Breaking Bad: Using Transmedia and Freeconomics to beat the Pirates

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This is a presentation aimed at 3rd year Media students at the University of Brighton. It uses Breaking Bad as a case study to demonstrate the power of transmedia and freeconomics to market and distribute product. There are a lot of links in this presentation that you'll miss... find them on t'internet or through the Pinterest board listed in the presentation. Twitter: LanceDann


<ul><li>1.CASE STUDY AMC BREAKING BAD DIGITAL MEDIA CONTENT Dr Lance Dann, University of Brighton 1 </li></ul> <p>2. What is Breaking Bad? Grown into biggest Television Phenomenom since Sopranos Rated by Metacritic as the best TV series of all time. A barrel load of Emmys 5 seasons. End last week. Globally trended on Twitter for most of the week. DIGITAL MEDIA CONTENT Dr Lance Dann 2 3. So whats the story? a drug dealing school teacher with caner becomes a criminal mastermind 4. Why did I story about meth addicts become so popular? Phenomenal writing Great acting Great direction. Smart marketing. Genius online distribution and content. 5. How to outsmart the pirates Owned by SONY pictures. Screened in US by AMC. Relegated to Channel 5 in UK. Loosing viewers and eyeballs to torrents. Awareness of product huge because of downloads. 6. What they didnt do was this 7. Of all the people in the world who didnt read my book yesterday far more didnt read it because they didnt know about it than didnt read it because they somehow got a free copy. Cory Doctrow (2013) 8. They were also open to fan works and adaptations Lego Breaking Bad Game 9. Not all theft is bad Showrunners of Heroes and Game of Thrones both pleased their shows are most torrented. It is all a question of drawing in audience and attention. The skill is then monetizing that attention 10. Breaking Bad Series 5 Broadcast on AMC on Sunday Evening in US. HD download to iTunes overnight. Next day available as a stream from Netflix. Blue-Ray box set released at end of series. 11. Breaking Bad goes viral Audience and attention went past the tipping point in Season 5. Live audience increased 5 times in final weeks. All a question of playing long game. Audiences can always catch up and dont have to follow from the beginning. 12. Part of this was due to Transmedia Marketing AMC have always been very ahead of the curve with their media positioning. Started with a personal video message Save Walter White campaign Better Call Saul website DIGITAL MEDIA CONTENT 12 13. Criminal Aptitude Test Character Blogs Interactive Graphic Novels Evidence Board Insider Podcast DIGITAL MEDIA CONTENT 13 14. Story Sync Season 5 DIGITAL MEDIA CONTENT 14 15. something immersive Creation of a storyworld. An experience that follows you off screen. A marketing tool. A money making tool. A way of challenging audiences and form. 16. Henry Jenkins saw this coming but is his beard as good as mine? Developed the term in 2006 when he looked at programmes like Survivor and the Matrix franchise. Story does not lie in just one space. Simultaneous existence across forms as part of a story world. 17. Links to articles for this week Student Central has links to articles to read in preparation for next week. Pinterest board for this session Digital Media Pin Board Recommended reading: Frank Rose and Henry Jenkins 18. Or a project that is just as relevant TOMYS TRADE SECRETS Online video channel Shop Forum and advice September 26, 2013 18 </p>