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The Crown Estate: Our Brand Identity Bringing our brand to life

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  • The Crown Estate: Our Brand Identity

    Bringing our brandto life

  • Its not just our name and logo. Its about who we are, what we do, how we do it, and how other people see us. It embraces our culture, attitudes and behaviours, defines what we look and sound like, and how we work with colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers, and the wider world. Visually and verbally, its about how we bring our story to life.

    Our brand

  • A progressive commercial business

    Using our corporate brand helps us communicate effectively and achieve our strategic objectives as a progressive commercial business. It reinforces our core proposition of conscious commercialism, sits at the heart of what we are about, and is the unifying idea that will help us all work together as one business and one team, with a common sense of purpose.

  • We are enterprising in how we create value, agile and considered in how we do business

    We respect and are open and honest with each other and the people we work with

    We do what we say and tackle our work with spirit and commitment, empowering ourselves and others

    We work collaboratively with colleagues and partners, connecting people, ideas and opportunities

    A set of behaviours Our brand is as much about how we behave, as it is about words and pictures. We are committed to four clearly defined behaviours that will help us project our distinctive personality and build positive long term relationships with all our stakeholders. Behaving in these ways is vital to our performance as a progressive commercial business.

  • Peoplecentred.

    Customer focussed.

    We are absolutely dedicated to being a customer focussed business, seeking and acting on feedback. We all play a role as brand ambassadors in our dealings and our engagement with customers and each other, and we should all strive to deliver exceptional service, performance and value every day and in everything we do.

    We are a people-centred business, recognising and rewarding talent, safeguarding those we work with, understanding our customers and those we do business with, and the communities within which we work. So its important that this message is expressed consistently, across all our communications.

  • This is our brand story In our corporate communications, we use a storytelling style which helps us express ourselves as a business that delivers value beyond financial return. Heres a short version of our brand story that we can use to describe our business to the wider world, clearly and consistently. Its one that we all subscribe to and are comfortable using.

    The Crown Estate is an independent commercial business, created by Act of Parliament.

    Our diverse assets include the whole of Regent Street and much of St Jamess, as well as retail and leisure parks throughout the country.

    We are one of the UKs biggest rural landowners, with agricultural land, parkland and forestry, and our active asset management also extends to coastal land and the seabed.

    Our purpose is to make sure that the land and property we invest in and manage are worked, developed and enjoyed sustainably, to deliver the best value over the long term. This reflects our values of commercialism, integrity and stewardship.

    At the heart of how we work is an astute, considered, collaborative approach that helps us create opportunities and success for our business, our partners, customers and the wider community. We call this conscious commercialism.

    100% of our revenue profit is paid to the UK Treasury, but our role, expertise, and the quality, scale, impact and importance of the assets we actively manage mean that The Crown Estate delivers value that goes beyond financial return.

  • Our logo This is our special badge. It is always displayed in a solid colour or reversed out of one, always with clear space around it. To reflect the diversity and dynamism of our business, it can be in any colour from our colour palette (see over) or black. It can range right or left, but is never centred or intrusively big, and must never be re-drawn or altered in any way.

    Always give our logospace.

  • Dark bluePantone 541C 100% M 60% Y 0% K 45%

    R 0 G 63 B 114#003F72

    GoldPantone 130C 0% M 35%

    Y 100% K 0%R 240 G 171 B 0#F0AB00


    Pantone 111

    C 0%

    M 11%

    Y 100% K 27%

    R 171 G 141 B 0


    urnt orange

    Pantone 180

    C 0%



    Y 83% K


    R 193 G

    53 B 50



    Pantone 377

    C 43% M 0%

    Y 100% K 23%

    R 113 G 149 B 0



    t gree



    ne 36


    C 65

    % M


    Y 100

    % K 0


    R 120

    G 19

    0 B 3








    C 9


    M 0


    Y 56


    K 18


    R 0

    G 1

    32 B




    Bright blue

    Pantone 299

    C 87% M 18%

    Y 0% K 0%

    R 0 G 160 B 223


    Petrol blue

    Pantone 633

    C 91%



    Y 15% K 27%

    R 0 G

    125 B 164





    C 60% M


    Y 0% K 0


    R 143 G

    35 B 17







    C 27


    M 9


    Y 0%



    R 19

    6 G


    B 14





    t red




    C 0


    M 9


    Y 34


    K 2



    G 1

    9 B




    A dynamic business

    Were a confident, dynamic business. So we have a vibrant colour palette to help us put that across. We make the most of these bright, bold colours, but avoid putting clashing colours together. We shouldnt use one colour too often for a particular area or activity, and should also make good use of white space to make our colours look more vibrant still.

    Vibrant colours

  • We can use it like this

    Occasionally, we can even use

    it like this

    Our type of type

    We can use it like this

    Helvetica Neue

    We are an open, honest business. So we use an open, honest, typeface. For Word, PowerPoint, publications and digital communications, its Helvetica Neue Roman 55. For design work, we also use Helvetica Neue 45 Light and Helvetica 75 Bold. Type can be on white or reversed out of a solid colour, generally ranged left or occasionally centred. When reversing out, please be careful with your choice of colours to maintain legibility.

  • We tell stories

    that have a beginning

    a middle and an end

    Our storytelling style

    Ours is a business with a great story to tell. One of the ways we do this is with hallmark stories from around the business that demonstrate conscious commercialism. Each is told using 3-part headlines and pictures. The stories are about thoughts, actions and consequences, and the impacts and benefits of the way we do business.

  • a middle and an endand they should always work together

    In words and pictures

    Our pictures should tell a story

    just as much as our words

    Our pictures also tell stories, using close-ups and wide shots to convey the scope and scale of our business, and interesting angles and crops to get peoples interest and attention. We aim to make them real and in the moment, creating narratives that portray us as a progressive, commercial business, and show our assets being worked, developed and enjoyed.

  • bold infographics

    Total visitors


    Car 22.2% Mid-size vans 5.5%

    Train 11% Motorcycles 5.5%

    Bicycle 11% Taxi 5.5%

    Bus 11% Walking 5.5%

    HGV 5.5% Boat 5.5%

    Large van 5.5% Other 5.5%

    and impactful numbers

    We use simple icons

    Making pictures speakWere a business rich in data, facts and information. So weve developed a straightforward graphic language to help us communicate them. Here are some examples of the icons, infographics and big graphic numbers that we use to do this. Graphics can be used on their own or alongside photography in storytelling, to show facts and figures.

  • Quietly authoritative

    We tell it like it is

    Our tone of voice is...

    Simple and straightforward

    Friendly and conversational

    Clear and confident

    Putting words to work

    We are a progressive, commercial business that thrives on building strong working relationships. So we always aim to speak and write like one taking time to find the right words to put our story across simply, honestly and confidently. Our tone of voice is never corporate, complicated, overly formal, arrogant or self-important. What it is are all the very positive things shown here.

  • How it all works and what it looks like

    When all the elements of our brand come together, a distinctive personality starts to emerge. When this is delivered consistently, people are better able to recognise and remember us, and appreciate who we are, both as people and as a business. In just these few examples, you can see how this works to paint a portrait of The Crown Estate and the stories it has to tell.

  • Further information and resources

    Should you need more information on any of the elements of our brand, youll find guidance in The Crown Estate Book of the Brand on i-site. For any additional advice, sourcing typefaces, accessing or contributing to our photolibrary, please contact the Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Internal Communications Team.

    Book of the Brand

    - The Book of the Brand brings together all components of The Crown Estate brand. It serves as a reference tool for our staff, as well as third party designers and agencies, on everything from the dimensions of our logo through to our tone voice.- You can find the Book of the Brand on our website for sharing

    with external partners and on iSite.

    The Crown EstateBook of the brand

    Version 1.1 October 2014

    Word documents and templates

    - We are in the process of bringing a number of our key documents into our new visual identity. For assistance, please contact the Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Internal Communications Team.

    Business cards and badges

    - Business cards and magnetic name badges in our new visual identity are available from Nick Kelleher in the IS team.

  • Stationery

    - Updated corporate stationery, such as letterheads and compliment slips, is in the process of being rolled-out. For further information, please contact the Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Internal Communications Team.

    - PowerPoint templates in the brand style enable us to easily build external presentations within our visual identity. You can choose from a range of slides and styles from across our colour palette from the drop-down New Slide tab within PowerPoint.

    - Our updated Corporate Presentation is also available here.

    PowerPoint templates

  • Helping us tell our story more effectively Our brand is here to help us, bring us all together, and communicate our business in the best and most effective way we can. Please work with it, apply it consistently and take care of it, so we can continue to bring it to life in all our corporate communications.

    Thank you.

  • WindsorThe Crown Estate The Great Park Windsor, Berkshire SL4 2HT T 01753 860 222 @TheCrownEstate

    LondonThe Crown Estate 16 New Burlington Place London W1S 2HX T 020 7851 5000

    EdinburghThe Crown Estate 6 Bells Brae Edinburgh EH4 3BJ T 0131 260 6070