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Brain Breaks ValentineBrain Breaks
for Valentine’s Day Includes 30 brain break cards, 5 brain break spinners,
Roll Some Valentine Brain Breaks and the Calm Down poem.
Your Therapy Source Inc
Feb. 14
Your Therapy Source, Inc. 43 South Main Street Schaghticoke, NY 12154
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Publisher’s Note: The publisher and author has made every attempt to make sure that the information in this book is correct and up to date. All physical activities require approval from a child’s pediatrician. The author or the publisher will not be liable for any impairment, damage, accident or loss that may occur from any of the suggested activities in this book. Terms of Use: The electronic books from Your Therapy Source Inc can only be purchased from this site. They are copyrighted by Your Therapy Source Inc. This book can only be used by the original purchaser. The files may not be reproduced or transferred to others in print or electronically. All rights reserved.
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Brain Breaks for Valentine’s Day
Purpose of Brain Breaks: Research has shown a positive association between 5-20 minute movement breaks in the classroom and cognitive skills, academic achievement, test scores, attitude and behavior. These quick movement breaks require no equipment and minimal space. The students can perform the activities right in the classroom or in a larger area if available. Reference: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The association between school based physical activity, including physical education, and academic performance. Atlanta, GA: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2010.
Directions: 1. Print out the brain breaks. Cut out the cards. Laminate for durability. The directions for the dice brain breaks are on the page.
2. Try having the students take a movement break at least every 60 minutes. Pick a card and perform the brain break. Perform 3-5 brain breaks each for 1 minute at least.
3. Finish with the Breathe In, Breathe Out poem each time.
Tips on Movement Breaks:
1. Provide a structured environment even though children are moving. Have a consistent routine with the movement breaks. Make sure you teach children what STOP and GO means before starting.
2. Set up boundaries and rules in the room.
3. An adult or child can demonstrate the movement breaks as necessary.
4. Finish each movement break with the Breathe In, Breathe Out poem to return to a calm body so that children are ready to work.
© Your Therapy Source Inc
Get moving!
Crazy for You
Wiggle and shake your
30 seconds.
hands together and hold for 5
seconds. Now stick other body
parts together - elbows, knees
I Get a “Kick” Out of You
Kick your right leg up high
and then your left leg up
high. Repeat 10 times.
and left hand down like
cupid’s arrow. Switch to
left hand up and right
hand down. Repeat 10x.
“Have a Ball” “Have a ball” this Valentine’s day.
Jump up and down 10x like a
bouncing ball!
your heart. Move hands in
and out like a pumping heart.
Repeat 10x.
Love Claps
hands and tap your feet at the
same time for 20 seconds.
February 14th
Feb. 14
Perform 10 star jumps.
jumping jack.
Budding Rose
the ground. Gradually stand
Repeat 3x.
Pretend to do 10 slam dunks
(jump as high as you can in
place reaching for the sky).
Draw Hearts
heart with your hands.
your body for 20 seconds.
letters in the words:
V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E on the
and spell L-O-V-E.
Buggy Jumps
the left. Repeat that
monkey. Pretend to jump
from tree to tree.
for 10 seconds. Then
10 seconds.
knees a little bit. Stand
back up tall.
degrees and stand back
up 3x, spin around 1x and clap
your hands 2 times.
flying around the room.
Feb. 14
Brain Break Spinners
Step 1: Print out the brain break spinners on the following page.
Step 2: Place a paper clip in the middle of the circle.
Step 3: Put a pencil tip in the middle of the paper clip.
Step 4: Spin the paper clip with your fingers.
Step 5: Perform the brain break that the paper clip lands on. Find and refer to the brain break cards for directions on how to complete the activities.
Step 6: Repeat spinning the paper clip on each of the 5 spinners for a total of 5 brain breaks.
© Your Therapy Source Inc
I am “TOADally Yours
“Let’s Stick Together”
hands together and hold for 5
seconds. Now stick other body
parts together - elbows, knees
hands and tap your feet at the
same time for 20 seconds.
Crazy for You
Wiggle and shake your
30 seconds.
Kick your right leg up high
and then your left leg up
high. Repeat 10 times.
Column #1 Column #2 Column #3 Column #4 Column #5
each leg out 10x.
Squat down low and
budding rose.
pretend jump shots.
with You”. Open/close arms like
alligator mouth 10x.
R hand on L foot. Stick L
hand on R foot. Repeat 5x.
“My Heart Beats for You”. Pretend to play
drums while marching in
letters in H-E-A-R-T
down like Cupid’s
your feet and clap hands at the same
time 10x.
“You Move Me”.
Clasp fingers over heart,
like pumping heart 10x.
straight like ruler for 15 s.
Clasp hands together.
“Have a Ball on Valentine’s Day”. Jump
10x like bouncing ball.
perform 10 star jumps (jumping jacks).
“I Am Crazy for You”.
Wiggle your body like
“It’s A Joy Being Your
Friend”. Jump for joy in place 10x.
“You Make My Heart
Draw back your bow like Cupid in lunge position. Hold
steady 10 s.
Pretend to fly for 20
© Your Therapy Source Inc
Roll valentine Breaks Some Brain Directions: Roll one die for each of the columns. Perform the quick brain break that matches the number you rolled on the die. For example, if you roll a 5-3-6-1-2 you should perform the following actions: move upper body x 20 seconds, make body into letters in heart, draw back bow like Cupid holding position for 10 seconds, jump like bouncing ball 10 times and wiggle body for 10 seconds.
Raise L hand up and R hand
down like Cupid’s
diagonal arrow. Hold 10s.
© Your Therapy Source Inc
Calm Down Poem
Slowly, take a deep breath in,
And blow that breath out.
Again, take a deep breath in,
And blow that breath out.
One more time, breathe in,
And blow that breath out.
Time to take your seat,
And quiet your hands and feet.
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