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  • The future cannot be predicted, but futures

    can be invented.

    -Dennis Gabor(and Abraham Lincoln, and Alan Kay, or was it Peter Drucker)

  • How do you get to the Future? Be First and be Lonely.

    -Ginni Rometty

  • It is our future in which we will find

    our greatness.

    -Pierre Trudeau

  • The future is a fever, where its hot

    but Im always cold.


  • The future is already here, its just not very evenly distributed.

    -William Gibson

  • Your favourite quote about the future here!

    -Witty FITC Participant @trevver @themissionbiz

  • Trevor Haldenby


    The Mission Business


  • The Future is a Story.

  • Public Domain: Department of Defense Trinity nuclear test, July 1945

  • Public Domain: Department of Defense Gravitational Experiment, August 1967

  • NASA Ames Research Center

  • by Ray Kurzweil, Attribution 1.0 Generic (CC BY 1.0)

  • The Future comes from Stories.

  • Photo by pauliki (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

  • Immersive and Interactive Alternate Reality Games

  • Futurists need to design new stories.

  • Photo by Robert Olsen(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

    Fractal by Romero Schmidtke(CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

  • Trends

    Drivers of Change

  • Social Technological Economic Environmental Political

  • Jessicas five-year-old daughter Chan is in the other room, screaming in broken Mandarin at the Paint-Like-Me app on her tablet as it struggles to customize thousands of open-content art history lessons into one just right for her. NuLook picks up on the tantrum, briefly confused by the presence of another language, and instantly switches the interface on Jessicas phone into a swirl of Chinese characters. Jessica sighs. These new tools of design may be inclusive, but they can be frustrating as hell when your kid is a different kind of artistic genius (in a different language) every three months. And this is only the beginning. In an era of open- source education, Chans curricula and diploma are as likely to be influenced by her family members, future global competitors, and Global Happiness Index score as by grades on her final exams...

    Written ScenariosWhat might happen in the future?

  • Science Fiction Prototyping Brian David Johnson

  • Situation Lab

  • Rob Shirkey

  • By Nathan Shedroff, CCA MBA ProgramLicensed under Creative Commons


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  • Explore the ByoLogyc: Shadowfall Interactive Infographic:

  • The Mission Business gave us a view not only into what we want from our new technologies, but why we want it.

    Its one thing to read a science fiction short story about the future or a comic book based on science fact that explores the human implications of science, but its very much another sensation when someone hands you a science fiction prototype and asks you to put it in your mouth.

    Nouveau vu is that feeling you get when your brain meets the future.

    Brian David Johnson, Intels Futurist reviewing TMBs Shadowfall for Computer Magazine

  • By Nathan Shedroff, CCA MBA ProgramLicensed under Creative Commons

  • Download Trevors book for free online:Bringing the Future to Life

  • Trevor Haldenby


    The Mission Business