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British Colonisation

British ColonisationWed like to share. Clyde Rivers

MYRTLE Hello. My name is Myrtle. We are here to represent Clyde Rivers, who are the Year 3 class here at BCS. Last term we studied a unit of work about British Colonisation of Australia. We learned about what life was like for the Aboriginal people when the English people came to this country. Wed like to share what we learned. 1

To help us learn about their life, we learned about Barangaroo, who is a student in the book called My Place. 2

NED Barangaroo had a great life. Their food was whales, bugs, pippies, lobster, octopus and fruit. They didnt play computer games they played at the billabong, at the river, in the trees and at the beach. They had a huge family that all lived together and moved around a lot. They belonged to every place because the trees and animals were all part of them. 3

When the English people came.

CALLAUM When the British people came to Australia on the First Fleet, it changed everything. Life became very hard for the white convicts and the farmers. However, Clyde Rivers decided that life was worse for the Aboriginal people. 4

JESS Some Aboriginal people were hungry because the white farmers took their land and they couldnt catch the kangaroos and wallabies anymore. White people chopped down the trees to make houses. The Aboriginal people had to kill the farmers sheep to eat. 5

TASHANI We think its great to be able to celebrate NAIDOC week to remember all the awesome things about Aboriginal life. We love the paintings, the stories, and the history. We really enjoyed learning about it and we hope you did too. FROM CLYDE RIVERS. 6