brinnolabcam - trail time lapse the microbial process brinno time lapse labcam combines the tlc200...

Download BrinnoLabCam - Trail Time Lapse the Microbial Process Brinno Time Lapse LabCam combines the TLC200 Pro…

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  • BrinnoLabCam Time Lapse the Microbial Process

    Brinno Time Lapse LabCam combines the TLC200 Pro and the Brinno Microscope Adapter to allow the capture of Time Lapse images through the Microscope. Whatever is happening on the slide is captured for playback on any PC, Laptop or Tablet.

    Brinno LabCam is a great fit for recording long term chemical reactions like crystallization, precipitation and oxidation or any organic chemical in test tubes of fermenting tanks.

    Brinno Time Lapse LabCam

    The Brinno LabCam Time Lapse the Microbial Process

  • Features

    Package contents Applications

    HDR Time Lapse cameraTLC200 Pro

    Microscope AdapterAMH100


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    Never miss a shot

    Macro Focus1 cm close-up.

    LCD ViewfinderThe 1.44 LCD screen allowsyou to frame your subject simply.

    Instant VideoTLC200 Pro captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video.

    Microscope AdapterCompatible with most educational microscopes( 23mm barrel size)

    115 dB

    HDR video sensorHigh performane HDR video sensor, capture Time Lapse video in any light!

    4 AA batteries capture up to 240,000 photos.

    Power Saving

    CameraModel LCD ScreenWaterproof Microscope AdapterBarrel sizeCapture ModeTime LapseStop MotionMotion ActivatedImage SensorType Dynamic RangeResolution Pixel size Sensitivity Optics Lens (BCS 019)Type ApertureField of ViewFocal Length Focus Distance

    TLC 200 Pro1.44" TFT LCDOptional, (In use with Weather Resistant Housing (ATH120))

    23 mm

    Auto generation of Time Lapse videoOptional, (In use with Shutter Line (ATS110))Optional, (In use with Motion Sensor (ATM110)) 1/3" HDR sensor115db1.3 Mega pixel 4.2um3650mV/lux-sec (Ultra good low light quality) CS Mount (Aspherical Glass Lens)F 2.011219 mm (35mm equivalent)Manual focus from 1 cm to (factory setting: 40 cm )

    Shooting SettingScene White Balance Custom Image RecordingTime Lapse Video Still Image Memory Storage Time IntervalASAPCustom PowerPower source Battery Life Camera Body DimensionSize (DxWxH)WeightColor

    Daylight, Twilight, Night, MoonAuto, Day, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent Light (Cool), Fluorescent Light (Warm), Tungsten LightExposure, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness Format: AVIResolution: 1280x 720Format: JPEG (only for using Shutter Line)Resolution: 1280x 720SD Card (Supported up to 32 GB) Captures 3~ 5 photos in 1 secondFrom 1 second to 24 hours Battery: 4 AA BatteriesDC IN: 5V (Micro USB connector)2 second time interval, captures 240,000 frames 64x 52x 107 mm140 g (without batteries)Black

    R Time Lapse came

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