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<ul><li><p>Breathing Yoga Exercises toAvoid Snoring</p><p>According to a particular research, 40 percent of the malepopulation and 24 percent of the female population are regularsnorers. People who snore tend to make a sound while breathingduring sleep. There are many causes of snoring. Some of theminclude drinking alcohol and smoking excessively, sinus problems,consuming sedatives and sleeping pills, etc. Snoring can affect the sleeping pattern of your partner as well.Mild snoring barely affects the sleep cycle. However, if you snoreexcessively, it can lead to sleep apnea which can cause serioushealth problems like heart disease, stroke or diabetes. Hence, it is very important to learn to avoid the problem ofsnoring for overall better health in the long run. Some breathingexercises can guide us on how to avoid snoring. Let us discussthem. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Brahmari PranayamaThis is a yoga exercise. It is also known as humming beebreathing exercise. While doing this exercise, you may sit cross-legged on a yoga mat. It is very important to keep your backstraight as it will open the nasal passages. Once you are seated inthe correct position, you may begin breathing from the stomachfor a minute in order to calm down. </p><p>Then you may inhale again, and while exhaling, you should makethe humming sound. You may repeat this couple of times andthen breathe normally. It is best to do this exercise daily for acouple of minutes. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Ujjayi Pranayama</p><p>While performing this yoga exercise you may sit in the sameposition as Brahmari Pranayama. The Ujjayi Pranayama is alsoknown as the hissing exercise. You must forcefully inhale and thencontrol your breath for some time and then block one nostril withyour finger and then exhale. Repeat it a couple of times. Thisexercise is beneficial for people snoring through their nose. </p><p>The Roaring Lion PoseAlso known as Simha Garajaasana, this exercise is a combinationof a yoga pose as well as breathing technique. To start thisexercise, you must sit on the yoga mat in such a way that yourlegs are folded behind, and your calves touch your thighs, andyour back is straight. Then you must spread both your kneesapart as much as possible and lean behind in such a way thatyour hips touch the heels. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Put both your palms below the thighs and push your shoulderslittle forward but keep your head bent backwards. Take a deepbreath and hold it. After few seconds, you must exhale throughyour mouth by opening it wide. While exhaling, you should makea loud roaring sound. Practice this exercise for 3-5 times and thenrelax.</p><p>The Basic Breathing ExerciseThis is a very simple exercise. For this breathing exercise, youshould be seated in the manner similar to Simha Garajaasana. Youcan also sit cross-legged position while doing this exercise. Thenclose your eyes and chant Aum while inhaling and control yourbreath. After few seconds exhale and repeat. It is advisable to dothis exercise few times in the morning as well as at night. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Learning how to avoid snoring with the help of above mentionedexercises will truly help you sleep better. It will be ideal to give aminimum of 30 minutes in a day to do these breathing exercisesfor better results. </p><p>Get complete details about Anti Snoring Solution #Asonor at:</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________</p><p>Address: DTU Science Park, Agern All 3, Horsholm</p><p>Copenhagen Area-2970, Denmark</p><p></p></li></ul>


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