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A simple, high Fashion, illustration magazine created for an assessment for my course Graphic Design


  • B r o d e iFashion Illustration

  • Fa s h i o n I l l u s t r a t i o n

    Unlike fashion photographers, i l lustrators normally dont have to work with models

    to create fashion il lustrations. Their mod-els could be in their minds or referred to some photos. The artists have more free-dom to connect emotions, artistic style to

    the essence of their work.

    Various techniques have been available to the artist in their creations, water color, digital art, multimedia, pencil drawings, etc. Style woman is a forever subject, yet

    Im never tied of enjoying the color, beau-ty and inspirations.

  • Contents

    Editors Foreword

    Berry Red

    - Audier Designs


    - Ferine Designs

    Fashion Breakdown

    - descontruct recontruct your style

    Hair Completion

    - taking style to the next level






  • Editors Foreword

    My everyday look is creative yet simplistic style. From dresses and heels to jodhpur pants and boots.

    I always wear accessories and always wear perfume and red lipstick. I feel naked with-out it; its my signature.

    My favourite place to shop is Paris, as thats what I do.

    Also my childhood stomping ground, Lon-don -- especially the old Liberty store. It ooz-es decadent opulence and when you leave, its perfume lingers with you for hours.

    Last of all, I cant walk past an op-shop with-out going in -- you never know what you will find. My best buy was a Ralph Lauren jacket, brand new for $7 at a Hobart Vinnies.

    The most Ive ever spent on one item was pound stg. 360 for Miu Miu boots from Not-ting Hill in London. I could not leave London without them! They are a leather riding boot, but the piece de resistance is black velvet bows on the heels. Ive had them for seven years now and they still look fantastic.

    My favourite scent is Fracas by Robert Piguet [a very sensual, classic tuberose], which is in-store at Reminiscence now.

    Also Jean-Charles Brosseaus Ombre Rose [an old-fashioned rosewood, violet, vanilla and ylang-ylang blend, deep and romantic], in store from January.

    My favourite accessory is costume jewel-lery, which Ive collected for years. Both old and new. One of my favourite pieces is Gas Bijoux big pearl earrings with velvet bows to match my boots.

    My worst fashion disaster was wearing black to my wedding! It was a Carla Zampatti long cocktail dress with a huge taffeta bow at the side. My mother-in-law just about died on the spot!

    My favourite designer is Armani -- simply classic and beautifully tailored.

    My best fashion tip is to wear what makes you feel comfortable and reflect a sense of


    Rebecca Fitzgibbon


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  • B e r r y R e d


  • 4B e r r y R e d

    Red is a sunsetBlazing and bright.Red is feeling braveWith all your might.Red is a sunburnA spot on your nose.Sometimes red, is a red red rose.Red squiggles out when you cut your hand.Red is a brickAnd the sounds of a band.Red is hotnessYou get insideWhen youre embarrassedAnd want to hide.Fire-cracker, fire-engineFire-flicker red And when youre angryRed runs through your head.

    Red is an IndianA Valentine heart,The trimmings onA circus cart.Red is a lipstickRed is a shoutRed is a signalThat says, Watch out!Red is a great bigRubber ball.Red is the giant-estColour of all.Red is a show-off,No doubt about it But can you imagineLiving without it?

  • jacket $300 leggings $50 dress $150shoes $200gloves and hat $50 5

    A u d i e r

  • 6jacket $300 leggings $50 dress $150shoes $200gloves and hat $50

    A u d i e r

    top $79.99 high waist pants $200 shoes $149hat $25

  • Simplicity.


  • 8

  • F e r i n esleek black top $110frilly skirt $110 handbag $200 9

  • 10sleek black top $110frilly skirt $110 handbag $200

    legging and bra set $300 shoes $220

  • Issue 12 Volume 22 Winter Brodei

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