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Brand Management should compliment your sales process. In this presentation, presented by Sean Jackson at PubCon Vegas 2009, a number of factors and considerations are discussed on how organizations can align their brand management and sales functions together to make it easier for customers to purchase.


<ul><li>1.Online Brand Management Strategies Vegas 2009<br />Branding through the sales funnelPresented by Sean Jackson, CEO of Ecordia<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Sean A Jackson<br />CEO of Ecordia<br />17+ Years in Interactive Technology Development<br />50+ Web Application Built<br />Vice President DFW SEM<br />Past President Dallas Ad League (AAF-Dallas)<br />Member of DallasRoundTable<br />Speaker &amp; Lecturer<br />3. What is Brand Management?<br />Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line, or brand. <br /><br />4. Brand Management &amp; Sales<br />Advocating, protecting &amp; defending brands creates strong brands<br />Strong brands = efficient sales &amp; costs<br />Strong brands make it easy for customers to move through every stage of the Sales Funnel.<br />5. The Sales Funnel<br />CategoryAwareness<br />BrandAwareness<br />BrandConsideration<br />BrandPreference<br />PurchaseIntent<br />CustomerRetention<br />Purchase<br />Advocates<br />Branding Affects Every Stage<br />6. 3 Elements of Online Brand Mgmt<br />Monitor<br />Engage<br />Advocate<br />7. Criteria for Engaging<br />Is it important to my current effort?<br />To move them to the next stage<br />Can I/we engage?<br />Do we have resources to provide<br />Can I/we sustain?<br />Can we keep it going for frequency and reach<br />8. Monitor<br />9. Many ways to monitor<br />10. if you know what to find!<br />Proper Names<br /></p> <ul><li>Brand (products &amp; company) </li></ul> <p>11. Executive Names 12. User Accounts/Alias 13. Market Terms 14. Competition 15. Misspellings of allProper Names + Sentiment<br /></p> <ul><li>good </li></ul> <p>16. bad 17. excellent 18. lousy 19. love 20. terrible 21. happy 22. hate 23. suck 24. unreliable 25. dependable 26. easy 27. hard 28. simple 29. Difficult 30. Think aboutProper Names + Intent<br /></p> <ul><li>need </li></ul> <p>31. want 32. help 33. where 34. why 35. how</p>