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  • Along with the team accomplishments above we also sent indi-

    viduals to state in the following sports:

    Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Girls Swim/Dive,

    Gymnastics, Boys track, Girls Track, Boys Tennis, Boys Golf and



    List of

    sports that were recognized by the WIAA for having reached the outstanding and distinguished categories for academic accomplish-

    Math 88% and Biology (80%) pass

    rate. Kamiakin students took 460

    different Advanced Placement

    tests in 2015. Over 86% of stu-

    dents enrolled in Advanced

    Placement classes took the end

    of course test.

    The motto Be the Best You Can

    Be is more than a slogan at

    Kamiakinit is a commitment to

    excellence that permeates all that

    we are. Being the best requires

    each of us to make a daily com-

    mitment in all of our choices. As

    we set our goals for the 2015-

    2016 school year we need to

    reflect upon last year. If you are

    new to Kamiakin, this may be the

    first time you have heard how

    lucky you are to be attending the

    top school in the Tri-Cities; if

    you have been part of our suc-

    cess before you are the rea-

    son why we are the best!

    Kamiakins reputation as one of

    the top academic schools in all of

    Washington was reaffirmed with

    the academic accomplishments of

    our students last year. Members

    of the class of 2017 earned a 90%

    mark in Reading 88% and passed

    writing at 92%. They also posted

    the highest ever rates on the End

    of Course Assessments;

    Our students competed at the high-

    est level and earned conference,

    district, regional championships and

    State Championships.

    Boys Cross Country Conference

    Champs, District Champs, 2nd at


    Girls Cross Country Conference

    Champs, District Champs, State


    Girls Soccer Conference Champs,

    State Participants

    Girls Swim/Dive District Champs

    Volleyball Conference Champs,

    District Champs, Regional Champs

    and State Participants

    Girls Basketball District Champs,

    Regional Champs and State Partici-


    Gymnastics Conference Champs,

    District Champs, Regional Champs,

    State Champs

    Dance Team 4th Place at State

    Girls Golf District Champs and 2nd

    at State

    Boys Soccer State Participants

    Girls Tennis Conference Champs,

    District Champs

    Softball Conference Champs, Dis-

    trict Champs, Regional Champs and

    5th at State

    Girls Track Conference Champs,

    District Champs, Regional Champs,

    and state champs for a 4th consecu-

    tive year.

    Simply The Best

    2014-2015 marked a banner year for Brave Athletics

    Brave Deeds

    S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 5 V O L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1

  • P A G E 2

    Last year

    reaffirmed our

    belief that there

    are two kinds of

    people in the

    world, Braves and

    those that wish

    they were!

    Kennewick School District's

    Non-Discrimination Policy

    B R A V E D E E D S

    The Kennewick School District provides equal access to all programs and services without discrimination based on sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation, including gender expression or identity, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, or use of trained dog, guide or service animal by a person with a disability, and provide equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employees have been designated to handle ques-tions and complaints of alleged discrimination:

    Civil Rights & Equity: Douglas Christensen- (509) 222-5010 (

    Section 504, Title IX Jack Anderson- (509) 222-5004 (

    Kennewick School District

    1000 West 4th Ave.

    Kennewick, WA 99336

    Boys Basketball

    Girls Basketball




    Girls Golf

    Boys Golf

    Boys Soccer


    Boys Tennis

    Girls Tennis

    Girls Track

    Boys Track

    These sports represent nearly 900

    student-athletes who choose to be

    committed in both the classroom as

    well as on the playing field. Excel-

    lence is defined by more than exter-

    nal records and awards. It is a quality

    carried deep within the heart of a

    good teacher, a good coach or a

    good student- a quality reflected by

    being a BRAVE.

    Kamiakins success wasnt limited to

    the playing field; we also competed

    in various Vocational and Academic

    competitions throughout the year

    including; FFA, Real World Design,

    DECA, Music, Drama and

    Knowledge Bowl. In these areas our

    students used the knowledge that

    they gained in classes and competed

    against other students throughout

    the region, the state and the nation.

    Research shows that students who

    are involved in school are more

    likely to be academically successful.

    They are less likely to drop-out of

    school, less likely to abuse substanc-

    es. We encourage all students to

    find a way to be involved.

    We hope that you look forward to

    the upcoming year as much as we


    Along with the team accomplish-

    ments above we also sent individu-

    als to state in the following sports:

    Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross

    Country, Girls Swim/Dive, Gym-

    nastics, Boys track, Girls Track,

    Boys Tennis, Boys Golf and Girls


    List of sports that were recognized

    by the WIAA for having reached

    the outstanding and distinguished

    categories for academic accom-


    Boys Cross Country

    Girls Cross Country


    Girls Soccer

    Girls Swimming




    Brave Athletics (cont.)

  • P A G E 3 V O L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1

    year may be the use of Roundup or

    equal to control weeds around build-

    ing, parking lots, along fence lines and

    to mark athletic fields. Commercially

    available materials may be used to

    control ants, bees, wasps and or yellow

    jackets in and around buildings. Con-

    tracted services are normally used

    when products available to us simply

    will not control or eliminate the pest

    or pests.

    When the use of pesticides is necessary

    notification to parents, guardians and

    staff members is required 48 hours

    prior to the application. A notification

    notice will be posted in a prominent

    location, usually on the main entrance

    to the school. The notice will include,

    as a minimum, the product name of the

    pesticide to be applied, the intended

    date and time of application, the loca-

    tion to which the pesticide will be

    applied, the pest to be controlled and

    the name and phone number of the

    contact person at the school. If a par-

    ent, guardian or staff member requests

    individual notification of a pesticide

    application, they will need to fill out a

    registration form available at the school

    office. Whenever a pesticide applica-

    tion is necessary, a notice will be sent

    home prior to the application.

    Pre-notification requirements do not

    apply if the application is made when

    the school will not be occupied by

    students for at least two consecutive

    days after the application. An applica-

    tion made on Friday evening after stu-

    dents have left does not require pre-

    notification. Additionally, an applica-

    tion of an anti-microbial pesticide such

    as disinfectants, cleansers, bleaches or

    the placement of insect or rodent baits

    that are not accessible to children, do

    not require notifica-

    tion. Pre-notification requirements do

    not apply to any emergency application

    for the control of any pest that poses

    immediate human health or safety

    threat, such as an application to control

    stinging insects. When an emergency

    application is made notification shall

    occur as soon as possible after the


    The IPM program includes records of

    applications made within school facili-

    ties. Additional information concerning

    IPM can be obtained by calling the KSD

    Buildings & Grounds Department at

    222-5867. Annual report of pesticide

    usage is available in September of each

    year for the preceding year.

    The Districts Buildings and Grounds

    Manager shall serve as the IPM coordi-

    nator. He/She will coordinate any

    modifications or changes in the pro-


    During the 2001 legislative session

    Senate Bill 5533 was passed and signed

    by Governor Lock requiring the post-

    ing and notification of pesticide applica-

    tions at schools and day-care centers.

    The bill took effect July 1, 2002 and

    requires that written notification be

    given annually or upon enrollment to

    parents or guardians of students and

    employees describing the schools pest

    control policy and methods including

    notification requirements.

    Maintaining a safe and healthy learning

    environment for our students and