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brilliant results focused on relationships, resources, results for successful marketing, branding, motivation and promotional campaigns





    Selling DirtHow to Get Out of the

    Commodity Box

    The Three Rs of HR

    What Works!

    Selling DirtHow to Get Out of the

    Commodity Box

    What Works!

    The Three Rs of HR


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  • 4 Brilliant Results | August/September 2004


    ures 22

    You Think You've Got It Tough? Try Marketing Dirt.

    A creative marketing campaign delivered results andbrought the company out of the commodity box.By Robert Berman

    30Promoting Good Tidings This Holiday Season.Let this sector-by-sector breakdown of promotional product ideas inspire you this holiday season.By Gary Semrow

    40Selling Holiday CheerA showcase of some of the hottest new holiday gifts for 2004.By Tiffany Owens

    50Promotions That Get ResultsOut of the Box thinking that delivers results.By Cliff Quicksell

    Departments6 Publisher's Letter80 Calendar

    Columns26 Business & Brand:

    Branding the Cash Cow A Brand Can'tStand On Price Alone

    36 HR:The 3 R's in HR: Recruit - Retain - Reward

    56 Security:The Password is Security

    64 What Works:Case Studies that Delivered Brilliant Results





    P r e m i e r e i s s u e V o l . 1 , N o . 1



    8 The O.C.C. brand runnin' full throttle! Brilliant Results talks to Orange County ChoppersThe men who make you tune in Monday nights for"American Chopper" on the Discovery Channel, to find out the secret behind their success.

    Cover Story

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  • Pencoa The Supermatic Line celebrates 30 years in the promo-tional products industry by completing a two year upgrade in state ofthe art printing and digital graphic equipment.

    Pencoa Produces and prints quality writing instruments and manufactures a proprietary line of American made vinyl products. The company has added additional warehouse and productionfootage to the existing plant to enable us to best serve our customers.

    Over the years Supermatic has developed significant relationships with overseas sources that produce products for us based on quality not price. Remember, Supermaticsprimary business has always been and will always be quality writing instruments.

    Due to the Growth of overseas sourcing and the multitude ofnew items available Supermatics contract printing divisionone of the largest in the northeast, is capable of sourcingprinting, fulfillment and drop shipping distributors merchandise. We pad print, silk screen, hot stampand laser engrave. It has been said, whatever it is, if it stands still longenough we can print it.

    The industry leaders in imprinting and personalizing

    quality products

    Website Specials

    T h e e v o l u t i o n o f w r i t i n g

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  • 6 Brilliant Results | August/September 2004

    Welcome to the premiere issueof Brilliant Results Magazine.The nations most exciting newmagazine focused specifically

    on CRM, brand-building and direct marketingthrough the use of promotional merchandisingand creative strategy. This magazine has beencreated to give corporate professionals thetools they need to build relationships, findresources and get the results that every suc-cessful business venture demands!

    Named after its editorial mission, BrilliantResults is focused on providing corporate pro-fessionals with powerful, results-oriented, cut-ting edge ideas. Furthermore we will connectyou with all the right players to successfullymanufacture and distribute your next profit-producing promotion!

    Our editorial content will focus on real-world success stories as provided by theworlds leading promotional merchandise man-ufacturers, distributors, agencies, and mostimportantly marketing experts and buyersfrom the worlds leading corporate brands.We will incorporate articles of interest totodays business leaders in an easy-to-read for-mat. As if thats not enough, you will learnwhats hot and whats not directly from targetaudience recipients on the street.

    They say solid business strategies andgreat marketing ideas should be

    adaptive. Whether youre in sports mar-keting, the gaming industry (casinos), retail,high-tech, the entertainment industry inHollywood or on Wall Street in the BigApple, Brilliant Results has been createdand launched to support your success. Wewill bring you the latest product ideas,award-winning implementation strategiesand real-life success stories about how directmarketing and promotional merchandise arechanging the face of CRM, brand building,safety programs, loyalty programs, corporateoutings and special events for the mostpowerful brands in the world.

    Remember the days when T-shirts with acompanys logo were expected to be givenaway? Today they sell for top dollar, or areexpected to bring big profits in customer loy-alty and brand building. The possibilities areendless, and your next great ideas, along withthe resources you need to bring it to fruitionare waiting for you in the next issue ofBrilliant Results Magazine!

    Thank you for your time and for readingBrilliant Results Magazine!

    Have a Brilliant Day!

    Maureen WilliamsPublisher717-608-5869




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    ults Publishers Letter Brilliant Publishing LLC9034 Joyce LaneHummelstown, PA 17036

    Ph: 717.608.5869Fax: 717.566.5431




    EDITORIAL Editor in Chief

    MaryAnne Morrill

    Senior EditorTiffany Owens

    Style EditorCharity Plata

    Contributing WritersRobert Berman, Cliff Quicksell,

    Gary Semrow


    Percy Zamora

    Contributing DesignerChuck Moser

    PhotographerLuis D. Rubio

    Lunay Productions

    Brilliant Results is published bi-monthly by BrilliantPublishing LLC, 9034 Joyce Lane Hummelstown PA

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    Volume 1. Number 1. Brilliant Results subscription rates:one-year $120; Canadian $160 USD; one-year foreign

    $225 USD. All subscriptions are non-refundable.Copyright 2004 Brilliant Publishing LLC. All rights

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    ment by the owners of the Marks of the product onwhich they appear. All of the Marks are the property ofthe respective owners and is not the property of either

    the advertisers using the Marks or Brilliant Results.

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  • 8 Brilliant Results | August/September 2004



    runnin fullthrottle!

    If you have ever wondered how someonegoes from operating a successful ironworks company to owning one of themost highly recognized and growingbrands, ask Paul Teutul Sr., owner and

    founder of Orange County Choppers. He

    and his sons have done just that, or as

    Paul Sr. now describes it, If they put our

    logo on it, it sells!

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    Brilliant Results | August / September 2004

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  • 10 Brilliant Results | August/September 2004

    Officially begun as a business in 1999,Orange County Choppers is the product ofone mans 30-year passion for riding andfabricating custom motorcycles. Roaringonto the scene and into brand building his-tory at the 1999 Daytona Biketoberfestwith a chopper dubbed True Blue, thisrugged businessman has never lookedback. It is hard to believe that a custommotorcycle fabricated in a basement was

    the launch vehicle for a family-owned compa-ny whose logo is recognized from coast to

    coast a mere five years laterThanks in part to an out-of-

    the-box thinking television pro-ducer who discovered this hiddenAmerican treasure, millions nowenjoy watching the creative evolu-tion of an Orange County Chopper.The appeal of the resultingAmerican Chopper program