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Brand Identity Guidelines December 2016

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  • Brand Identity GuidelinesDecember 2016

  • AECOM Brand Identity Guidelines December 2016 2


    Introduction 3

    Our story 4

    Brand voice 6Direction for language and tone 8

    Visual elements 12

    Grids 13The foundation of our visual system 14Using grids 15

    Logo and tagline 16Overview 17Logo 18Logo-tagline lockup 19Using the tagline 20Logo sizes and clear space 21Logo placement 22Things to avoid 23

    Brand identity 24Introducing the E brand 25Groups and deliverables color system 26Values color system and design 27System elements 28Alternative layout 31E brand channel 32Sub brands and internal campaigns 36Master brand considerations 37

    Line graphics 38Overview 39Construction 41Two-line construction examples 43Three-line construction examples 44Things to avoid 45Aligning type 46Line color 47Line weights 48Solid color backgrounds 49Photographic backgrounds 50Design variation: color block 51Color block examples 52Expressive arrangements 54Things to avoid 60Line patterns 62

    Color 63Color palette 64Tint specifications 65Solid colors 66Color blocks 67Charts and graphs 68

    Photography 70Overview 71Places: Local textures and patterns 72Places : Project photos 74Moments: Employees and partners 76Moments: Spaces 78CV photos 80Things to avoid 81Resources and information 82

    Typography 83AECOM Sans 84Language support 85Chinese and Japanese language fonts 86Alternate fonts 87Using type 88Paragraph styles 89

    Iconography 90Overview 91Use 92Things to avoid 93

    Advertisements 94Templates 95Templates: Style 1 96Templates: Style 2 97Templates: Style 3 98Templates: Style 4 99Voice and tone 100Imagery 101

    Resources 102AECOM Brand Microsite 103Email signature wizard 104Checklist 105

  • AECOM Brand Identity Guidelines December 2016 3

    Welcome to the brand identity guidelines for AECOM. This document introduces the core elements of our brand expression, along with tips and tools to help you create relevant, engaging and consistent communications across all touchpoints of the AECOM brand experience.

    Additional guidelines covering specific topics in more detail may be sourced from the AECOM Brand Microsite (



  • AECOM Brand Identity Guidelines December 2016 4

    Our story

    Its one thing to imagine a better world. Its another to deliver it.

    AECOM was built to do just that. With a deep and experienced global team, we design and deliver infrastructure and services that unlock opportunities for clients and communities, to protect our environment and improve peoples lives.

    From urban centers to remote villages, our work is transformative. We make a positive, lasting impact by applying our global best practices, collaborative innovation and delivery excellence to solve complex, evolving challenges.

    The difference we help our clients make is felt in every region of the world. Clean water for developing communities. Iconic skyscrapers that swell a nations pride. Power and security to fuel economic prosperity. Transportation that brings people together. Thoughtful planning that sustains cities and natural resources.

    Our clients face tough, interrelated challenges that can only be solved by a company like ours. One with deep roots, diverse perspectives and an innovative approach. One with the people, technology and vision to deliver what others can only imagine.

    We are AECOM built to deliver a better world.

  • AECOM Brand Identity Guidelines December 2016 5

    Our brand purpose and promise

    Built to deliver a better worldSignals purposeful integration of organizations and people

    Celebrates our capabilities

    Is tangible and implies strength and reliability

    Communicates importance of successful execution

    Suggestive of our focus on Delivery Excellence

    Expresses our higher purpose

    Celebrates superior and more human outcomes

    Creates interesting tension with more concrete built to deliver

    Our purpose and promise serves as the foundation for our brand expression. It defines how our work is unique and why it matters. Our purpose and promise also serves as our corporate tagline. All of our visual and verbal identity is designed and built from this expression.

  • Brand voice

  • AECOM Brand Identity Guidelines December 2016 7

    Our brand voice

    Our brand voice shapes the content, structure and tone of our communications. Its an internal tool to help each of you understand how to represent AECOM through language.

    While not prescriptive, our voice descriptions and guiding principles should be used for direction when youre sitting down to write or review a piece of copy.

    The goal is to ensure our voice represents the collective expertise of our people and communicates the confidence we have in our ability to deliver for others.

    Using our voice to reinforce our storyOur voice is rooted in who we are, and plays an important role in helping people understand how AECOM is built to deliver a better world.

    Our is supported by three themes, which weve translated into direction for language and tone.

    Note: For more details on the AECOM brand voice, including additional before and after examples of our voice in action, see our Voice and Messaging Guidelines.

    We address complex challenges, so we should clarify complexity.

    We use our collaborative innovation, so we should make it a conversation.

    We deliver transformational outcomes, so we should show why it matters.

  • AECOM Brand Identity Guidelines December 2016 8

    Our brand voiceDirection for language and tone

    Clarify complexitySpeak with purpose and guide the reader to a meaningful outcome.

    That feels:


    That means:

    Write with a clear goal. Get rid of details that stray from the main message.

    Make it easy. Use short sentences, short paragraphs and simple words.

    Add structure. Use subheads and bullets to emphasize key points.

    Think visually. Pair copy with images, infographics, charts and illustrations.

    Instead of:

    Tall buildings Tall and super-tall buildings are above all an enterprise in teamwork and through the constant collaboration of AECOMs tall buildings group, its professionals broad experience and stream of diverse projects, our teams bring leading-edge knowledge and best practices to this specialized sector.

    You could try:

    Monuments to teamworkTall and super-tall buildings require constant collaboration and specialized expertise. Our tall buildings group combines broad experience with leading-edge knowledge to deliver some of the most iconic, advanced high-rises in the world.

  • AECOM Brand Identity Guidelines December 2016 9

    Our brand voiceDirection for language and tone

    Make it a conversationUse comfortable, lively language to draw people in and keep them interested.

    That feels:


    That means:

    Talk to people.Imagine youre sitting across the table from the reader.

    Relax the language. Use first person (you, your, we) and a familiar tone.

    Stay in tune. Match the level of technical detail to your audiences interest.

    Be crisp. Replace tired expressions with rich, vivid descriptions.

    Instead of:

    Disrupting the transportation paradigmTransportation is one of the slowest changing industries, and is not often disrupted. So the last major disrupter arguably was the automobile, which by displacing walking, the bicycle and the horse, not only had a profound impact on how we travel, but also changed our spatial economy through its influence on land use patterns.

    You could try:

    New traffic patterns, new possibilitiesThe car changed more than how we travel it had a profound impact on land use and economic development. As fewer of us walked, biked and rode horses, cities transformed to accommodate new behaviors. Patterns that developed are still mostly in place today. But for how long? And whats next?

  • AECOM Brand Identity Guidelines December 2016 10

    Our brand voiceDirection for language and tone

    Show why it mattersShare our passion for delivering a better world and improving lives.

    That feels:


    That means:

    Bring it to life.Use strong, active verbs to give sentences energy and motion.

    Reveal the drama.Show whats at stake and how our people deliver.

    Celebrate success. Share examples that show weve overcome similar challenges.

    Focus on impact. Highlight positive outcomes for clients, communities and people.

    Instead of:

    Considered the finest example of structural engineering ever built, Taizhou Bridge won top accolades from professional organizations as the worlds first long-span, three-pylon suspension bridge. The bridge carries six lanes of traffic across the two wide navigation channels of the mighty Yangtze River and connects drivers from the cities of Taizhou, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang and Changzhou in Jiangsu, China, invigorating economic development in that region.

    You could try:

    Economies thrive on access. In eastern China, the mighty Yangtze River stood as a barrier. Its width made it seemingly impossible to bridge, stifling the regions growth potential. Our interdisciplinary team of experts embraced the challenge and delivered a breakthrough in structural engineering the worlds first long-span, three-pylon suspension bridge. Today, the Taizhou Bridge offers six lanes of opportunity that carry people and the region