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    1/9w w w . f e n d t - c a r a v a n . c o m

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    Living area Furniture in "Virginia Tulip wood" finish leather upholstery "Reno" hard-wearing and easy-care PVC flooring looped and loosely laid floor carpet carpet at the door seat upholstery with high strain hardness shaped back upholstery

    storage compartments two cushionsand a table runner wooden sliding door * indirect 12 VLED lighting of the round seatgroup

    12 V LED reading light with integrated loudspeakers underfloor heating partition * TRUMATIC S5002 with open-fire covering

    26 TFT TV set and receiver (650 TFand 700 TFD) light switching system with remote control and graphic displayunit

    Kitchen Tec-Tower (175-litre) with separate refrigerator and gas-fired oven * or Slim-Tower (140-litre (29.5 USgal.)) *refrigerator with removable freezer compartmentand interior lighting stove with three hotplates, safety pilot and divided glasscover

    electric water supply automatic mixing tap cutlery drawer with guide rollers kitchen drawer with wire basket kitchen

    centre with 12 VLED light and range hood

    * Depending on model

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    Bedroom Slatted frames with adjustable head section, completelyflexible and permanentlyelastic jointas well as adjustablefirmness for allbeds high-qualitycomfortable foam mattresses bedspread two cushions LED reading spots indirect LED light

    LED mirror light 3-D night-sky ceiling module

    Bathroom Illuminated mirror raised cabinetwith mirror and trays* 12 V lighting stainlesssteel washing basin with basecabinetand trays towelrack, coat hook and toiletpaper holder in chrome finish flush toilet with filling leveldiode indicator hinged

    bathroom window with frosted glass, shade and fly screens * electric water supply 230 V water heater with automaticmixing tap

    Flush toiletwith filling level diode indicator

    * Depending on model

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    12 13

    650 TF

    Brillant Reno

    560 TF

    700 TFD

    Key: 1 seriesequipment including standard equipment 2 filled gascylinder (2 x 11 kg (24 lbs.)), 100% fresh water, power cable

    * in case of upsize and/or downsize load


    Overall length cm

    Body length cm

    Internal length cm

    Overall width cm

    Maximum height cm

    Headroom cmNumber of berths

    Bed size in front cm

    Bed size in rear cm

    Bed size in centre cm

    Bed size of bunk cm

    Floor / roof / wall thickness mm

    Permissible overall mass kg

    Own weight kg

    Standard equipment kg1

    Mass in running order kg2

    Payload kg approx.


    Single / double axle

    Awning size cm

    560 TF 650 TF 700 TFD

    752 893 934

    679 769 809

    570 660 700

    250 250 250

    277 277 277

    195 195 1952+1 2+1 2+1

    90 x 185 200 x 150 190 x 150

    200 x 150 90 x 185 90 x 185

    - - -

    - - -

    47/47/31 47/47/31 47/47/31

    1950/1900* 2400/2500* 2400/2500*

    1660 1880 2060

    90 90 90

    1750 1970 2150

    200/150* 430/530* 250/350*

    215/70 R 15 205/60 R 15 205/60 R 15

    single double double

    897 988 1029

    The calculation ofcaravan weightsis based on EU Directive 97/27/EU aswellas German / European standard DIN EN 1645-2. Asa rule the loading capacitymentioned is reduced asthe weightsfor gas

    and water aswell aspower supply are included in the weightin road-worthy condition. The technicallypermissible overallweight in loaded condition mustnot be exceeded byany means.

    BodySandwich construction gascylinder locker cover with gas shock absorbersand three-point locking mechanism combined rear and

    braking light two rear fog lights two reversing lights entrance door with integrated and insulated entrance, rubbish bin and tray

    tinted window, shade and fly screen in the upper entrance door section central locking system four two-point grab handles

    awning lamp service flap in the side wall roof railing chromium appliqu LED light in the entrance door front and rear made

    by LFI process

    ChassisFullygalvanised lightweightchassis Euro axle system shock absorbers automaticreversing mechanism safetycoupling AKS3004

    low profile tyres aluminium rims spare wheel carrier including spare wheel on steel rim drawbar cover hub caps AL-KO

    big foot support wheel galvanised stabilisers support wheel with load indicator extended steady leg

    Insulation / ventilationMIDI roof light with crank, forced ventilation, integrated pleated shade and flyscreen fully insulated wheelhousings double glazedand grey tinted hinged window Seitz MINI roof light with forced ventilation, integrated pleated shade and fly screen ventilated

    storage compartment winter backrests single-hand control blindsand combined fly screen blind in pleats design

    Heating / electrical systemTrumatic S5002 gas heater with thermostat and automatic ignition with double 230 Vblower floor heating 400 Wpower supply

    unit with filtered outputand residualcurrent circuitbreaker 230 VCEE outdoor socket 12 V LED lightin the wardrobe with motion

    detector main switch at the entrance door for integrated lightand awning light (12 V) electricwater supplywith electronic water level

    indicator 230 Vwater heater with automaticmixing tap 45 litre (11.8 USgal.) fresh-water tank with externalventilation wheeled

    waste water tank air-conditioning system DometicB 2200 F including remote control smoke detector antenna cable laid lightcon-

    trol system with contact switch and remove control in the living and bedroom area


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    14 15

    1. 2.

    Traditionally, a Fendt caravan can be spotted at first glance. The outside appearance of the caravan isclear and classy as you would expectfrom a Fendt caravan. Dynamiccross-over with independentcontour also revealsthe modern interpretation ofthe classic line. Apartfrom thisoutward appearance, special importance is attached in particular to the practical, long-lived solutions which are easyto repair in case ofdamage. Here you have the possibility of getting a generalidea of how manydetails in the outside area already speakin favour of a Fendtcaravan.

    Alldata, descriptionsand illustrationson prices, scope ofdelivery, technicaldata, construction, equipment, materialand appearance were valid at the pointof printing ofthebrochure and thusare non-binding. Fendt-Caravan reservesthe right to carry outmodificationswhich seem necessaryfor design and/or sales reasons, and which are notintolerable to the buyer. Colour differencescaused bythe printing process and the photographicequipmentcannotbe excluded entirely. Weightdata may differ up to +/- 5per centon accountof the factthat naturalmaterialsare used. The weightofthe road-worthycondition increases, ifand when accessoriesare fitted. Alldimensional data arenon-binding and maybe subject to slightmodifications. The modelsshown in the brochure maycontain specialequipmentand/or decorations which are not part of thestandard scope of delivery. On accountof legal regulations in differentcountries, deviations from the model variants and equipment described here are possible. Fororganisationalreasonsit isnot possible to pickup the vehicle in the worksof the manufacturer.

    Perfection in detail

    Practical entrance doorwith single-key locking system for

    all locks. The door handle attached on the inside permits

    easy closing ofthe door from the inside. The integrated ent-

    rance with awning light, a rubbish bin on the inside of the

    door and a window with shade and fly screen integrated in

    the door, which can be opened completely, leave nothing tobe desired.

    The illuminated door Brillant ensuressafe entry.

    Front and rear made by LFI process (method to processfibre-reinforce polyurethane systems), especially stable

    and resistant.

    Front and/or rear window integrated flush withoutprojection.

    (Depending on model)

    Integrated stable grab handles atthe left and rightrear end,


    Supportwheel with harder rubber cover and load indicator

    for easycontrol of the supportload.

    Combined LED tail and braking lamp, thus ensuring triple

    safety in road traffic.

    Glass-fibre reinforced plastic roofis resistantto superficial

    damage, such as hail and falling stones.

    Blinds with low-noise return dampersgentle to the material.

    Headroom 1,950 mm (6.3 ft.), thusfeel of generousspace.

    The blinds which have been mounted at a higher point

    ensure a pleasantview through the window.

    Multimedia cabinet for radio, 26 TFT TV set and receiver(650 TFand 700 TFD).

    New type of 3-D night-skyceiling module.

    Coverson the edges in the bathroom in mineraldesign

    for consistenttransitionsin master quality.

    Central switch panel in the entrance area for light, water

    level indicator, time/clock, temperature and floor heating.

    New kitchen sideboard, large drawer with self-closing


    Divided slatted bed frame with height-adjustable head


    1. Slim-Tower, 140 litre (36.9 USgal.) refrigerator with

    separate freezer compartmentand illumination.

    2. Tec-Tower, 175 litre (50.1 USgal.).

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