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  • 1. Your local partner worldwide. Most resources are available to all companies. The great variable is the quality of leadership it determines why some companies fail and others succeed. Sidney Boyden (1900-1993)The Boyden overviewWhy Boyden?Boyden in ChinaBoyden was founded in 1946 by Sidney Through our offices located in Hong KongBoyden, a management consultant whoand the major cities of Mainland China,pioneered an organized, professional Boyden has been helping companies developapproach to filling the requirements ofand grow businesses in the Greater Chinacompany clients for management talent. region since 1965. Few firms in Asia offer aToday, Boyden following on in this tradition,truly global reach and presence in executiveservicing client needs with talent managementsearch, together with an extensive range ofservices in 40 countries with more than 70 locally-focused human resources consultingoffices worldwide. services. Boyden Global Executive Search offers unique benefits to clients in partnershipBoyden is a longstanding member of the with our sister company Boyden ManagementAssociation of Executive Search ConsultantsConsulting Asia.( and subscribes unreservedlyto the Associations Code of Ethics. With over 40 years experience in Greater China, we challenge the notion that executive search and human resources consulting are incompatible business partners. Through our teams of consultants based in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing we offer the following range of consulting services: Senior executive search Management assessment Interim management Human resources consulting

2. Sidney Boyden (1900-1993) 3. Your local partner worldwide.Most resources are available to all companies.The great variable is the quality of leadership it determines why some companies fail and otherssucceed.Sidney Boyden (1900-1993)Executive searchExecutive search is a specialized branch of How does it work?management consulting with the objectiveto identify and present qualified candidatesMost executive search assignments follow afor specific management positions at senior similar pattern:levels. An experienced Boyden associate meetsA retained executive search firm representswith the client to discuss details of thethe client organization only and is not in the position to be filled and the preferredbusiness of placing candidates without a candidate specifications. The Boydenclient mandate.associate submits a proposal to state the objectives and scope of the assignment.The governing body for the code of ethicsUpon acceptance, the Boyden associateand professional conduct is the Association of works with the client in finalizing the jobExecutive Search Consultants (AESC). description, which consists of the position and candidate specifications.Why use executive search? The Boyden associate then assigns a team of researchers to identify prospectiveA company may decide to use executive candidates and the associate will interviewsearch to maintain confidentiality for those most suited to the job. A detailedcompetitive or internal considerations. candidate report will be prepared andA company may have only a small, orpresented to the client. Often, otheradministration-focused, human resourcesBoyden offices may be called upon to helpfunction, thus requiring outside professionalin the search.skills and experience. Clients will shortlist and interview thoseA company may be setting up an operation whom they have selected. Clients mayin a new or unfamiliar marketplace. It may then select one or more finalists for furtherneed the guidance of recruiters with local rounds of interviews.knowledge to identify the right candidates with Boyden plays an active role in theappropriate expertise. negotiation and agreement of a final offerMost senior level candidates will not respondfor the chosen candidate. As a matter ofto job advertisement or contingency basedcourse, the Boyden associate will check therecruitment agencies.candidates references before confirming the offer.Our experience shows us the search usuallyprovides the only way to find exactly the right The Boyden associate follows up with theperson.client and the candidate at regular intervals after the placement. 4. Sidney Boyden (1900-1993) 5. Your local partner worldwide.Most resources are available to all companies.The great variable is the quality of leadership it determines why some companies fail and otherssucceed.Sidney Boyden (1900-1993)The Boyden advantageBuilding long-term and trusting partnershipsthat we can empathize with busy executiveswith our clients is our goal. Our clients dealing with real-time problems. We havereceive our committed and dedicated service been there too!of the highest level and quality. We prideourselves in our:Local knowledgeTotal solutions Most of us come from diverse backgrounds,but we share the common factor of havingProblems are not always what they seem, lived and worked in Asia for decades. Manyand the solutions to them are equally diverse.of our consultants also have multinationalFor example, replacing a key person may experience. Between us we speak manynot be the most cost effective answer to fill languages, including five of the Chinesean organizational gap. It may be that a fresh dialects.look at the structure and the people withinit could provide ways to achieve the sameRight sizeend but without the cost of recruitment.Our experience enables us to give unbiasedDespite our long history and well establishedprofessional presence, Boyden does not setout to be the largest executive search firm inLong-term thinkingChina in terms of revenue or the breadth ofour clientele. Intentionally, we only serve aBoyden is the oldest search firm in China and small number of selected clients within eachthe first fully licensed wholly foreign-owned industry sector; we believe we have the rightexecutive search firm in Shanghai. We aim size to offer superlative results in conductingto prosper and grow steadily and securely.successful searches. Our off-limit constraintsWe measure our goals in decades: we defineare minimal.our strategies in five year spans. We will notpermit short-term thinking to override what isbest for our clients, in the longer-term. Weaim to build a long-term relationship witheach client and to be regarded as a valuedextension of its human resources function.Practical corporate experienceOur solutions are based on well-testedmethodologies, designed specifically for ourClients needs. Furthermore, our peoplehave spent a large part of their career takingup senior corporate positions. This means 6. Sidney Boyden (1900-1993) 7. Your local partner worldwide.Most resources are available to all companies.The great variable is the quality of leadership it determines why some companies fail and otherssucceed.Sidney Boyden (1900-1993)The Boyden commitment All information concerning the clients No person in a client company will bebusiness and the candidates details are approached to become a candidate for atcompletely confidentialleast two years after the completion of a search assignment All candidates will be presented with theirknowledge and approval A client will never be identified to a source, or candidate without authorization Candidates will be kept informed of theirstatus throughout the search A search will not be revealed to other parts of the client organization unless authorized A candidate will never be presented tomore than one client at the same time If asked to assist in compensation negotiations, Boyden will primarily represent the client but will always seek fair treatment for the candidate 8. Sidney Boyden (1900-1993)