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Bradley - George - Dominique - Alwin - Lucas - Dodger - Matt- Qixiang ~The Cool Kids Collective & Toxic Hurricanes~. Landfills. Definition: A system of waste disposal in which waste materials are buried under the ground (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Bradley - George - Dominique - Alwin - Lucas - Dodger - Matt- Qixiang

~The Cool Kids Collective & Toxic Hurricanes~maybe this could be mashed together with jobs slideLandfillsDefinition: A system of waste disposal in which waste materials are buried under the ground (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Over 250 million tons of trash are buried in U.S landfills each year - enough to bury 16,000 football fields 10 feet deep 2Average person dumps 4.5 pounds of waste into landfills each day 2Emits 5.6 million tons of methane annually (70x stronger than CO2) 2Releases uncontrolled emissions including carcinogens, over 170 air pollutants and 44 air toxics 2Create leachate (toxic liquid) which can contaminate groundwater 2Accidental fires at landfills and uncontrolled burning of residential waste are the leading man-made sources of dioxin emissions in the U.S. 2

E-Waste (Focus)Definition: Used electronics that are nearing the end of their useful life and are therefore discarded, donated or given to a recycler 6

In 2010 the USA...Generated about 2.4 million tons of E-waste, recycling only ~27% of that (excess was discarded/ended up in landfills) 3 Disposed on average over 528 thousand computers and mobile devices each day (142 thousand in computers alone) 3Enough computers to cover the entire RPI campus in just over three months!E-waste accounts for 40% of the lead and 75% of the heavy metals landfilled 4 Other toxic substances include Beryllium, Arsenic, Mercury, Nickel, Antimony and Cadmium 5Although safe to use, after disposal in landfills the acidic conditions provide an environment in which the lead and other heavy metals can leak out of the electronic devices which could contaminate the groundwater 4

DodgerProject ProposalA flea market showcasingthe used items and mainly technology of the area that would bring together RPI students and the Troy community in an event to help recycle these used items in an attempt to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills

A Craigslist-like website could operate all year when the event is not taking place

AlwinProposed TimeWould take place 2-3 times a yearThird Saturday of the month, for consistencyProposed time of 10 AM - 2 PMAlwinProposed LocationBlitman Residence Hall Parking LotCentral location to Troy and RPIAdequate space and parking facilitiesAccessible via shuttles and buses

The Armory (During Winter Market)Weather protection during winterCentral to RPI campus and easily accessibleParking facilities near by, accessible by busGregWhy Should This Be A Priority?The event would...Allow for the recycling of old technology which would prevent excess build-up in landfills Provide low expense technology for other RPI students and Troy residentsProvide economic stimulus for regionAllow for the Troy and RPI community to build a good relationshipGregImplementation Schedule Phase 1: Setup basic infrastructure of the group - establish club if necessary and delegate larger dutiesPhase 2: Talk to RPI administration - acquire permission for facility use Phase 3: Acquire resources and fundingPhase 4: Advertise/Promote the eventPhase 5: Host the eventPhase 6: Evaluation - Opportunity for feedback collection and improvementBradFundingClub funding via Student Union, or partnering with existing sustainability-themed clubPossible sustainability grants/funding from city or the InstituteConcessions at actual eventPossible fee for each table at the market ($2-3)BradResourcesStudent laborResources to establish a marketplace (e.g. tables, chairs, gazebos, etc.)Support from environmental and technology clubsSupport from students and faculty

*Most of these can be acquired via the school*MattStakeholdersRPI studentsResidents of TroyRPI administration/faculty/maintenanceCity of TroyParents of RPI studentsRecycling companiesWaste disposal companiesEnvironmental clubsTechnology/computer clubsBlitman residentsMattEssential SkillsDealing/communicating with administrationTechnological worth estimationDriving/vehicle operationsAttendance estimationOrganizational skillsPublic-relationsMarketing

Essential JobsPresident of Operations- Leader of student organization - Moderates group politicsVP of Student Relations- Administrative liaisonVP of Facilities- Works closely with maintenance- Clean up/Tear downVP of Inventory- Manages collection and storage of donationsVP of Web Services- Webmaster for online servicesGeorgePotential BarriersSecuring adequate fundingLabor for setting up and/or taking down the event would most likely come from the students or hired helpersFinding space for storage of all the technology and other items during the time between marketsPossibility that unusable tech trash comes to be donated, could get out of hand LucasSolutionsFunding: Fundraising/RPI grantsVolunteers: Provide an incentiveStorage: Rent a storage spaceUnusable/Trash Donations: Put limitations/filters on donationsLucasPotential For Scaling Up And OutCould possibly expand into more of the normal assets of an average flea market and maybe merge with the local farmers marketDepending on popularity could end up expanding it to make it happen more often during the yearCould end up merging with similar events that go on at other universities, expanding seller and consumer baseBy doing this RPI students may find the initiative to establish a local flea market when they graduate wherever they go (both nationally and internationally)The website would allow an even wider audience to be reached and could spread this idea even fartherDodgerRelated Projects and OrganizationsRPI tech dumpRegarding school/university flea marketsPalo Alto High School Flea MarketKennedy High School Flea MarketElgin High School Flea MarketColorado State UniversityArcadia University Flea MarketQuote: Sometimes the little walls around Arcadia can seem like were trying to keep the community out and the students in, but thats never been the case. With the flea market, and all the other events run by the Community Service Office, we get the chance to invite the community literally onto our campus to participate in events that students have organized. ~ Stephanie Oddi (Junior) 1Arcadia University Flea MarketDominiqueConclusionThis event would not only help the environment in keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills but would also help for people to find cheap and affordable goods while at the same time strengthening the relationship between RPI and Troy residentsDominiqueWorks Cited1 Arcadia University. (2013, September 25). Unique and Affordable Finds at the Fall Flea Market, Sept. 29. Retrieved from The Bulletin:

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