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  • WHY WHITE? Wedding Guide

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    2 Why White? Why White? 3

    Congratulations! Youre engaged....told friends and family youre exciting news....and now its time to get organised!

    Planning your wedding can be daunting, overwhelming, exhilarating, and just plain stressful at times! But dont worry there is an abundance of help out there to help make the experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Whether you choose to employ a professional wedding planner, or plan every minute detail yourself, Why White? can help you to achieve the day you and your partner dream of.

    We are here to inspire you and guide you through the process, so take a break, unwind, and read on......

    Dont miss out on updates and new inspirationIf you received your copy of Why White from a wedding supplier or a friend you will need to make sure you dont miss out on updated versions of the guide and access to our free members only website. Several times each month we add next inspirational articles to the guide or website.

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    The advice and guidance are provided on a best endeavors basis and we do not accept any liability for the advice and opinion offered. All brides and grooms should consult multiple sources before making any decisions related to their wedding.

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  • Setting Your Budget:

    6 Steps to Easy Wedding Budgeting

    Once the excitement of becoming engaged has settled, the first step you need to take is to carefully plan your wedding budget. This may seem like a task better left to others....or even not done at all......but with the average wedding costs hitting 20,000, keeping track of your finances right from the start could save you much heartache. Its not unheard of for spending to spiral out of control, so follow these steps to ensure your wedding budgeting is a piece of cake.

    Decide on your total budget

    This may sound obvious - but brides and grooms can have quite different ideas about how much is appropriate to spend on the total event! So make sure youre both singing off the same hymn sheet as a first step.

    Whos paying?

    Talk to all those who might be contributing to the costs, and decide who will pay for each part. It can be tricky getting down to the nitty gritty of the finances, but its better to have a frank discussion now to save embarrassment later on.

    Traditionally the father of the bride pays for the main costs of the day, with the groom taking care of the ceremony fees and the honeymoon. But more often now couples are paying for a bigger chunk of the costs, and the grooms parents often like to chip in too.

    You may even decide to dispense with a traditional wedding gift list, and instead have a wedding account list - allow your guests to fund individual parts of the day, like the cake, or transport etc .That way youll end up having the day you dreamt of, without breaking the bank

    Start saving!

    Its best to set up a separate wedding account, and save a regular amount by direct debit each month.


    Perhaps not the most glamorous of tasks, but getting insurance could save you a packet if e.g. a supplier goes bust, or plans have to be unavoidably cancelled.


    The reception will probably eat up the largest part of your budget, but decide which parts of the day are most important to you, and which you can afford to scale down. Do you want to arrive in grand style in vintage Roller, or will a lift from a friend fit the bill? Knowing the areas you could cut back on could help you avoid problems if theres overspend.

    Keeping Track

    Now you have your budget, make sure you stick to it! Try using the form below, and fill it in each time a bill arrives that way its easy to see if things are getting out of hand. You might find it helpful to include a 10% contingency too, for any hidden extras.

    Most of all......dont forget.......your wedding should be a great day to celebrate your

    love for each other, and thats something money cant buy....its priceless.

    LinksHow to Have a Champagne Wedding on a Bucks Fizz Budget - Paperback (April 2007) by Sarah Traynor


    Top tips for weddings on a shoestringA wedding doesnt need to be lavish in order for it to be memorable and personal. Heres some tips for turning your pennies into pounds:-

    Call on family and friends if theyve skills you can use, dont be hasty in turning them down. Folk normally love to help out, and a friend whos handy with roses and greenery could turn out to be great substitute florist for example.

    Venues charge considerably less for weekday weddings does it really need to be a Saturday, or would midweek be just as good?

    Hire or buy? Your dress is likely to only be worn once, so consider hiring it to save expense.

    Does your reception venue allow you to bring your own wine? This could save you a tidy sum

    Sparkling wine can be a fraction of the price of Champagne, saving you big bucks on your Bucks Fizz and most will be none the wiser.







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  • Planning Your Church CeremonyThousands of couples each year decide to tie the knot in a religious ceremony of some sort, whether it is a standard Church of England service in their local parish church, or perhaps a non conformist service led by a Unitarian minister.

    Whatever the faith, couples usually have strong reasons for wanting to marry in a religious ceremony, and we can take you through some things to consider when planning your service.

    The first thing to do is to make contact with your minister, and find out whether he is happy to marry you in his church. Discuss dates many popular churches can be booked one or even two years in advance, and co-coordinating the church availability and reception venue can be tricky if you leave it too late.

    The minister will probably want to talk to you both about your reasons for marrying,

    and will need to check that you are eligible to marry in that parish. For example the Church of England allows marriage in the parish in which you are resident, or if you can demonstrate a strong family connection to the parish. You dont have to be regularly attending church, or have been baptised, to get married in

    the Church of England. However, each faith is different on this issue, so youll need to check directly with the relevant minister.

    The same goes for divorcees, although the various churches seem to have become more relaxed on this issue on recent years. The Roman Catholic faith remains the only mainstream Christian church

    to exclude remarriage of those previously married with the ex-partner still living.

    Be prepared to attend some pre-marital counselling, where the minister helps prepare you as a couple for the highs and lows you might encounter in life as a married couple.

    Once youve agreed the day and time (marriages in England must take place between 8am and 6pm), youll be ready to discuss the type of service, and choose hymns and readings if relevant. The amount of freedom youll have in the format will depend on the particular church and minister involved, so be upfront if theres something in particular youd like. Chat about the type of musical accompaniment available too is there a choir? Organist? And will the bel