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Brand guidelines 2014


  • design guidelines

  • Banner format (secondary configuration)In instances where a landscape format is required, such as on website banner

    ads, on banners at outdoor events, or as part of a masthead, the Banner

    format below may be used. This should only be used when the space allowed

    does not permit reasonable use of the primary configuration. Layouts should

    be approved by the Marketing Department before proceeding. Master

    artworks of this logo can be supplied by the Marketing Department on

    request: [email protected]

    Main logo (primary configuration)The symbol and logotype shown above is the master configuration which

    should be used to represent the school whenever possible. The relative position,

    proportions and colours should not be changed. Master artworks should be used

    in all instances and elements should not be redrawn or emulated.

    The exclusion area around the logo, illustrated above, is the minimum area which

    should be kept clear of other graphic elements.

    All uses of the logo should be approved by the Marketing Department prior to

    production. Master artworks can be sourced from [email protected]

    Exclusion zoneThe red box above delineates the

    minimum area around the logo

    which should remain free of other

    type or graphic elements. Relative

    measurements are given as units of C,

    which is the cap height of the K and E

    at the intended size.

    IB logoWhenever possible, all outward

    facing material should carry the

    International Baccalaureate logo.

    When used in close proximity to

    the main logo, the diameter of the

    IB symbol should not exceed the

    cap height of the King Edwards











    C = cap height of K and E

    C = cap height of KE

    Exclusion zone

    Exclusion zone


    Solid line, for use when colour and half tone are not available.

    CMYK or RGB colour mode. Use the white type version against dark backgrounds (either gold as shown here, or blue).


  • Bembo regular

    ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcedefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

    Principal coloursIn order to project the distinctive red

    cross in the shield, the supporting

    colours are based around blue and

    yellow, the other two primary colours

    in the reflective colour spectrum.

    The yellow colour is towards gold in

    nature (see specification below).

    Where possible, some gradation

    should be used on the colours to

    add life and depth. This picks up on

    the subtle three dimensional effect

    used on the master shield artwork.

    Examples right show the degree of

    light shade and colour change.

    White space is also an important

    element of the design style, allowing

    the design to breathe, and giving

    designs a sense of luxury.

    Yellow cmyk rgb

    light 0-14-88-15 223-187-49

    dark 0-14-88 45 158-134-31

    Blue cmyk rgb

    light 100-0-0-0 0-174-239

    dark 100-60-0-25 0-80-143

    Suggested colour palette, see over.

    Bembo is a sharp, cleanly cut classic,

    humanist serif font which was recut in

    the 1920s but originates way back in

    1495. Its small x height and tooled

    curves display elegance and gravitas.

    Bembo should be used primarily for

    headlines and titles, but can also fulfil

    more formal roles as a text font.

    Frutiger light

    ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

    Background colour

    A cream/stone colour can be also be used to add softness and warmth to offset

    the starkness of the other colours.

    Colour: cmyk 0-6-10-0 or PMS 155 at 50% tint.

    Overlaying type in lower case. cmyk 18-25-60-0.

    Frutiger was designed in 1975.

    It is clean cut and robust offering

    high legibility, and complements the

    formality of Bembo. It is available in

    several weights but we recommend

    using light for text, or roman if

    reversing out of a colour. It should also

    be used for small type and captions.

    When using frutiger as text, a

    minimum of 30% leading is

    recommended (eg. 9pt on 12pt

    leading), this text, for example, is

    8.5 on 14pt. Subheadings can be in

    Frutiger if understated; when more

    prominent, use Bembo and at a

    larger size.


    (digital, email and letter default)

    All outward-facing material should

    be produced using Bembo and

    Frutiger, with designs approved by

    the marketing department.

    In instances where these fonts

    cannot be used, such as in certain

    digital communications, emails and

    official letters, Calibri should be


    Typefaces Please use the typefaces below for all King Edwards material.



    0-14-88 45



    KEW Gold

    KEW Blue

  • Photographic backgrounds

    When using the logo against a

    photographic background please

    ensure unquestionable legibility.

    There are four ways this may be


    a) use a part of the photo which is

    clear and simple with little variation

    in tone or colour and provides good

    contrast to the logo colour and tone.

    b) lighten or darken the area of the

    photograph behind the logo

    c) blur the area of the photo behind

    the logo to remove distracting sharp

    edges and reduce tonal variation

    d) place a translucent box over the

    photo or part of the photo for the

    logo to sit on, this box can then be

    blurred/gradiated at the edges to a

    avoid a hard edge, if preferred.

    HelpIf you feel unsure about any aspects of the identity, please contact the marketing

    department for advice ([email protected]), or to request samples of recently

    produced work for reference.

    Curves in the right places

    The curves which make up the shield

    device are followed through in the

    capital K in the Bembo typeface, as

    well as the rounded nature of Frutiger.

    Curves are relaxed, calm and caring

    and form an important part of the

    King Edwards identity. They soften

    the appearance of the school and

    bring movement and form

    to supporting elements.

    In order to further express this

    approach, curves can also be used

    in conjunction with the cream/stone

    colour as shown on this background.

    Depth and layering

    As established in the shield device,

    an effect of three dimensions should

    be carried through designs to create

    a sense of space. Overlapping,

    translucency, drop shadows and scale

    will help this.

    K Dowie June 2014

    Support colours

    The colours shown right are the

    supporting colours for the identity.

    They can be used for tasks such as

    colour coding, but should not be used

    to excess. Colours not included in the

    King Edwards palette must only be

    used where the King Edwards colours

    are not appropriate.

    Avoid using too many colours at once,

    and too many tints.

    Colour modes

    Different media render colours differently, so

    consistency across varying media platforms is

    difficult. Please use the following information

    to maximise consistency.

    cmyk - for printed output, either professionally

    or at office level.

    rgb - for online, web and screen use, such as

    powerpoint, video etc.

    cmyk 31-23-27-60

    rgb 40-93-92

    pms 418C

    cmyk 12-100-7-0

    rgb 241-203-0

    cmyk 57-20-0-0

    rgb 103-171-221

    cmyk 53-14-41-2

    rgb 130-172-94

    cmyk 0-90-100-0

    rgb 239-65-35

    cmyk 19-24-47-0

    rgb 212-184-123

    Drop shadow and inner shadow respectively, again creating a 3D effect

    Relative size, gradation, overlapping and translucency creating an illusion of layering and 3D space.

    30% 70% 100% 30% 70% 100%

    30% 70% 100% 30% 70% 100%30% 70% 00%

    do not tint