence.1066 Norman Conquest: Battle of Hastings In England on Senlac Hill, seven miles from Hastings, the forces of William the Conqueror defeat the Eng-lish army and kill King Harold II of England.

    1979 Stacy Keibler, American actress1978 Usher, American singer1978 Paul Hunter, Snooker player 1975 Shaznay Lewis, English singe1974 Natalie Maines, Musician1968 Matt Le Tissier, Footballer1965 Steve Coogan, English actor1960 Steve Cram, English athlete1940 Cliff Richard, English singer1939 Ralph Lauren, Fashion designer1927 Roger Moore, English actor1890 Dwight D. Eisenhower,