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Second Issue April 2015



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    Bradford JournalP.O. Box, Bradford, PA 16701

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    VOL. 174 NO.14 BRADFORD JOURNAL/MINER THURSDAY APRIL 9 , 2015 Bradford Journal/McKean County Miner/Mount Jewett Echo Phone 814-465-3468

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    Bradford Journal

    Bradford Journal Photo At the corner of State Street and Bennett Street, Bradford, kids sit for a photo, April 6th, the day following Easter, during Spring Break from school. They are cousins and they had been running around having fun, enjoying playing outside on a fairly nice day, before we stopped them for this photo. Left to right are Keisha Teeter 4, Carry Mc-Camey 6, Tasha McCamey 8, Anastasia McCamey 4, and Joseph McCamey 3. They tell us they received lots of candy this year for Easter.

    Cousins Play Outdoors During School Break

    Bradford Journal PhotoPlaying outside on April 6th along Brookline Court were (l-r) Koda Vawter 5 (will be 6 on April 24th), Danielle Stin-gel 19, and Alexandria Hassek 8. Koda is Danielles stepson. Alexandria mentioned that Easter was good but that the Spring Break from school was too short- that in a couple days she and Koda would be back in school.

    Spring Break Too Short

    Bradford Journal PhotoAlong Clarence Street, Bradford, neighborhood friends spend some time together, out-side in the fresh air, April 6th, the day following Easter. Left to right are Meaghan Ow-ens 12, Jessica Dubeck 11, Katrina McKee 12, Katiejo Courteau 7, and Annabel Taylor 7. There was only one more day of Spring Break and then it would be back to school as usual. They were making the best of it.

    Friends Play Together Along Clarence Street

  • Page 2 Bradford Journal & Miner Thursday, Aprill 9, 2015


    Thursday, Apr. 9:Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers today. High around 54.

    ThursdayNight:Showers likely tonight with a low of 46. Chance of rain 70 percent.

    THE BRADFORD AREA 5-DAY WEATHER FORECASTFriday, Apr. 10:Showers likely in the morn-ing. Then showers with a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. High of 64. Chance of rain 70 percent.

    Friday Night:Cloudy tonight. Showers with a chance of thunderstorms in the evening. Low of 43.

    Saturday, Apr. 11:Mostly cloudy today with a 50 percent chance of showers. High of 54.

    Saturday Night:Mostly cloudy tonight. A chance of showers in the evening. Lows of 36. Chance of rain 40 percent.

    Sunday, Apr. 12: Partly sunny today. A lit-tle warmer with a high of 57.

    Sunday Night:Partly cloudy with a low of 36 tonight.

    Monday,Apr. 13:Cloudyand a little warm-er today with a high of 63.

    Monday Night:Considerablecloudiness with a couple of show-ers, then a stead-ier rain tonight. Low of 41.






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    (Smethport, PA) Improvement work on Route 6 in McKean County that began in 2014 resumed this week for 2015. Mo-torists could encounter alternating traffi c patterns enforced by fl aggers during day-light hours in three different work zones: Hazelhurst to Smethport, East Smethport to Port Allegany, and Port Allegany to the Potter County line. The goal of the work is to improve the roadway surface and ride quality and ex-tend the useful life of the pavement. This work was made possible by Act 89. Overall work will include base repairs, shoulder improvements, tree trimming, drainage improvements, guide rail up-dates, bridge deck repairs and paving. The tree trimming work will allow sunlight to reach larger portions of the highway for longer periods of time, providing an ad-ditional safety factor in the winter months. Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. of State Col-lege is the contractor on this $7.5 million project. Work will continue through mid-July. All work is weather and schedule de-pendent.

    Route 6 Improvements

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    Bradford Journal PhotoMom and Aunt are outside along Clarence Street enjoying the good weather with their children, April 6th, the day following Easter. At the left is Rhonda Courteau holding 13-mos.-old Maverick Courteau, and on the right is Aunt Melissa Bryan (doubling as the baby sitter) holding one-year-old Keianna Weaver.

    Enjoy The Good Weather With Their Children

  • Bradford Journal & Miner Thursday, April 9, 2015 Page 3

    5 ENTS WORTH by Grant Nichols Its A Matter Of Opinion...

    Guest ColumnistChristian Persecution

    -by Bob Perry

    As time has been passing there is a notable increase in the persecution of Christians. Christians are not alone as the persecution of Jewish people is on the increase. Underlying these two ex-amples there is the persecution of re-ligion itself as the secular progressives have systematically used mob tactics to remove any semblance of the existence of a deity of any kind. Another push has emerged in the from of freedom from religion with the Freedom From Religion Founda-tion (FFRF) leading the charge. The Foundation is headquartered in Madi-son Wisconsin and they would be hap-py to educate anyone on atheism, ag-nosticism and non-theism. It is a good idea to learn about religions and the lack thereof to have the knowledge to be conversive on the subject and be in-formed enough to possibly select a reli-gion to practice. All references to values, commonly referred to as Christian, are being bul-lied out of having any connection to any religious reference. This is true from the classroom to the halls of Con-gress. The recent new law in Indiana is an example of religious freedom is being curbed as using religion as a de-fense in refusing to provide services to those whos choice of life style is an abomination to religious tenants. We are losing more and more free-

    doms all the time. It appears that in time, having a connection with any es-tablished religion, will be looked on as shameful. Get them while theyre young has been the mission of churches in the ef-fort to provide a solid basis for morality as the young mature in life. The twist today is that in the name of religions brainwashing is occurring that is from non-theist to totally evil and radical. We all know that the formative years are critical in the development of the major tendencies in life and brainwash-ing the young to view others as differ-ent as themselves often produces ha-tred with the desire to eliminate those who are different. The teaching of val-ues that has the end goal of forcing all to believe as one group desires at the silencing, or eliminating all others is trending, and persecution is on the path traveled. Highlighted around the world is the killing of Christians in particular and is getting more attention as the methods of the killings and the ages of the vic-tims includes so many that are young and innocent. World leaders have a responsibility to condemn the murderous acts and work together to eradicate the radical ideol-ogy. Not acting is a form of condoning the actions suggesting that it is an ac-ceptable means to a undisclosed end.

    Photos this week were taken at the Kathy Kaess residence in New-ark, Delaware, Saturday, April 4th, where about forty family members had traveled from points as far away as Florida to attend a traditional family Passover Seder. While only three pho-tos from this event have been included in this issue, many, many more pictures and several videos taken during the day of the event can be found in the photo gallery associated with this paper.. Most of the photos found on the pag-es of this edition were taken on the Streets of Bradford on the day after Easter, April 6th. Many of the chil-dren we saw were aware that Spring Break was about to end and they were taking advantage of their last few days away from school, playing in the park, on their porches and along the streets. And most of them related to us that Easter had been a good holiday, provid-ing new toys and a good deal of various types of candy..We would like to give some recognition to Kathy Nich-ols Kaess, proprietor of the Kaess Bed and Breakfast, as obscure as it is un-known to the world, yet one of the fi nest establishments of its type of which we have had the pleasure and good fortune of having taken advantage. Along with the fresh linens and towels, twenty-four hour a day access to the laundry, and perhaps more importantly the well stocked refrigerator, we were treated to a home cooked breakfast of our choice each morning by the proprietor herself. What a sister!........Gene Seagren, owner of the Bradford Coin Shop on Chestnut Street in Bradford, tells us that he is now concentrating on building 25-card Star Sets available for baseball, bas-ketball, football, and hockey enthusiasts. They can be made to order while visiting his store, or obtained at one of his many auction and sales locations in the Bradford Area and in nearby cities..Most peo-ple who had