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The BRA plans to present this Water Management Plan to the Possum Kingdom Lake Stakeholders at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, August 7, 2012. All business owners, homeowners and interested parties are encouraged to attend.


  • 1. Brazos River AuthorityBrazos R iver Au th ority System Operation Permit and Water Management Plan Presented at: Bryan, Texas Temple, Texas Tuesday, June 5, 2012 Wednesday, June 6, 2012 3:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m. Brazos Center Mayborn Convention Center 3232 Briarcrest Drive 3303 N. 3rd Street Granbury, Texas Thursday, June 7, 2012 5:30 p.m. Granbury Resort Conference Center 621 E. Pearl Street
  • 2. Brazos River Authority OverviewBrazos R iver Au th ority MISSION To develop, manage, and protect the water resources of the Brazos River basin. Oldest river authority in TX Created by the Texas Legislature in 1929 First entity of its kind in the nation Territory: Extends from the Texas-New Mexico border west of Lubbock to the Gulf of Mexico near Freeport 42,000 square-miles All or part of 76 counties Page 2
  • 3. Brazos R iver Au th orityPage 3
  • 4. Brazos R iver Au th orityPage 4
  • 5. Brazos R iver Au th ority Permitted Diversion Amounts (af/yr) Page 5
  • 6. Total Authorized Diversions in Brazos Basin (acre-feet per year)Brazos R iver Au th ority *730,596 acre-feet per year = (661,901 for System reservoirs + 29,895 for BRA 30 percent share of Allens Creek + 38,800 for old BEPC water right that BRA purchased below Lake Belton) BRA percentage of total authorized diversions about 32 percent During normal year, ~ 6,000,000 acre-feet flows out of the Brazos into the Gulf of Mexico Page 6
  • 7. Brazos R iver Au th orityPage 7
  • 8. Brazos R iver Au th orityPage 8
  • 9. Brazos R iver Au th ority System Operation & Water Management Plan Page 9
  • 10. Excerpt from 1960s Water Right Permit Application for Lakes Belton,Brazos R iver Au th ority Proctor, Stillhouse Hollow, and Somerville Page 10
  • 11. What will the System Operation Permit Authorize?Brazos R iver Au th ority Use of water from BRAs existing reservoirs in conjunction with downstream river flows and wastewater return flows Recognition of availability of return flows as a source of water supply Implementation of an environmental flow regime consistent with the expectations of State law and current and pending TCEQ rules Page 11
  • 12. Where Does the Additional Water Come From?Brazos R iver Au th ority Natural flows downstream of the reservoirs (only when environmental flow requirements and senior water rights are met) Existing reservoir supplies that exceed current permit limits (primarily Possum Kingdom) Return flows from wastewater treatment plant discharges System efficiency (not all reservoirs will experience drought of record conditions at the same time) Page 12
  • 13. Why the System Operation Permit?Brazos R iver Au th ority Economical water supply source Recommended water supply strategy in Brazos G and Region H Water Plans Commits water to Texas Water Trust First major water right permit containing environmental flow provisions similar to SB3 Generates revenue to help pay for future water supply projects Page 13
  • 14. System Operation Permit Current StatusBrazos R iver Au th ority TCEQ Commission ruling (January 25, 2012) Remand to SOAH for proceedings on Water Management Plan (WMP) Schedule (24 months): BRA - 10 months to file WMP with TCEQ (no extensions) TCEQ - 7 months to review, prepare draft permit and publish notice SOAH - 7 months to hold contested hearing and prepare PFD for Commission consideration Page 14
  • 15. Water Management Plan (WMP) Stakeholder Meetings JuneBrazos R iver Au th ority Bryan : Tues., June 5 Temple : Wed., June 6 Granbury : Thurs., June 7 August Possum Kingdom : Tues., August 7 Taylor : Wed., August 8 Brenham : Thurs., August 9 October Glen Rose : Tues., October 16 Round Rock : Wed., October 17 Lake Jackson : Thurs., October 18 November Water Mgmt. Plan Submitted to TCEQ Mon., November 26 Page 15
  • 16. Water Management PlanBrazos R iver Au th ority Draft System Operation Permit requires WMP 20 separate references/requirements Must be updated at least every 10 years Major elements of WMP Document how water is managed and used Environmental studies and adaptive management Accounting plan to track water management and use Page 16