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<ul><li> 1. Broadband Offers </li></ul> <p> 2. How to Troubleshoot AOL Broadband 3. Check your Internet connection. If your access to AOL Broadband suddenly halts, your connection may have been interrupted. Check your modem and ethernet cord if you are using a wired connection, and your router/wireless settings if you are using a wireless connection. To check these settings, open the "Wireless Connection Utility" in Window's system tray (where the clock is located.) To check your router's settings, enter the Router setup utility on your computer. See your Router's owner's manual for specifics, as the process will vary depending on the model. 4. 5. Use the AOL Broadband One-Click Fix software. If you have not installed this software already, see the Resource section of this article for a link. You must open this link with an AOL browser, as it will not download correctly on a normal browser. 6. 7. Check your firewall/anti-virus software. If the One-Click fix does not find and solve the problem, your antivirus or firewall software may be denying the program access to the Internet. Open your software and then add AOL Broadband to the "allowed" or "white" list. 8. For More </p>