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Anti-icing Study at O’Hare International Airport Professor: Barry J. Dempsey Graduate Asst.: Nathan M. Carroll. BRIEF HISTORY. Winter of 2002, phase I testing began on textured aggregate coatings. These Anti-icing Smart Pavement Overlays were evaluated for durability. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Anti-icing Study at OHare International Airport

    Professor: Barry J. DempseyGraduate Asst.: Nathan M. Carroll

  • BRIEF HISTORYWinter of 2002, phase I testing began on textured aggregate coatings.These Anti-icing Smart Pavement Overlays were evaluated for durability.Preliminary observations demonstrate feasibility of installation process and durability.Phase II began with installation of observation bed at OHare.

  • THE THEORYThe pavement overlay is placed on an existing pavement surface.Anti-icing chemical is applied prior to icing conditions.Icing conditions occur.Anti-icing chemical are released from pavement.Ice melts.

  • OUR GOALTo perform a comprehensive observation of the test pavement under controlled conditions.

    To perform complete analysis of all recovered data to determine the durability, performance and surface friction characteristics of the anti-icing pavement.

  • OBSERVATIONSVisual Conditions

    Weather Conditions

    Surface Temperature

    Operations & Maintenance

  • VisualOn-sight observation of entire test bed.

    Photographic documentation.

    Real time video feed of taxiway (24/7).

  • Weather ConditionsDaily climatic data collected from NOAA.

    Climatic data utilized in the Enhanced Climatic Model (ECM).

    Surface temperatures monitored with existing sensors.

  • Operations and MaintenanceUse of observational video to determine all activities that occur on the pavement along with quantity and duration of activities.

    Documentation of O & Ms daily log of activities for correlation with video observation.

  • Equipment: De-icer and Brushes

  • INITIAL ACTIVITESCamera system installed and fully operational by end of October

    Run friction tests to establish baseline for anti-icing pavement and control.

    Take core samples from test site

  • TIMELINENovember 1, 2004Begin complete observations of test pavementJanuary 1, 2005Submit interim report on findingsApril 1, 2005Begin intense analysis of all accumulated dataAugust 2005Submit Final Report

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    Preliminary research conducted at the FAA Willliam J. Hughes Technical Center and the Michigan Technological University Keweenaw Research Center (KRC).