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<p> 1. AMERICANA DE COLCHONES (MATTRESS BRAND IN COLOMBIA) Branding strategy for * 2. Americana de Colchones (AC) is a family company which works in the bedding market in Colombia (selling mainly mattress). It has a well-known history and it ranks number 3 in Top of Mind. ACs vision is To provide quality and innovation in the Colombian bedding market. From its beginning, the company has a big focus on clients, always working to provide the best solutions to peoples needs of rest. ABOUT THE BRAND We want to be the first and best choice, related to the well rest! 3. FutureBrand DIAGNOSIS RECAP TODAY, THE LINK BETWEEN BEDDING CATEGORY AND COLOMBIANS IS SET IN A RATIONAL LEVEL, SINCE BRANDS HAVE BEEN COMMUNICATING ONLY FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS 4. FUNCTIONAL BENEFIT What do you get? How does it make you feel? RTB PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES Why? Basic Purpose: To Rest Basic Attibute Comfort warranty variety materials innovations price = Basic Expectation Duration Quality GIVEN Formality CATEGORY BASICS MATTRESS Source: FutureBrand analysis on the basis of: : Connecta. Conocimiento y Profundizacin de la Categora de colchones. Segmento Hogar. Bogot, junio 2012. x DIAGNOSIS RECAP IN COLOMBIA, PEOPLE ASSOCIATE EMOTIONAL BENEFITS WITH THE BED AND THE BEDROOM, BUT NOT WITH THE MATTRESS ITSELF 5. MAIN SIDE PRICE (value for money) KEY DRIVERS Transaction Hardness of the mattress Orthopedic Features CONFORT AND PRICE, TWO BASIC BENEFITS, ARE THE CATEGORYS KEY DRIVERS Recommendation Quality= Durability COMFORT Height of the mattress anatomical qualities Tradition Brand Presence Practical/ Combo (department stores) Brand Fabric Warranty Smoothness DIAGNOSIS RECAP Source: FutureBrand analysis on the basis of: : Connecta. Conocimiento y Profundizacin de la Categora de colchones. Segmento Hogar. Bogot, junio 2012. 6. DESPITE BEING AN IMPORTANT DAILY ITEM, THE MATTRESS IS UNNOTICED AND COLOMBIANS ONLY REALIZED ABOUT IT THROUGH A LACK... Colombians only think about changing their mattress when: It is damaged Damages health They change their bed (because of a change in their life cycle) Razones de cambio Deterioro 110% El anterior ya estaba muy viejo 55% El anterior ya estaba daado 36% El anterior ya tena el tiempo recomendado para cambiar de colchn. 17% Cambio de Estilo de Vida 5% Me cas y compr la cama. 2% Cambie de cama a un tamao diferente 2% Me independic, me fui a vivir solo y compre todos mis muebles incluyendo colchn 1% Por causar problemas de salud / mal dormir 2% El anterior me estaba molestando, me dola la espalda/ dolores musculares 1% No estaba durmiendo bien 1% No recuerda 2% BASE: 783 Resp. X Pers. 1.2 DIAGNOSIS RECAP AND NOT FROM A DESIRE 7. THEREFORE, THE MATTRESS SEEMS TO BE A WASTE OF MONEY, AND ITS NOT SEEN AS AN INVERSION IN HEALTH AND WELLBEING WHIM (GUSTO) WASTE (GASTO) = Removement/ hurt TO THINK (rational link: a need) LACK / INERTIA / INDIFFERENCE TRANSACTION provides TO WISH (emotional link: whim) CRAVING/ CHOICE BONDING DIAGNOSIS RECAP DURATION HIGH COST/INVESTMENT DURATION HIGH COST/INVESTMENT 8. OBJETIVE THE LESS EXPENDITURE, THE LESS TIMES THE REAL OBSTACLE IS HOW PEOPLE PERCEIVE THE CATEGORY How much is the most that I can or I'm willing to pay for a mattress that is durable item? DIAGNOSIS RECAP 9. IN ADDITION, IT IS A CATEGORY THAT DOESN'T COMMUNICATE VERY OFTEN AND WHEN IT DOES, IT DOESN'T ANSWER TO CONSUMER'S DEEP MOTIVATIONS. THAT'S WHY, IT IS PERCEIVED AS DISTANT, AND THUS OF IT HAS LITTLE VALUE AND RELEVANCE DIAGNOSIS RECAP 10. AMERICANA DE COLCHONES HAS A BIG CHALLENGE: GENERATE A LINK WITH PEOPLE BY BECOMING CLOSER AND DIFFERENCIATING ITSELF FROM ITS COMPETITORS. IN THIS WAY, IT WOULD ALSO ADD VALUE TO THE WHOLE BEDDING CATEGORY 11. BUT FORTUNATELY, THERE ARE MANY OPPORTUNITIES PRODUCTS QUALITY ACs products are as good as others in the market, and even better MUTE CATEGORY The first to talk, Will do it louder UNPOSITIONED BRANDS We can make the difference! DISTANT CATEGORY We can resignify the category by changing its game rules! 12. FROM: a rational offer that generates a low added value TO: an emotional offer that creates a new competitive adventage that generates differentiation and makes people act AMERICANA DE COLCHONES TOMORROW THE INDUSTRY TODAY STRATEGY APPROACH GIVE AMERICANA DE COLCHONES A BOOST TO EMOTION 13. WAY-IN WORKING ON AN EMOTIONAL BENEFIT THAT IS VALUED BY THE AUDIENCE AND NOT USED BY OTHER BRAND SOME TERRITORIES TO EXPLORE WELLBEING Health Relief Recover Life Quality WELLBEING Health Relief Recover Life Quality SHELTER Protection SHELTER Protection OASIS Happiness Joy Enjoyment OASIS Happiness Joy Enjoyment FREEDOM Relief Liberation FREEDOM Relief Liberation Source: FutureBrand analysis on the basis of: : Connecta. Conocimiento y Profundizacin de la Categora de colchones. Segmento Hogar. Bogot, junio 2012. 14. PROPOSAL: BASING ON COMFORT AS FUNCTIONAL BENEFIT, WE DEVELOPED TWO CONCEPTUAL ALTERNATIVES FOR THE NEW POSITIONING Emotional Concept Rational Benefit CONFORT Cheerful relax Enjoyment Mattress as a Oasis Life Moments Sharing Mattress as a Shelter AUTHENTIC RESTAFFECTION 15. ALTERNATIVE 1 FutureBrand The brand with which you write your life story 16. The brand with which you write your life story Americana de Colchones Your moments Your story Your life Alternative 1. Affection 17. FutureBrand Fuente: Anlisis FutureBrand AFFECTION/WARMED (CALIDEZ) 1. Heat. 2. Affection, love, warmth. 3. Characteristic of the colors in which predominantly red or golden tones. Source: Dictionary of the Real Academia Espaola 18. Guiding concept: AFFECTION PILLARDS TRUST PILLARD 1 FELLOWSHIP PILLARD 2 GENUINE LOVE PILLARD 3 Alternative 01. The brand with which you write your life story 19. FutureBrand Fuente: Anlisis FutureBrand TRUSTYou know us. We have always been striving to give you the best comfort. We achieve our success with effort, ethical action and consistence over the years. We say what we do and we do what we say: you can trust us. 20. FELLOWSHIPWe have always been close to you, accompanying you, being part of your life. We know you and offer you innovative products that suit your tastes and needs. We build a relationship with you, in which you feel comfortable. 21. FutureBrand Fuente: Anlisis FutureBrand GENUINE LOVEOur passion is your rest; our goal your welfare and comfort. We put all our dedication to improve your life quality, going always at the forefront. At AC we love our customers and adore being part of this great family 22. Brand Essence The brand with which you write your life story. Conceptual target Those who value long term relationships, linkages and trust over time. Brand Promise Americana de Colchones is the warm and companion brand that is at your side at every moment of your life, giving you products that have been created to improve your rest but also to enhance your tastes, your interests, your needs, your life. Brand Pillards Personality traits Proof Points TRUST Close Affectionate Honest Transparent Because you know it, it has been around for years, always striving to deliver the best products for your rest and comfort. Because you know where it comes from and what you can expect from it, and that it says what it does and does what it says, and in that way, it has achieved its success with effort and ethical action. Because it is a brand whose work has been consistent over the years, drawing its own way, imbued with values. FELLOWSHIP Loyal Comprehensive Friendly Flexible Because AC has always been close to you, accompanying you and your family. Because it knows you and understands you, by innovating to suit your tastes, needs and style. Because with AC you can share your emotions, your time and your life, and feel comfortable. GENUINE LOVE Passionate Committed Affectionate Attentive Because AC's passion is your wellbeing and comfort. Because it doesn't pretend to be the biggest bedding company, but it aims to be the best for you and yours. Because all its dedication and commitment is focus on improving peoples life quality, going always at the forefront of the industry, and always looking for opportunities to excel. Because the AC's family loves its customers, and each of its members love being part of that family, founded on a strong value system. 23. FutureBrand The movement to the true Rest ALTERNATIVE 2 24. Authentic Rest Americana de Colchones Delightfully rested 25. FutureBrand Fuente: Anlisis FutureBrand REST(of resting) 1.Pause at work to repair forces. 2.To rest, to sleep. 3.Have some relief from the concerns. 4.Be seated or resting on a thing. Source: Diccionario de la Real Academia Espaola 26. Guiding Concept: Rest PILLARDS CELEBRATION PILLARD 1 EMPATHY PILLARD 2 AUTHENTIC REST PILLARD 3 02. The movement to the authentic Rest Alternative 27. FutureBrand Fuente: Anlisis FutureBrand CELEBRATIONWe work with passion to make you experience a pleasant and refreshing rest. We love the charming signs of good sleep We celebrate the lovely "walrus" in you! 28. EMPATHY We know how a real and authentic rest, feels like... and we love it! We are your accomplices in the good resting 29. AUTHENTIC REST We encourage the real and genuine rest Yes, good sleepers inspire us! And we develop products that promote better comfort 30. Brand Essence The movement to the authentic rest Conceptual Target The "beautiful" sleepers, the stubborn "walruses", those who really love resting well ... very, very well. Brand Promise Americana de Colchones is the mattress and bedding brand thatdefends, encourages and celebrates authentic rest proudly! Brand Pillards Personality traits Proof Points CELEBRATION Enthusiastic Vibrant Close Because at AC we work with dedication and passion to make your rest a pleasant and refreshing experience. Because our main objective is to offer the best rest. Therfore, we welcome the lovely tracks that a deep sleep leaves in your body, because they are signs that we have done a good job. Because we invite you to celebrate the adorable "walrus" in you, by giving you the best quality products for your full comfort and pleasure. EMPATHY Accomplice Friendly Sympathetic Because we know how delicious a good rest feels like. Because we will be always your accomplices in the good sleep. Because AC gives you the best comfort, so don't be shy and let flourish the sleeping beauty in you AUTHENTIC REST Unprejudiced Simple Genuine Because at AC we formed a movement to defend and encourage the authentic rest. Because we offer you great products so you can experience resting in an enjoyable and full way. 31. * </p>