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<p>BRAND PORTFOLIO AND BRAND ARCHITECTURE OF ITC PAYEL SINGHA ROY. BRAND PORTFOLIO ASHIRVAAD-The brand ashirvaad includes staples, spices and instant mixes. SUNFEAST- Sunfeast includes range of glucose, Marie and cream biscuits. In a span of 6 years Sunfeast has launched many new varieties and has its presence in almost all types of biscuit categories. The portfolio has expanded to sunfeast pasta and sunfeast yippie. KITCHENS OF INDIA(BRIYANIS)- Kitchens of India is a range of ready-to-eat cuisines. MINT-O AND CANDYMAN -ITC currently has two brands in the confectionery segment - 'mint-o' and 'Candyman'. BINGO-ITC's forayed into the fast growing branded snack foods segment. Bingos portfolio includes an array of products in both potato chips &amp; Finger Snacks segment. WILLS LIFESTLYE-Wills Lifestyle has been established as a chain of exclusive specialty stores providing the Indian consumer a truly 'International Shopping Experience' JOHN PLAYERS-John Players offers a complete and vibrant wardrobe of Casual wear, Party wear, Work wear, Denims, Outer wear and Suits &amp; Jackets, incorporating the most contemporary trends, an exciting mix of colors, playful styling, trendy textures and comfortable fits. FIAMA DI WILLS-In September 2007, ITC launched Fiama Di Wills, a premium range of personal care products comprising shampoos, conditioner, shower gels and bathing bar. ESSENZA DI WILLS-ITC launched an exclusive line of prestige fine fragrances under the Essenza Di Wills brand in mid 2005.Essenza Di Wills is an exclusive range of fine fragrances and bath &amp; body care products for women and men. VIVEL PORTFOLIO-Vivel Di Wills and Vivel are high quality ranges of soaps and shampoos for the upper-mid and mid-market consumer segments. SUPERIA-The Superia range of soaps and shampoos have been launched to cater to the large popular market in the personal care category.</p> <p>ITC WELCOME GROUP-ITC Welcomgroup, India's premier chain of luxury hotels was launched on October 18, 1975. CLASSMATE-Classmate is the lead provider of all student stationery needs. PAPERKRAFT-The Paperkraft range of products aims at satisfying the stationery and office consumables needs of office executives and working professionals. AIM-safety matches sourced from the small-scale sector. MANGALDEEP-Agarbattis (Incense Sticks) sourced from small-scale and cottage units. BRAND ARCHITECHTURE ITC follows multi brand strategies which also has sub brands. The brand architecture is designed in such a way that different umbrella brand are focused on each segment. Consumers from various socio economic cultures are able to find products suitable to their taste and spending power without confusion.ITC has established distinct identity and image for each of its brands to build a close relationship with its target market. Each product division has many brands and sub brands and their identities are maintained through different packaging, image and advertising. Though multiple brands an the same category are aimed at different target markets, some brands do compete with each other for egfiama di will and vivel di wills which includes soaps and shampoos. The brand architecture followed by itc has helped it to reach different segments of the market and made itself popular in all segments of the market.</p>