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Chapter 16 A REVIEW OF PROCUREMENT PRACTICES IN THE SOUTH AFRICAN PUBLIC SECTOR Intaher M Ambe and Johanna A Badenhorst-Weiss INTRODUCTION Public procurement is a business process with a political system (Wittig, 2007; Watermayer, 2011). In South Africa, procurement is of particular significance in the public sector and has been used as a policy tool due to the discriminatory and unfair practices of the past (Bolton, 2006). Procurement is central to the government service delivery system, and promotes aims which are, arguably, secondary to the primary aim of procurement such as using procurement to promote social, industrial or environmental policies (Cane, 2004). Prior to 1994, public procurement in South Africa was geared towards large and established contractors. It was difficult for new contractors to participate in government procurement procedures. Nevertheless, public procurement in South Africa has been granted constitutional status and is recognised as a means of addressing past discriminatory policies and practices (Bolton, 2006). Reforms in public procurement were initiated to promote principles of good governance and introduced a preference system to address socio-economic objectives (Ambe, 2009). The reform process was initiated due to inconsistency in policy application; lack of accountability; lack of supportive structures and fragmented processes. Mathee (2006) noted that a uniformed implementation approach to procurement was required owing to the findings of a report on opportunities for reform processes in the South African government conducted by the joint Country Assessment Review (CPAR) and the World Bank in 2001

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  • Bret Funk | 720.580.2738

    [email protected] | |

    Skills Programming Ruby • Rails • Javascript jQuery • HTML • CSS • SQL Node.js • Git • Github • Vim AWS • S3 • API Gateway Lambda • Heroku • Chai RSpec • Minitest • Mocha Solidity • Web3 • Truffle IPFS • React.js • Next.js Semantic UI • Bootstrap Aviation

    Active Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating Language

    Fluent in Spanish Formerly spoke basic Italian Government

    Secret Clearance

    Education Turing School of Software

    & Design

    Backend Engineering Program November, 2017 | Denver, CO University of Central


    BS in Aviation/Professional Pilot May, 2008 | Warrensburg, MO Magna Cum Laude

    Awards ● Fighter Squadron 31 Plane Captain of the Year ● Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal ● Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal ● National Defense Service Medal

    Summary Iraq veteran, Turing graduate and former small-business owner looking for meaningful work. I believe in hard work, teamwork and to always be learning.

    Projects TAKEOFF |

    ● Crowdfunding blockchain app built on the Rinkeby Ethereum Testnet using Solidity, Web3, React.js, Next.js, IPFS and Semantic UI.

    ● Code: ● Factory address: 0x9DfFec289A3B2717C80956c0FE30969F57a33534

    ANKISOUND | ● Language learning support app that converts custom text files in 20+

    languages into audio files. Built with React.js, Ruby on Rails, AWS API Gateway, Lambda (in Python), and a S3 bucket. Bootstrap styling.

    ● Frontend code: ● Backend code: ● AWS Lambda code:


    ● Group project of an imaginary travel app that utilizes Oauth and an internal password system, Google, Yelp and Wunderground API data, ActionMailer and Active Jobs. Won Turing’s Demo Night.

    ● Code:

    Experience RUBY RECRUITING | Co-Founder and CEO 2012 - 2016 | Remote

    ● Funded, built and sold an online government contracting company. U.S. CONGRESS | Press Secretary/Cybersecurity Aide/Systems Admin 2008 - 2012 | Washington, DC

    ● Wrote on-the-record press releases, op-eds, speeches and talking points. ● Maintained a Senate computer network and advised the Ranking Member

    of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on tech-related issues.

    UNITED STATES NAVY | Aviation Electrician/Final Checker/PC 2000 – 2004 | Fighter Squadron 31

    ● Inspected, repaired and launched F-14D Tomcats during Operations Iraqi Freedom, Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom and Rapid Dominance.