breeds of sheep. classes of sheep b fine wool b medium wool b long wool b crossbred wool b carpet...

Download Breeds of Sheep. Classes of Sheep b Fine Wool b Medium Wool b Long Wool b Crossbred Wool b Carpet wool b Fur Sheep

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  • Breeds of Sheep

  • Classes of SheepFine WoolMedium WoolLong WoolCrossbred WoolCarpet woolFur Sheep

  • Merino-FWOriginated in AustraliaPrimarily a wool breedWhite-facedMost popular breed in AustraliaHigh quality wool used in the textile industry

  • Rambouillet-FWOriginated in SpainShipped to France in 1801White in color

  • Cheviot-MWOriginated in ScotlandResistant to cold, windy conditionsWhite, wool free facesWool has a helical crimpTend to be resistant to worms and footrot

  • Dorset-MWOriginated in EuropeMedium-sized breed with high quality, white woolMost popular white-faced breed in the United StatesHorned and polled varieties exist

  • Hampshire-MWOriginated in Hampshire, EnglandBlack face and legsMild demeanorUnbroken wool cap should extend from the neck over the forehead

  • Southdown-MWDeveloped in EnglandWell suited to farm flock productionGray face with white bodyAdapted to wet conditions

  • Suffolk-MWOriginated in EnglandMost popular breed in the US todayProduce large amounts of meatWhite with black faces and legs

  • Oxford-MWOriginated in EnglandSecond largest sheep breedMeat-type breedTends to forage for its own foodWhite with black ears and bridge of nose

  • Lincoln-LWOriginated in EnglandThe largest breed of sheepLong-wooled breedWhite facesPronounced forelock between the ears6th per. 11/10

  • Columbia-CBWDeveloped by the US Department of AgDeveloped to thrive on Western rangesProduce medium wool and large amounts of meat

  • Corriedale-CBWDeveloped in New Zealand & AustraliaDual purpose breedProduces bulky, high density woolMost popular breed in South America

  • Karakul-FurOrigin-Asia; ancient breedLarge, angular bodyBlack or brown face ears and legsRams-horned; Ewes-polledUsed for fur when they are born and a few days after

  • JacobOriginated in EnglandTwo, four, or six hornsBlack and white fleeceFleece is highly sought afterUnimproved breed

  • Judging Market LambsLook for width:At the center of legAt the dockBetween the hind legs and through chestOver back and loinLook for:Long rump, long bulging stifle, depth of leg, heavy bone


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