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  • cover story:8 Monaco... The Dream Incentive Destination

    departments:6 publishers letter7 contributors: Real people in the industry with real perspectives12 travel: Safe Tourism Produces a Whole New

    World of Marketing Opportunities

    14 marketing: On Buying Promotional Products: Are You Being Helped or Enabled?

    16 branding: brand survival techniques18 outside the box: Working Together Marketing and

    Public Relations

    20 foresight: Five Ways to Help Shift the Paradigms in Your Life22 exhibit: your customer profile: Part two24 extra measures: who controls your destiny?26 its all personal: want to grow your business now? Incentivize!28 situations: more than friends29 ad index30 advice: take it easy when things get tough





    Vol. 8, No. 9 2011

    4 Brilliant Results September 2011

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  • publishers letter

    Change is a good thing. Perhaps this economic recession will lead to

    better changes, innovations and the like. I would like to think something good

    will come out of it.

    Treating your employees and customers as if they should kiss your feet

    because they have a job or are able to buy your product is tantamount to

    insuring that your business will not do well in the future.

    Economic downturns only last so long. Take advantage of the downturn

    by being the better boss, better company, better employee. You can make a

    change and succeed both professionally and personally; it will just take time

    and the commitment to do so.

    In this issue we have covered a brilliant incentive location Monaco, I am

    hoping to get there someday as it sounds truly brilliant. We have also given

    you ideas and tips to make your incentives and initiatives pay off.

    A happy employee makes a company that much better. Get out there start

    planting those seeds and incentives so that your harvest will be bountiful in

    the near future!

    Enjoy the issue and remember always to

    Brilliant Publishing LLC9034 Joyce Lane

    Hummelstown, PA 17036Ph: 717.571.9233Fax: 717.566.5431



    EDITORIALEditor in ChiefMaryAnne Morrill

    Senior EditorMichelle Donofry

    Style EditorCharity Plata

    Asst. EditorMolly Anika

    CONTRIBUTING WRITERSMichael Crooks, Barton Goldsmith, Donna Farrugia,

    Arnold Light, CTC, Martin Lindstrom, Kyle Parks, Dave Ribble, Barry Siskind, John Tschohl,

    Steve Woodburn

    PRODUCTION / DESIGNArt DirectorJeremy Tingle

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    Have a Brilliant Day!

    Maureen 717-608-5869

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    Judge each day not by the harvest you reap

    but by the seeds you plant. -ROBERT LOuIS STEvENSON

    6 Brilliant Results September 2011 www.bri l l iantpubl

  • contributors

    a Michael Crooks, owns Crooks Advertising Alliance, an advertising and promotional marketing firm that specializes in creative problem-solving. The 27-year advertising veteran is internationally recognized as a thought-leader for his ability to strip away the status quo to reveal the obscure obvious. To learn more about his creative, writing and speaking services contact Crooks through

    b Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D. For more than two decades Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and government organizations have relied on Dr. Barton Goldsmith to help them develop creative and balanced leadership. His columns appear in over 500 publications. He may be contacted through his web site

    c Donna Farrugia is the Executive Director of The Creative Group, a specialized staffing firm placing interactive, design and marketing professionals with a variety of firms. She manages operations for the firms locations in major markets throughout the United States and Canada and has more than 25 years of marketing, business development and management experience.

    d Arnold Light, CTC, CEO & President of Arnold Light Consults Inc., has 35 years of marketing experience specializing in incentive and loyalty marketing helping multinational corporations develop and implement B2B and B2C results oriented performance improvement programs. For additional information visit

    e Martin Lindstrom, a respected branding and marketing expert, was selected as one of the worlds 100 most influential people by TIME magazine. The founder, CEO and Chairman of the LINDSTROM company (Sydney), Martin speaks to a global audience of approximately one million people every year. His latest book; Buyology Truth and Lies About Why We Buy a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling book has been translated into 37 languages and is on almost all major best-seller lists worldwide.

    f Kyle Parks is Principal & President of Bayview Public Relations, a St. Petersburg, Florida-based PR firm that raises the visibility of clients through strategic messaging, media relations, social media, and leveraging of community and industry involvements. Kyle is an expert in media training, crisis communications, and creation of quality content. For additional information visit

    g Dave Ribble is writing articles and a book about Innovative Thinking. He is President of The Company Image/TCI Innovation, an award-winning Promotional Marketing & Consulting firm that has worked with just about every type of industry of every size. Dave can be reached at:

    h Barry Siskind is an internationally recognized trade and consumer show expert. He is the author of six bestselling business books including Powerful Exhibit Marketing. Read his newest book, Selling from the Inside Out for an in depth guide to a successful sales career. Visit Barry at

    i Dr. Peter Tarlow is the founder and


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