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<ul><li> 1. California Polytechnic StateUniversityBrian Beltran 605 3-29-12</li></ul> <p> 2. Why I chose Cal PolyReason #1: I Prefer a medium, public school in asuburban setting.Reason #2: I believe that Cal Poly is right for mebecause it offers a lot of majors in Architecture, Whichit will prepared me for my career as and architect.Reason #3:Due to the fact that Cal Poly is aUniversity close to home its is also has great sportsteams that I would like to join. 3. Basic Facts about Cal Poly University location: San Luis Obispo,California 126 miles from Salinas Founded in 1901Number of undergraduatestudents: For Architecture1,818 Colors : Greenand Gold Mascot: Mustangs Public University 4. Additional Basic Facts About CalPoly University61% white,14% Hispanic/Latino,13% Asian,5%other.Requirements forAdmission: SAT or ACTTuition:7,921Room&amp; Board:9,369Dancing, and RadioStationSports :Baseball ,Basketball , CrossCountry , Football ,Golf,Soccer , Swimming, etc. 5. My freshman year academic plans for Cal Poly UniversityMy major will beGood places to study inArchitecture.are:Some examples of classesRobert E. Kennedy Libraryin the major of Architectureare: DormsMath 141 Calculus I (4) A club that I can join toArch 131 Design &amp; Drawing (4) meet other ArchitectureArch 101 Theory (1) majors is: Design Build Institute of America (DBIA) 6. My freshman year extra-curricularplans for Cal Poly University I plan on joining the Soccer team Some clubs that interest me include: Dancing Radio Station An interesting place nearby Cal Poly that I would like to visit is San Luis Obispo County Historical Museum. 7. Sources 3</p>