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  • 8/20/2019 Brain Breaks Sampler


  • 8/20/2019 Brain Breaks Sampler


    Washing MachineLazy Eights

    Snap & Tap Think About It Put your hands down to your sides. Snap

    the fingers on your right hand one time.

    Now quickly use your right hand to tap your le shoulder. Repeat snapping-and-tapping

    5 times. Now switch hands. Snap on the le

    and tap your right shoulder. Can you switch

    back and forth by snapping and tapping

    once on each side?

    Stand with your hands at your sides. Listen

    to the the body parts I name and touch that

    part with the OPPOSITE hand. “Le foot.” Touch your le foot with your right hand.

    “Right ear ,” make sure you use your le hand

    now. Continue with other parts. Examples:

    right ankle, le knee, le shoulder, le arm,

    right elbow, le hip, right leg, etc.

    Look straight ahead and hold your body still.

    Just by moving your eyes, follow my finger

    in the air as I draw a horizontal figure eight

    ( ). Now use your right hand to draw your

    own lazy 8 in the air. Start small and close to

    your body. Gradually make it larger. Don’t

    bump arms with anybody! Now switch hands

    and repeat the process with the le hand.

    Stand up straight with your arms at your

    side. Relax your knees and begin to turn

    your upper body from side to side so that

    your arms swing out and around your body,

    back and forth. Be careful not to get out of

    control. Make sure you take deep breaths

    as you spin. When the wash cycle is over,

    shake yourself dry!

  • 8/20/2019 Brain Breaks Sampler


    Secret Handshake

    Decide on a sneaky, secret handshake. Secretly choose 1 person to be the Jack

    Frost. Have everyone walk around the

    room shaking hands normally. If Jack Frost

    gives you the secret handshake, freeze in

    your spot. Jack Frost continues shaking

    hands until someone figures out who it is.

    Stand and stretch and bend in place until I

    say “Statue of a ____!” Freeze in that shape

    until I say “Stretch!” Then stretch and

    bend again.

    Examples: snowman, penguin, icicle, skier,

    skater, snow shoveler, polar bear, snowy owl,

    New Years baby, crackling fire place

    Stretchy Statues

    Tongue Out! Pretend you are catching snowflakes with

    your tongue. Use your tongue to spell

    these words in the air: snow  icicle

    January snowboard  miens

    Time to Hibernate

    Choose one student to be Old Man Winter.

    The remaining students walk slowly aroundthe room like a woodland animal. Old Man

    Winter comes around and taps each animal

    and they immediately go into hibernation.

    When Old Man Winter claps his hands,

    everyone wakes up again.

  • 8/20/2019 Brain Breaks Sampler





    What do you call a small Valentine?

     A Valentiny! 

    What did the farmer give his wife on

    Valentine’s Day?

    Hogs and kisses! 

    What did the stamp say to the envelope?

    I’m stuck on you! 

    On Valentine’s Day, what does:

    Mr. Bat say to Mrs. Bat?

    I love hanging around with you! 

    Mr. Bear say to Mrs. Bear?

    I love you beary much.

    Mr. Whale say to Mrs. Whale

    Whale you be mine? 

    Try out these tongue twisters. Can you saythem five times fast?

    Vain Violet’s velvet valentine vanished.

    King Kong kisses Queen Kate.

     A cheeky chimp chucked cheap


    Who do birds spend Valentines Day with?

    Their tweet hearts! 

    Why do skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

    They’re very scent-imental! 

    What do squirrels give each other on

    Valentine’s Day?


    Riddles Riddles

    Riddles   Tongue Twisters

  • 8/20/2019 Brain Breaks Sampler


    In Like a Lion Call out the words below in any order and

    students do the corresponding action. Start slow at first and then go faster.

    Lion: move to the front of the room

    Lamb: move to the back of the room

    wind: turn slowly in a circle

    rain: walk on tip-toes

    Call out the words below in any order and students do the corresponding action. Start

    slow at first and then go faster.

    shamrock: move to the right side of the room

    rainbow: move to the le side of the room

    gold: lean over and pick up pot of gold 

    leprechaun: put hands on hips

    Erin Go Bragh

    Hot Potato Choose any object to be your “hot

    potato”. Have the class sit in a circle. Play

    some music while students start passing around the “hot potato”. When the music stops, whoever is holding the potato must stand up and do a leprechaun jig. Repeat

    as many times as you like.

    Hunt for Gold Get 2 objects, one smaller than the other.

    Have the class sit in a circle. Start passing

    the small object around the circle. This is the gold. When he’s partway around the

    circle, start passing the bigger object--the

    leprechaun! When one person has both

    objects at once, the leprechaun has found

    the gold and the game is over.

  • 8/20/2019 Brain Breaks Sampler





    Choose 3 students to come to the front of

    the room. Secretly tell them an object (for ex-

    ample, a nest). Each student is allowed to say 2 adjectives to describe the object. Then the

    class guesses what was described. If no one

    suggests the object, give the 3 kids one more

    adjective each. The game is easier

    if you list possible answers on the board.

    Write a “big word” where everyone can see

    it with the leers in mixed up order

    (blossom, daffodil, hyacinth, galoshes, tadpole, umbrella, caterpillar, carnation).

    Students suggest smaller words that can be

    made from the leers. The goal is to make

     as many words as possible. The game is

    over when someone discovers the big word.

    3 Describe 1 in 2 Spring Soup

    I Like To, Do You?Mountain Spring Arrange students in a line. Choose a

    volunteer to be “it.” Start any object on one

    end of the line (spring). Pick a category

     appropriate for “it” (animals that fly,

    shapes with 4 angles, etc.). Students

    in line begin passing the object. “It” must

    name 5 things that fit the category before

     the object reaches the end of the spring.

    Work with a partner. The first player says

    something he/she likes to do in spring,

    such as, “I like to jump in puddles, do you?”

    The second player says, “I like to jump in

    puddles and catch buerflies, do you?”

    Continue taking turns and adding on new

    activities until someone forgets the order.

  • 8/20/2019 Brain Breaks Sampler



    Heat Wave Bubbles!

    Lemonade Stand Hook’s Handshake

    Rub the palms of your hands together

    quickly. Your hands should start to feel warm

    from the friction. Put your warmed hands on your face and feel the heat making your

    face hot. Rub your hands till they’re warm

    again. Put your hands on your legs. Keep

    warming up until it feels like you’re out

    in the bright sunshine.

    Twist open a new bole of bubbles. Take

    out the plastic wand. Slowly blow a big

    bubble. Watch it float away. Now blow a bunch of lile bubbles. Can you catch them

    without popping them? Try catching them

    on your hands. Can you blow bubbles and

    catch them with your feet? How about your

    head? Watch them all pop!

    Pick up a lemon. Cut it open. Twist it as you

    press it into the juicer. Keep going until

    you’ve juiced 4 lemons. Pour the juice into a

    pitcher. Now pick up the bag of sugar.

    Careful--it’s heavy! Scoop out a big cupful

    and pour it into the pitcher. Pour in some

    water. Now stir it all together. Pour yourself

    a tall glass and take a drink. Refreshing!

    Curl the fingers of both hands into a hook

    shape like you’re Captain Hook--with two

    hooks! Hook your hands together. Now,

    gently pull as though you were trying to

    put them apart. Feel the stretch in your

    arms, but don’t pull too hard! Relax your

    hands and rest for a few seconds. Now try

    pulling your hooked hands another time.

  • 8/20/2019 Brain Breaks Sampler


    Dem Bones! Spell the word skeleton using one of the body parts listed below. P

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